Finding out Danganronpa fans are trying to "Cancel" me while im dieting (Week 2)

Kubz Scouts

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    Published on 29 days ago


    1. Kubz Scouts

      Like I mentioned in the vid; everyone is entitled to their opinion so let them do them and we will do us..just don’t entertain the hate..let’s keep working towards our goals for anyone who joined in on this whole fitness journey with me

      1. Starbucks Latte


      2. Ashton Javier

        @iikiwipop Stfu

      3. Ashton Javier

        @Lil training wheels Stfu

      4. SaLoNi


      5. Red Dead

        Am I missing something???

    2. DireWolf

      Keep it uppppp cuz I’m too lazy to do itttt 😂😂

    3. Ty Ty

      Keep it up dog, don’t listen to the hate and just be you.

    4. pietra cometti pi

      jay u are amazing 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    5. Karl my beloved

      I’m proud of you

    6. Austin Le

      What is the song at 3:22

    7. Tessa Scherpenzeel

      I feel like im his guardian watching do all this stuff and giving commentary on what hes doing like: “tf are you doing?”

    8. Jessica Nye

      *yandare mode on* YALL WE PROTECT JAY WHOS WITH ME?! 😎✊🔪

    9. Jessica Nye


    10. Crowned Zxcian

      Jay can you vlog Videos FOR ONCE

    11. Gio

      15:20 don't do that because if you drink too much water you could die

    12. MoranaTDA

      why cancel him :/ can we not agree to disagree

    13. Its Ang

      “I don’t like Angie and I still don’t like Angie.” Me: My name is Angie... :( (It’s a joke btw I’m not taking it to the heart)

    14. Yasuhiro’s Defective crystal ball

      Lol ima get canceled for not liking Nagito I guess

    15. UndeadBread 07

      Why does he fridge keep flashing?

    16. SlayingMoon

      Straight up vibing to Dinosaurs by Travis

    17. Kiribaku's kid

      15:42-15:44 When you ask for robux from your parents they be like: 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

      1. Valentino Arsovski


    18. Miss Lagging

      I know you already posted Week 3 on this topic but GOOD JOB IM PROUD OF YOU!!

    19. Destiny Ferrer

      he shouldnt be getting cancelled because he was taking care of himself hes trying his best to continue making vids for all of us and taking care of his family and himself

    20. Starr Smith

      Bruh I think your dog and my mom’s dog have the same mind 😂😂 Also: it’s perfectly normal to find enjoyment out of a character you don’t like suffering. I still find enjoyment out of Envy getting literally roasted in FMA Brotherhood

    21. fairydue :D

      you’re doing awesome jay! i don’t mean to sound like a mom but seriously you’re doing great. also i know you might not see this but don’t overwork yourself. that’s also apart of self harm. i’m not saying this just because you’re my favorite youtuber and i love your videos, i just don’t want anything to happen to you because watching you has become a part of my daily schedule and your videos make my day each time. just know that if you have to take a break, me and all your other fans will be supportive :)

    22. l e m o n

      Jay legitimately cure my sadness and cant thank him enough but seeing some ppl cancel him gave me severe embarassment

    23. Xiao

      jay is literally one of the most unproblematic youtubers. Y'all are so soft. He's literally taking care of physical health and his mental health. He's trying all he can for his son so please leave him alone. 😐 He is literally the only one that can make me laugh.

    24. Leonilo Vidadilag

      28:26:Yo jay,did you know that Jollibee came from my country Philippines?

    25. QzuinXツ

      Don't forget that he has better health than the people cancelling him.

      1. QzuinXツ

        Ya'll best hype up his grind

    26. Silent Sonin

      go jay go yeah yeah go jay go yeah. (Edit: I believe in you jay!!)

    27. SomeoneStoleMySpaghet

      Does anybody remember jay saying: midori gurinuuuu

    28. Why.

      The fandom at it again

    29. hero of fire

      this man is amazing as always. We got yo back bruh.

    30. ghai johnson

      Who's better corxkenshin or jay

      1. Valentino Arsovski

        B o t h

      2. alexis cocoaleez


    31. garlic bread

      Woww, cancel Jay That dude? nice try, but ur not matured enough.

    32. N E M U

      Ayo looks like tik tok got their tantrum stolen again.

    33. JenPlays Games

      They shouldn't be cancelling you. At least you care about your mental health. You're doing great!

    34. Ava_lucky_ships

      Whoever doesn't like water I am coming for you😀😀😀🔪🔪🔪

    35. Lauren Grayson

      Not related but at 34:55 Jay's legs are looking mad good in that robe XD

    36. useless child productions

      He's literally the father figure I never had

      1. alexis cocoaleez

        me too

    37. Kasu dai

      I used to be an big workaholic,i practice multiple instruments every day,i always did overwork school homework(by doing more than needed) and refused to get rest But jay has been helping me so much,he made me realize that u dont need to overwork yourself cuz itll just make things worse And then people try to cancel someone whos giving alot of people inspiration The danganronpa fandom needs to eat some snickers😐

    38. Unicornsator

      My respect for him literally went from: 📈📈 to 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

    39. Holymoly creations

      Im late but don't listen to them

    40. Jinny

      Okay but what is the point of cancel culture?? It's bad for everyone

    41. Daiki

      1:18 Kubz scouts really be paranoid as hell just like me

    42. SugaredBleach

      GOO JAY!! You're doing the right thing and DONT LISTEN TO HATE. They envy you because of your confidence. No matter what, you gonna be *that dude* forever 😄 AND DONT LET FUCKERS CANCEL YOU JUST FOR A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. LIKE WTF? Please to all these haters knock some sense into yourself..

    43. Pretty Lady

      This comment section is so wholesome and understanding. Every comment section on all his videos are, but there's so much support here and it's making me tear up a little.

    44. Rosifyy

      Its no surprise danganronpa fans are really toxic

    45. doggynolikey

      Toxic people who don't like when others want to lead a healthy lifestyle

    46. GalacticCat

      Jay you're so possitive! It's so encouraging seeing people push towards their goals!

    47. exclusives v

      Angie is supposed to be an antagonist, she isn’t meant to be liked. Last time I checked y’all didn’t like her either? The switch up is astonishing at this point.

    48. Shyzuki

      Imagine trying to cancel someone over an opinion

    49. Mohamed Ezzat

      Get the cook book from cosh Greg to be specific book 13

    50. Crystal Moon

      Bro, I litteraly get out of breath watching you workout. haha, lol 😂

    51. Bashful Wolfo

      I haven’t watched any of the Danganronpa videos since I dislike the games but this is over a fictional death.. People are allowed to dislike and like characters, they’re allowed to find things funny that the majority may not in a video game. Let people enjoy it how they want, and don’t gatekeep because one person isn’t part of the majority. It’s really unfair and extremely rude. I’m sorry this happened Jay, you will always be that dude to us

    52. TheBrownBoy

      Love the progress you have gotten far Jay, keep up with the diet and the consistency, it'll pay off in the end g. 👍🏾

    53. Rosa-Lee

      keep going and never give up(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

    54. Charlotte

      His son is so cute

    55. Guido Mista

      That fridge look musty af 😭✋

    56. Chrollo

      He...has a son

    57. Ayşe Defne Şener

      You got this Jay, LET'S GOOO

    58. Lee Hoon

      Why were people trying to cancel him??

    59. Kozuma Jozuko

      god damn i am ashamed to be part of the danganronpa fandom. I cannot believe that yall tried to cancel him over a CHARACTER. Yall are making me want to leave the fandom.

    60. mastermind bunny

      ✨They Fake✨

    61. Jay Zheng


    62. Restart The Rhythm

      losing 4 pounds in a WEEK bruh im lucky if I lose a pound in a MONTH

    63. Hiyoko Saionji

      Angie is a character,A CHARACTER! And yall are cancelling him for not liking her? Like she is so annoying she broke the flashback light or whatever its called

    64. Blackie Black

      imagine trying to cancel someone over anime

    65. micami user

      Well done jay on losing 7pounds in two weeks your honesty and vibrant energy has inspired me to start my own weightloss journey. Thank you and keep up the awesome work.🥳🥳 Ps. You are rlly THAT DUDE✨

    66. Alvaro Bonicontro

      Yo found you channel cause of Danganronpa videos,And Watched your others Videos,loved your channel,Man cant understand people Cancelling you cause of a Character,Also I Liked your workout,but anyway what i want to say is you are a cool youtuber and a good person,you even motivated me to start working out all i have to say is thank you,and as you say in your videos "LETS GOOOOOO".

    67. Iweelt Ganbold

      Jay be lookin like kokichi with that robe

    68. Mick Gz

      Bro your fridge screen was flashin

    69. hummus

      LMAO i only got into danganronpa bc of Jay and he plays through the game very well; I'm disappointed that the dr fandom was being like this

      1. Opossum Teeth

        People get doxxed for saying they dont like Kokichi. I hate the way this fandom acts sometimes.

    70. akam7tsu


      1. gayhorror


    71. Mini Nunbread

      Lol they fake fans bunch of losers

    72. Kaytlen Helms

      "Zero calories in our heart" I seriously say that to everything.

    73. Juvia Lockser

      Jay you're my fav youtuber and since you started this series it gave me a lot of motivation to get up and start working out more. Thank you ♡

    74. SaLoNi

      'yo you still alive? GET OUT' PLEASE JAY HAHAHA

    75. Kaiku XX

      Girls on tik tok: We're going to cancel him Jay: How many laps again?? Lol people are funny

    76. Robert Stockman

      Hey keep up the work you have inspired me to lose wait than you so much

    77. ThiccCheerios

      Yo I love that they TRIED to cancel Jay and just completely failed😂

    78. CrazyLazy GachaGamer

      Dude ur such an inspiration, keep doin' u, ur doing great & ur videos r awesome!! Also, the "cancel-ers" thing, WHEN I PLAYED I WAS HAPPY 'BOUT HER DEATH, TOO, AT THE TIME SHE WAS ANNOYIN' THE HELL OUTTA ME!! DAYUM!!! But dude ur awesome, I wish u luck on everything with the weight loss & with life overall😄

    79. Moved account (check in channels)

      How Jay felt about Angie did annoy me in an area but I’d never cancel that dude for that, people really are soft.

    80. Little_nony

      yess, jay I want to ask you something, I’m gonna be doing with your journey and I see your wearing a hoodie while doing it so I wanna ask what helps more, a hoodie or something else? Bc I wear hoodie and I get tired easily but I’m trying to do like you, and I didn’t check how many weight I lost but yeah and keep up the good work, your helping a lot of people :D! -Nora

    81. devy chan

      Damn man I’m so sorry, ignore them they’re soft social rejects :(

    82. Izayah Larkins


    83. βօb Ϛʍ3ӀӀʂ

      Jay: working out and being amazing Me: at home eating chips and drinking my juice, while not worrying about taxes while watching my faviorte youtubers.. Also me: I should work out and get myself together before I lose control of my life....

    84. Ara Ara Mama

      The Danganronpa community needs to chill.

    85. Morganic Smoothie


    86. Portafort

      Imagine trying to ‘cancel’ someone who has a kid, also trying to focus on their mental and physical health. Is it THAT serious over a fictional character?

      1. Too_Many_Fandoms

        No no it's not like the kids trying to cancel Jay probably laughed when Hiyoko died

    87. Karl please suck my pp

      Yall fr trying to cancel him 💀💀 He’s so unproblematic and the Danganronpa fandom is just soft 😭🤚

    88. vux

      This is why I dont like dangonropa

    89. Ty Sinclair

      I’m so proud of you. like so insanely proud of you. your vids make me wanna just get up and run 3miles and workout for 4 hours everyday like ugh I love you so much

    90. Hector4011

      11:20 Jay did not just do that to us. LOL

    91. Hector4011

      17:10 Ngl, I do this as well.

    92. xxsilverxx thecatgod


    93. sophia

      Jay, you're hella entertaining and I'm glad you're someone I chose to support. One thing I love the most is genuineness and you definitely exhibited that all the time. You're mature and overall a good person, thank you for being you.

    94. Zuki Edogawa

      Watching this motivates me so much;;; since im losing weight too and i have cravings😩

    95. EXTRAordinary.

      you got this jay! you can do this! we believe in you!!

    96. Sorfina Sofry

      28:30 im actually fastin but jollibee chicken sounds so good rn

    97. 𝔗𝔯𝔦𝔰𝔨𝔶

      Nagito x Jay is canon

    98. Ncisbishorres

      ✋🏻😭 not me watching Jay exercise while I’m eating Milk Duds💀 proud of u bro tho

    99. langa

      I've been supporting Jay for a long while I can't even remember when I first joined the fandom but seeing all these comments supporting Jay makes me wanna cry because the fandom is absolutely amazing and has his side which is honestly something I don't see a lot from fandoms

    100. JordanToa YT

      Jay, I’m loving these videos! Just seeing you do the work and working through the struggles is so inspiring. The fact that you’re taking us along this journey is Awesome. Thank you Jay. 🧡🤍🖤