PLAYING WITH THEM IS WHY I HAVE TRUST ISSUES | Secret Neighbor w/ LaurenZside, CoryxKenshin & Gloom

Kubz Scouts

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    Secret Neighbor with 3 legends! Check them out here:


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    Published on 2 years ago


    1. Kubz Scouts

      Happy Halloween everybody! Make sure you guys check out Lauren, Cory & Kassie's channels out if you haven't already! Tell em THAT DUDE sent ya

      1. ابراهيم محمد


      2. XxCringey CookiezxX

      3. DonkeyWonkers

        Already did that dude :D watching this over and over

      4. alec acer kiren

        Ohw fh hypodermic fix seniors skid Chicano fix fix chez fix fix Grubb us uni . you itch thigh

      5. alec acer kiren


    2. 🍓💖🌻🍄ItsmeHailey🍄🌻💖🍓

      Bro 8:10 look in the top left corner and you can see Lauren moving as a pumpkin 0o0

    3. ella xoxo


    4. JM Hera

      I miss this loool

    5. Lainey Malott

      Wait wait wait, at 8:13 does the pumpkin is the pumpkin in the top right corner by the stairs Lauren because it moves away lol

      1. Lainey Malott

        I messed up so bad on my typing with this lol. Basically I’m asking if anyone noticed the pumpkin in the top right corner by Jay’s face cam waddle away casually.

    6. ĆocöFoxî *

      The relationship between these USfilmrs make them seem like they are college buddies.

    7. Toonzai

      Damn, playing with friends looks fun wish I had friends

    8. My Collections Of Games!!!

      😂😂😂😂😂 THE FIRST ROUND. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I CAN'T. I CAN'T. IT'S TOO FUNNY.

    9. huutao!

      Cory the entire video: *_fax_*

    10. Kayla Stout

      I literally saw Lauren up by the stairs moving around as a pumpkin while jay and kassie were throwing pumpkins at Cory

    11. ThatAnimeObsessedWeeb Yeet


    12. xXEm0_Duck2Xx

      I'm watching this 2 years later in May :')

    13. Marnie_

      Made an annual celebration of halloween by watching this, already been 3 years!! Now I'm 20 lol

    14. Rey Alejo

      I subbed jay, Laurenzside and gloom just one year ago i think

    15. Sia Fisher

      jay : *showing the pic's of ppl he's playing with Gloom and lauren : *normal pic's: cory: *holding the wall and showing his but-*

    16. Dodie Mckay

      Lauren camped

    17. PrismYT - CODM

      secret neighbour more like among us 2.0

    18. Jayln🧃

      You had to show Cory with his ass

    19. Learra Tulanda

      16:30 I love how Jay just passed up the blue key and then later that was the last key they needed.

    20. FrellyDoh

      8:10 look up near Jay's face cam. Lauren is a pumpkin and moving

    21. Gunthr1

      *Not me watching this in May*

    22. Kita LoveArts

      what’s the ending song???

    23. Jieni Lin

      8:11 Omg, I just noticed. If you look at the top left corner of the screen, you can see a pumpkin move around. LMAO

    24. Henok Amen

      Brooo when Jay was throwing the pumpkin at Cory in the main room I saw Lauren as a pumpkin moving at the top the stair at the corner 😹

    25. Jaythan Tellez

      Corys picture lmaooo

    26. GoldenEye BANNED X

      Hey jay when are you going to play this again since secret neighbor just got released on ps4 and Xbox One!!!

    27. s o m e b o d y e l s e

      when you have trust issues: YEEEE

    28. Kyntak

      8:12 you can see Lauren moving as a pumpkin on the stairs in the corner XD

    29. francis

      So we’re all watching this in quarantine then

    30. iiYurichanii

      Everyone:Its Jay!!!! *clearly isn't jay* Me:NO ITS NOT ITS SO NOT,REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    31. iiYurichanii

      What is this game on?computer phone ?

    32. Cat Joy

      Why are the boys so funny 🧐🤣

    33. Lixa Alvegar


    34. Dre0218

      2:26 GET YOUR ANKLES BROKE!!!! 😂😆

    35. Raymond Cardenal

      bro hes always "outside"

    36. Amya Utley

      8:09 Lauren was the pumpkin on the stairs on the corner

    37. Karla Kane

      He only made one video playing this?!

    38. Leon Uzerli

      Coryxkenshin the ankle breaker😂😂😂

    39. Ruby Rojas

      It’s Luran when Cory got hit by jay with a pumpkin the one on the stairs moved

    40. Serenity-Lynne Gerrard

      No the neighbor has your friend

    41. Lil Latch

      So basically this is Among Us

    42. Anthony's Fun

      if you look closely in the back round you can see Lauren as a Punkin moving

    43. Weasle god Orange


    44. tomoe heehee

      they really did social distancing before 2020...

    45. ×/~ SČŘŪFFY ~/×

      O:22 Jay: *Puts normal pictures of Lauren and Gloom's beautiful faces* Me: *Stares at what appears to be Cory.....on the wall* *yea, i shouldn't judge. We all have problems.*

    46. Sinister- 50 Years ago

      Lol corys name poopykenshin XD

    47. tiny_sug4r

      love how Lauren and Kassie’s pictures are normal at the start of the vid and then theres Cory’s-

    48. Hellish_ Charlotte_Studios!

      Holy shit! Some of my favorite USfilmrs playing together! Woohoo!

    49. yerro

      Still watching this in 2021 lol

    50. senpai papi chulo


    51. Damary Flores

      I Saw cory break ankle in his channel

    52. Delia Chambers

      8:10 Lauren in the corner: Cha cha real smooth

      1. Shaziya

        I saw that too

    53. Veneisha Campbell

      Cory: AH AH AH AHHHH Me: chocking on my candy XD

    54. Bunny Kitty Gamer

      Kubz scouts watch gloom play ayumi

    55. lol mils


    56. j-hope

      1 min silence for r=the people who didn't hear kubz ankles crack

    57. Luckychxn

      0:24 omg Cory you THICC

    58. Nate the kid

      16:10 Texas Standoff

    59. Katsuki Bakugou

      25:14 Jay walks past the key they need in the sink

    60. Pink Bandit

      Corey’s intro picture though

    61. KosmoSpace Wolf

      But what was that picture of Cory lol 💀💀💀

      1. Luna’s Gameplay

        I was just about to say that! I was wondering why he used that photo

    62. Jim Damask

      I love that picture of Kassie in the cover

    63. Joehan Clay Agong

      yo you play with cool friends i cant belive this cuz idk is so cool

    64. Chloe & Daisy RBLX

      Who watched all of these USfilmr's videos of 'secret neighbor' and realized how funny each one of their reactions is! xD ~~~

    65. just a keqing and amber fan

      this game reminds me of among us lmao

    66. Camokittie

      Why do none of them help each other 😭

    67. Beyla Rae

      Can you please play again lol

    68. Eclipce

      bro this was 2 years ago???

    69. Kareli Gonzalez

      8:12 you can see Lauren walking around the stairs as a pumpkin

    70. Fred Barns

      I watch coryxkenshin

    71. Amalie Groot

      This is 100% the video I've watched over and over again the most! Its become a part of my daily routine

    72. Damon Lynch


    73. Damon Lynch

      You got broke by Cory the ankle breaker

    74. Itz Bread


    75. §{Space Girl}§

      Cory: **sees pumkin move** ‘ AHHH NO NO AHHHHH ‘

    76. TheTrueSupremeVibezz

      bro why you put corys pic like that im cheesin XD

    77. Emilia Caldera

      Are we just gonna ignore that he cut out the one round he lost

    78. Foxshy GachaLover

      Secret Neighbor reminds me of roblox piggy

    79. Lisa Curry

      the kids are trying to find out whats in the basment

    80. Abdullah Jamal


    81. Mixie Gacha

      Just so you know, the actual game is about a bunch of children, 1 of them is the neighbour (bad guy) and your supposed to find keys around to home to open the basement, which is where Jay went wrong, your actually supposed to save your friend who is in the basement and that’s the goal.

    82. isabel farkas

      i dont renember mi child hod lif

    83. WilliamMOP

      Your wrong jay if you play with your friends you’ll no longer have friends after

    84. ItzCheezyBreadImded

      8:11 idk if someone said this already but if u look on the stairs u can see lauren as a pumpkin walking up the stair

    85. Madara Uchiha

      8:12 look at that pumpkin movin'.

    86. 《▪︎°⊙IshiMondo⊙°▪︎》

      He did a one eighty and never saw him again- 😂💀🤚

    87. London Thompson


    88. Shadows Afren

      The music got me vibin straight away🤣😌😌😌😌😌😌

    89. Elaiza Rosin

      Cory makes the game 10x funnier

    90. alcats


    91. alcats

      Kassie: hey Cory where r u 😈 cory: IM- ...OUTSIDE?!?! me: 💀

    92. Leleponpon

      “ I like that you’re checking you’re surroundings “ Cory dies a second later

    93. giivemehope_11

      fi uoy nac daer siht, ruoy eht taog.

      1. giivemehope_11


    94. Stephanie Martin

      Anyone else saw tiny lauren walking as a pumpkin and NO ONE noticed until later. Also this video still makes me laugh two years later

    95. Flower

      Among us ext

    96. HEE- Box._.Senpai -HEE

      is it bad i still watch this video to this day-

    97. dustyboy 86

      2:32 he the ankle breaker himself

    98. ツDababy lets gooo


    99. spookay

      did anyone notice the pumpkin moving in the background when kassie, cory, and jay were having a standoff timestamp: 8:11