Friday Night Funkin But What Is This OBSESSED FANGIRL Doing To My Girlfriend?! (Sky Mod)

Kubz Scouts

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    Sky is an obsessed fan girl that will do ANYTHING to be with Boyfriend..she a minor tho don't forget that
    Sky (bfswifeforever) FNF mod creators:
    Sky Mod Friday Night Funkin:
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    1. Liam Beeckman

      I said "sky is a minor" before going too sleep and i regret it with every bone in my body

    2. potato _editz

      7:23 "She sounds toxic like all 12 yr olds do" All the 12 yr olds: WhOmSt ChALLeNgEd tHe LorDs

    3. Bakugou Lover

      She is Jesus Christ

    4. Scorska

      “The shift worked” are ppl shifting to FnF now? 😂

    5. Jamel Abdullah

      Oh shit

    6. Riauna Holman

      I’m going to tern 12 this year

    7. Isabella Neldon, not Nelson.

      Can we just take a moment to realize... BOYFRIEND. IS. SHORTER. THAN. A. MINOR. Sky is basically a 7-year-old that is obsessed with Boyfriend, which I guess is a celeb 😅

    8. Ashley Xeed

      sick bro

    9. Ashley Xeed

      S K Y!!!!! IS!!!!!! A!!!!!! MINOR!!!!!!!

    10. yvie trinh

      sky really said " age is just a number" and don't forget SKY IS A MINOR

    11. Fades 547

      me who is a minor: ya boy

    12. Kiefer Hewitt

      This message goes out to everyone watching this video. *It's been proven she's 19*

    13. Izzy Moore

      Something that everyone learnt in this video is...... SKY IS A MINOR!!!

    14. Rafet Efe Yüce

      Sky is a *major*

    15. Clarence Warren

      Google says sky is 19

    16. Quiana Tu8

      Jay: this is the most toxic 12 year I meet Me: hahaha he have not played robloxs yet.............

    17. Solarian Productions

      5:52 Kubz Scouts: Zip the Sh*itz and Lock the Key Also Kubz Scouts 26 seconds later: stap pleyin wid mi

    18. 《Coffee Pup Gacha》

      My cousin is 12 T^T

    19. M A K A

      boyfriend was so worried he had to speak English to calm down the gf 💀

    20. Stratusphere 914

      Bro that Sykkuno “oh Jesus” when Jay failed the first time?

    21. Gabriela Marton

      wait. sip the shits and lock the key and do that *This sentence is not grammatically correct but, Grammarly can help!*

    22. chaIkywas taken


    23. A Weeb Cat :3

      So I no one going to talk about sky’s smooth animation?

    24. Botti Fam

      five nights at funkin is crazy!

    25. Devitri Rosa

      Sky is a minor

    26. Laura DaSilva


    27. Mohamed Dibassy

      She 19

    28. Christopher Linski

      So sky's name is sky because heaven is up in the *sky* SO that's where she gets her name from

    29. Rainbow Starblast

      😰The word minor sounds scary now.....😰

    30. stic boog

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 right after he finished I got an ad of an animation of this battle

    31. ItsRonn Y

      CAUSE why not

    32. ItsRonn Y

      Fucks in the chat boys

      1. Emergency AETHER

        Lol shouldn’t you be on USfilm kids? Lmfao

    33. Diana Quinones

      And remember guy sky is a minor.

    34. Angarag Bayartuya

      thats creppy i want this mod to be added to funky friday in roblox :D

      1. LonelyKuma

        The mod got removed in funky friday due to the original creator deleting it and the devs wanted to respect their wishes

    35. irl phoenix wright

      OMG GUYS I FORGOT TO SAY THIS!!!!! sky is a minor 😺🔪

    36. Preston Jantjies

      Sky is 19 years old, I went to go check Google

      1. Emergency AETHER

        Did the creator say it?

    37. Halo

      Sky Is a Minor

    38. Lily Bella Martin

      7:00 I love tha way GF BY VIBIN THO

    39. pikachu23gk

      Sky is a minor but do rule 34 artists care?

      1. Mystic Boar

        @Kiefer Hewitt yeah turns out she’s 1 year old with a 19 year old body

      2. Kiefer Hewitt

        That's because she's not she's 19 and it's been proven

      3. Mystic Boar

        No no they do not

      4. pikachu23gk

        I regret nothing with this comment

    40. pro gamer

      sky is basically a cringe gacha kid sans fangirl

    41. Andrew Early

      Sky is a minor people

    42. Bacon_NubsYT

      If you mess up really bad it says Sh!t

    43. dre bell

      shes 19 not 12 get your facts straight my boi

    44. Galaxite Gaming

      Me who is also a minor:

    45. KitKat Lycanrock

      Aww I love the "Oh Jesus!" from Sykkuno when he first failed that's so cute TvT

    46. Bety Murillo

      She isnt12 she is 19

    47. o5ange

      Fun fact: the reason why this got trashed it's bacuse this is a real person

    48. Jabina Riyas

      Whiting awesome!!!!!!

    49. _Storm Queen_

      Sky's adorable I love her already 😍

    50. Quinton Griffith

      bbpanzu said she was a minor but the creator said she was 19

    51. Danganrompa wEeb

      Everybody seeing this comment there is important message I need to share with all of you. *Sky is a minor*

    52. Camryn

      Omg my boi speaks French now XD

    53. Camryn

      Ayo I rlly want this dude to play the state mod he will wish he stuck to among us.

    54. Richelle Callista

      Sky is a m i n o r

    55. Rachel Bullock

      Raise your hand if you know how many times Jay said sky is a minor

    56. Mary Kavaefiafi


    57. Yoruichi

      Sky's actual age is 19 the creator is 12.

    58. Xemrald Is a CLOWN


    59. {Sona}

      Sky is a miner Sky is a miner Sky is a miner Sky is a miner Sky is a miner - Creator of mod

      1. floopie


    60. Zully Oliver

      she is 19 not 12 or 10

    61. Quirk Creator

      Just in case jay didn’t say it enough just remember SKY IS A MINOR

    62. Sofija Radovanovic

      Sky is minor don't forget that.

    63. Choko Fastzyn

      How is sky a minor tho?

    64. Boldizsár Simon

      6:02 sky literally sounds like big smoke.

    65. Tsetsee Tsetsuu

      sky is a minor

    66. Ludy T ATO


    67. Chili

      Im a minor soo....

    68. Computer Dragon

      3:49 "I don't miss" *Immediately misses*

    69. DarkMajicWarrior

      Edp445 lol

    70. DarkMajicWarrior

      Remember sky is a minor!

    71. Sophia Coslet

      sky is a minor

    72. Ethan Playz

      Him: I don’t know how to miss Also him 0.1 seconds later misses

    73. Blank Stare

      Sky:is a minor Edp:allow me to introduce myself


      :sleeping: sky is a minor

    75. Kesetovic Munevera

      Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor

    76. Jacob Steckel

      FBI open up sky is a minor

    77. BlueJin Triumph

      sky is a minor

    78. daniel suguitan

      Sky is minor

    79. Jessieritz ÙwÚ

      Jay idk if I know this but there's actually a good ending to this as well if u didn't die

    80. Zuleika Gonzalez


    81. Wynter Taylor

      They are both the same age I looked it up

    82. Maxinight owoo

      I’m gunna say “sky is a minor”

    83. •Randøm Pøtatø•

      Jay: *calls 12 year olds annoying* Me, a 12 year old: (; ∀ ;)

    84. I'm a clown

      Omg girlfriend is a legend to bad she doesn’t bleed the iconic pink blood :,)

    85. Shadow Girl

      "I don't know how to miss" --- literally misses like 5 arrows

    86. Shadow Girl

      Sky looks like boyfriends twin sister tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    87. Hobson Amelia

      Sky is a minor sky is a minor

    88. zakera ayoubi

      Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor

    89. Selin Jemama

      Bf can speak English but he is too shy

    90. grace kelliher

      ‼️‼️NO THATS WRONG‼️‼️

    91. Ninja TDM

      Ngl manifest sounds like megovolania

    92. Marko Krstić

      But did you know Sky is a minor?

    93. I have nothing

      Sky is a minor

    94. K0maki kumuri

      can u beat tankmen? cuz if u do u have beated the shit out of me-

    95. prince gaming


    96. brenda perez

      bro sky is 19 dum ass>;(

      1. Anqvlic uwu

        No, the creator is 19. Sky is 13-16 in this mod

    97. Mr imdumb

      Can someone please explain what Shifting is ?

    98. Little Bunny Ruru

      Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Sky is a minor Did your brain die yet? mine did....

    99. Bacon

      I came here ONLY for the cutscenes at the end BAHAHAHAHAHAHA