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    This episode has some crazy situations happening in Disney World, Tinder and at a Dunkin' Donuts..leave a LIKE for more Scary Animations reactions!
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    1. Caitlyn Hannah Obery

      Jay chill with the jokes 😂

    2. • PurpleWitchy •

      The last one is fucked up

    3. coolgrant10

      13:38 is that pico behind her

    4. Mr.Reaper


    5. Yuslendy Liriano

      It's funny that all the people here are girls but with deep deep man voice I can't bruh😂😂

    6. Princess kyloren

      imagine the police being stumped when its a clear kidnapping

    7. gloomy weather

      God Jay I got a sore throat, you made me laugh 10 times god.

    8. Clarexxgamingg

      “He’s like, Ma’am, your son has a case of littlebichitis” HAHAHAHAH

    9. Light Haze Yt

      1:05 “Watery before it gets Creamy” ahaha I remember that video 😂😂😂😂it made me laugh so much

    10. hadassah morales logan

      If I were the girl in the Dunkin story, I would’ve said, “sorry she’s seeing someone too - she’s my girlfriend.” Just to keep Nina safe.

    11. asomas4563

      That woman sounds like a man

    12. /////////////

      mother: i lost my son :( JAY: HOW DO YOU LOSE THIS RED HEADED SHI* NUGGET!

    13. Killua Zoldyck

      When he mentioned the watery then creamy I was like "bro you still on with that" 😂✋

    14. mal vas


    15. E E

      I love when he said this micky mouse a*hole in the bed right now

    16. kevin alexder

      did he say "that sound kinda hot"

    17. 30 WONG JOE YAN S2D

      At 10:47, without jay, i wouldn't be able to laugh at this part no matter how many i replay this

    18. animation guy7799

      It's sooo bull "the story"

    19. Scarleth Hernandez Torres

      No one Absolubly no one Jay: see I'm telling you this would never happen in chuck e. Cheese. Me:👁👄👁 "what did he sayyyyyy"

    20. Mjmikol

      The soulless eyes... whats your experience with them? Mine is my first (love) girlfriend..

    21. William Jones

      5 kids where missing at chess and still are Yes

    22. Thegood gamer

      27:23 That's why we say smoking kills

    23. teresa garcia

      If i got lost in disneyland for 5 hours my mom would whoop my ass SO HARD i would've gone back to Mexico

    24. Kennedy Lee Mitchell

      Bro that man was a killer''

    25. ChloStorm

      My son is a rat and I can’t change it... yoooo😂😂😂

    26. Wyatt Otero

      I'm a bad boy

    27. Iatemyhamster

      Two pees and a piece of hair

    28. Nightmare 66

      I saw a figure by the girl was i the only one who say it?

    29. Trisha Paytas Perverted 5.0

      FLORIDA IS NOT THAT HOT OKAY. IT HAS BEEN 90° (f) FOR THE LAST 3 DAYS okay yeah it is hot

    30. Yang Ben

      Brooooooooo, stop demeaning yourself for laughing at your own joke.

    31. Andreas Thuresson


    32. gacha wolfie Dixon-Shaw

      "Single mom" Me:wow u sound like a 40 yrs old man

      1. This is a comment

        Well yeah the narrator obviously didn’t submit the story-

    33. The Goat Kid

      Y’all know Candice?

      1. The Goat Kid

        @thereal moondawg I’m asking you 😂

      2. thereal moondawg

        Who's candice 😏

    34. Foxygirl Xx

      Honestly Jay always knows how to make something scary, the most hilarious thing ever

    35. Absolute Silence

      Michael Mouse is in your house---- *Run*

    36. Ara Ara Mama

      Oh my god... The last one is absolutely putrid...

    37. Josiah Rodriguez

      man she look lo like like a frekin angry piece of shiz

    38. Gon

      Yeah you need to go to Dr phill.. my son is a rat and I can't change it 💔

    39. NothingLazyYT

      When did i dislike this video?- I remember watching at and liking at- Why did I dislike it?

    40. Nagito Komaeda

      I’m nagito komaeda and you’re watching the Disney channel.

    41. Kaion Thomas

      Did yall know that jay from the kubz scouts is that dude

    42. nyah gill

      Mickey said *"yall know what time it is"*

    43. grape head aka kokichi ouma

      micky getting freaky on a friday night yeah

    44. Allison Ickes

      The third video is why when I worked at waffle house I stood in front of the window when I smoke a cigarette and only in front of the window

    45. Vivi Gonzalez

      In the first story he said mom I was like🙀

    46. Savanna Moak

      Look up in react to Ronald McDonald playground

    47. 0 juice 0 box 0

      Es Ola de comis

    48. Rat King

      fun fact his name is actually robert

    49. Mayra G


    50. shoto todoroki


    51. calyers

      the single mom look like mr robinson wife in The Amazing World Of Gumball

    52. Olatunji ibraheem


      1. Olatunji ibraheem




    54. Chris Gaming

      12:16 what was that laugh😂😂😂

    55. IsaacM

      Jay: You need to go on Dr. Phil, like, my son is a rat or something. Me: But he's a mouse, Mickey Mouse, wait, Ricky Rat....

    56. Pew Moop

      Being a single mom *deep ash voice comes in* Me: * grabs blankets and holy water *

    57. Garrett Smith

      I work at a grocery store with a girl named Nena. This hit way too close to home.

    58. Mega _Chungas

      This why u got to stayed strapped

    59. Barbara Reckdeotiftdorkdrjd is not my real name

      2cnd story girl be looking like Amy from big bang theory

    60. woah chan

      “Then that’s three strikes” LMAOOOOO

    61. Kk Weikle

      When mark said his name I thought he said his name was barf lol

    62. Unpronounceable

      “Markiplier was a paid actor?!” At this point, I wouldn’t doubt it an ounce.

    63. winnie cho

      'two peas and a piece of hair' 'two peas and a shrimp' 'two peas and a dingleberry'

    64. Yurika Morones

      If it was just his spinal cord and his head how can he walk

    65. fortnitegamesgod cook

      these animations be having the people be looking like a Picasso painting

    66. Tyree Mitchell

      but he was walking in disny world

    67. Random one in blu

      and any mascot

    68. Random one in blu

      well i'm afraid of the disney mascots

    69. Me !

      2:25 “Do We HaVe A pRoBLeM” Lmao I died

    70. Deko- Taz

      When Jay said "I seen some shit" He means from losing 3 games of COD

    71. The Random YT Poster

      12:16 and 12:17 WAT WAS THAT NOISE XDDDDD

    72. Ben Martinez

      His laugh sounds like joker’s

    73. CrazyLazy GachaGamer

      Okay I've barely watches the vid so far but Ryoma, story one, dis u.??

    74. Diego luna

      I CANT😭😭😭 2:48

    75. Cthulhu

      “It’s hard to be a single mom” Especially when you’re a middle age man

    76. Lory_ Luna

      not a good idea to watch this at 3am

    77. •°BoofHead°•

      Jay: hey hey do u guy's smell that *inhalels 2x* wait is it me guys but this story is BALLCRAP

    78. Victor Perez

      B*tch slapping 😂🤣 I cant breath after mickey keeps b*tch Slapping

    79. Logan Torres

      10:25 he looking like tiktok girls

    80. Zyntho

      Ik that feeling I try my best to help my mom because I feel as if no one tries to care for her Except a few people ik and she knows

    81. MariaMT

      I legit thought someone was knocking at my door

    82. Mrs. Fiend

      24:20 Jay: "Cue the Sykkuno." Sykkuno in the back: *"AhH jEsUs!"* 😂😂🤣

    83. It wasn’t Me

      ✨Fugly parade✨ who else with me

    84. BruntoRoll

      i love how all the time almost every horror story is a middle-aged man voicing all the characters.

    85. LandShark

      I lost my shit when he said “Kids on that chest looking like it gets watery before it gets creamy.” 😂 1:04

    86. Chitaki Mushroom

      0:35 what door?????

    87. GC

      Is no one gonna talk about him saying "queue in the sykkuno"

    88. Jay BugzZ

      the Suichi bald spot mentions always get me

    89. ꧁ Kokichi Ouma ꧂

      "--Hope." Nagito Komeada, aka, the massive bagel simp has joined the chat. "Where. Is. The. Hope."

    90. Steve Roblox

      I ain’t going Disneyland

    91. Rasha Odeh


    92. Ghosty_ Chan

      24:10 he be looking like hes about to kill a kid from chucky cheese or five children :/

    93. Fernando J Charvet


    94. MidnightStarling 2007

      27:26 Did you censor that?

    95. _lost data_

      sons converts into mickey mouse* mom: its fine.

    96. ᴋɪᴛᴛʏᴋᴀᴛ!

      am i the only one who sees on the second story her phone says its on 19% and its plugged up- when really it isnt- 💀

    97. winks fiber

      What do you mean he used to come to Dunkin donuts in order that kind stuff ha kind of suspicious

    98. the_one_and_only_dot

      Me after seeing the mouse move it's eyes: * holds a cross up * demon! demon!!!

    99. Random Channel!!

      Shuichi, why did you kill Nina

    100. MidnightStarling 2007

      The first one doesn't even make sense. If his head and spine were his only body parts, how was he controlling the hands and feet of the costume?