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    50K Likes on this video and we're gonna figure out who we should be thanking at the class 3 trial!!
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Kubz Scouts

      Late upload but who cares, lets get it!!! 50K LIKES for the next episode

      1. Brandi Barber


      2. SaLoNi

        catching up on this series cuz i had to go and quickly binge the anime LOL

      3. AzrielTLG


      4. Silver Jet16

        @Julian's clay cooking and stuff he forgot about it months ago he is not gonna upload another video of it

      5. •coxl.b1tch•


    2. Josi2149

      Angie: *dies* Jay: LETS GOOOOOOO

    3. news gacha news


    4. Thùy Dung Nguyễn

      Is it funny how every time a new lab opens, the person who has the lab open either gets killed or becomes the culprit! 😃👌

    5. choco berry

      maki is cute af

    6. Peter Hirn

      I love kokichi so-

    7. Kiwijen15 Kiwijen15

      Red eyed black haired god? Damn that description matches izuru don’t you think?

    8. moa kie

      someone please hug kaito

    9. Anastasia Owens

      I love kokichi ouma

    10. alastor.mp4

      ngl i dont really like the way Miu forces herself on other people maybe K1-B0 consented, but Shuichi sure as hell didn't

    11. Tanner Ryan

      Ok I like Angie's chill and poses, but she needs to go. She's unfit to lead and is preying on peoples desperation and naivete without knowing. She is a toxic leader. Edit: Does this broad not know the cost mortals pay for using the power of the Eldritch gods!? I swear if she calls upon Yog-Sothoth... she done fukked up Edit2: She done fukked up! AHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    12. NotBlueBird

      Keep it G keep it G

    13. nagitoe cumaeda

      I swear, Monodam is like the Monokuma-embodiment of Nagito.

    14. Hisoka Supremacy

      22:58 in the case is the mask peko had in daganronpa 2 how did nobody notice

    15. Ting Yang

      Himiko looks weird, she looked shaken by what Tenko said then the next day she was the only one in the student council who didn't pray for Angie's loss (apart from Tenko). She just stood there in silence

    16. Commander Cage


    17. lexi pewitt

      finally, a fellow angie hater

    18. A Person :,]

      ---The Golden Katana--- its from v1

    19. Hanako’s sister -fact:i haunt the boys bathroom-

      All I gotta say is… Nee-HeeHee and Nyeeh..

    20. • Freezing Muffins •

      Video Spoiler!!! Broooo Jay almost seems too *happy* about Angie’s death! 😭😂 Even the title is just hyping her death. 💀

    21. • Freezing Muffins •

      Aha, I just absolutely love Jay’s humor! 😃🙌

    22. watchyagunnado

      Gosh, I feel so bad but when Angie broke the flashback light I was SOO happy when she died

    23. funny oof gold

      he makes korekiyo shinguji voice so good i love jay he so funny lol like hear him it sound. So good and perfact

    24. Solar Angel

      When angie dies me: YESS THAT BIT@H I HATE HERR

    25. Sam White

      Bruh miu iruma is kinda sus

    26. noodle haired enthusiast


    27. watchyagunnado

      Jay's face when he thought Keebo and Miu were getting down and dirty XDXDXDXD

    28. Majestic Bee

      18:10 *sighs* *puts phone in left hand*

    29. Aesthetic Elf

      If you listen to 56:16 with your eyes closed it sounds- *just trust me on this*

    30. Dexter Lim

      Leon kuwata was the culprit he used his ghostly spirits to injure the victims wrist with the katana

    31. SmolBeanMyth

      Ngl, Angie was annoying. She's like those hardcore Christians who push their religion onto others (I know she's not Christian, I'm just drawing a comparison)

      1. Dummy Owie

        omg fr tho

    32. Natacha Jones

      If I say k1-bo and miu doing that crap..... shuichi said he would be quiet and pretend nothing happened me I would have done the exact opposite and told everyone what I saw to start drama....... I like drama ok.

    33. marivic romero


    34. Kanaroha CEO

      why the hell did i get a homophobic add for this video bruh i just wanna watch danganronpa

    35. Captain Saber

      I love it when Kaito boasts that protagonist energy

    36. Mia studios


    37. BUbBs

      So I no one gonna talk about what happened with Keebo and miu

    38. plushy teddybear

      New name to ultimate inventor to Boom boom room ✨B O O M B O O M R O O M✨

    39. Phillippe Alvyn Dupitas

      1:20:25 Tsumugi: When can I meet him!? I want to meet him as soon as possible! Me: Oh it's just two steps. One, pray for your life, and two, get killed! Easy as pie!

    40. Phillippe Alvyn Dupitas

      Welcome to another day of why TikTok can burn and die! Please enjoy and have a nice day. :3

    41. kurtacxre

      “red eyed black haired” izuru kamakura?

    42. Izabela

      not gonna lie but angie was rlly annoying

    43. SaLoNi

      1:00:27 do i sense a titan reference

    44. Nagitos. SmellyFeet

      Jay: i hate angie i hate atua Also Jay when angie died: THANK YOU ATUA 🙏🏻

    45. •Scarlet_Wild 022•

      If jay is a danganronpa character his talent will be the ultimate robber XD

    46. Mr.Gomez63

      1:05:23 "Angie, SPEAK" Talking to her like a dog😂😂

    47. Paisley Robles

      1:18:27 I totally thought that was kork’s actual voice actor oh my god jay’s really good at his voice

    48. SaLoNi

      maki was already my fave but now she even more my fave

    49. SaLoNi

      that miu and k1-b0 scene- WHAT AM I WATCHING HERE

    50. Holly Pink Diamond

      im so glad himiko did not die

    51. An unpronounceable name


    52. Noami

      I love when he smiles pls😩

    53. aura

      I love Angie so much but I had to laugh so hard when he was cheering for her death XD

    54. YoErrorless

      19:20 Looking at jays face I cantt

    55. OreoAwesomeGamer

      No one talking about the golden katana, the gold leaf comes off easily, memories T-T

    56. Aguss Eiguchi

      Tbh I used to like Angie's character but in this episode I found her really annoying that I couldn't help but feel relieved when she died, ngl

    57. Natalie Collins

      I feel like tsumugi shirogane is the mastermind she's way too inacent.

    58. Diseased Weeb

      Ayo the miu and keebo scene was on some OTHER type shit

    59. BlasianFJ

      Kind of a big spoiler... How did I just realize Tsumugi's vision of Atua is Izuru Kamukura?

    60. Itzmeh Peachy

      I feel like Kaito did it for some reason😃

    61. Mo guan Shan is a woman

      1:31:28 Wait,... Shoto to that u !😶 ( Only if you know MHA you will understand )

    62. ana :p

      18:17 i'd give so much money to be keebo

    63. Nagito Komaeda

      Jay is the ultimate capper

    64. Faria 93

      I hated her too... She was really annoying! XD

    65. Mason Ma

      So an Assassin, a Detective, and an Astronaut walk into a Gym....

    66. yatistic

      Wait is that the gold katana from danganronpa 2?

    67. Tidiane Sanders

      I have never been so happy that a character died in a game

    68. Chey Lightwood

      I would understand why someone would kill Angie

    69. Fangirl Princess

      Sometimes I end up laughing whenever a character I dislike dies. And Angie isn’t exempt from that, so there.

    70. Kirk MINEBLOX

      5:50 jay doesnt like angie LOL Hes scream broke my ears tbh

    71. Sanrio Bitch

      If Angie says Atua one more time I’ll send her to Atua

    72. Tsukki's Luv

      Did Kokichi really make an AOT reference at 1:00:28?

    73. Justine Anderson

      When I see the title I was like "maybe you have a reason to write this, but I hate you,, but finally I like you" like I don't know who you reserved this sentence but that make me feel very angry, even if is it for the characters I don't like and you did it so k, I'm not angry. [maybe because the cover was Maki strangle Kokichi but in reality it just Angie's death so is not a big deal] P.S : I will update this comment when I look at the video, so this is normal if you don't see the same comment as the past. Edit : So I just look up at the comments and I'm not angry to you, congratulate !

    74. strawberryboymyg

      Whenever he does Korekiyo’s voice I always think it’s the in-game voice actor

    75. Just a Simp

      Bruh I used to like Angie but now I wanna start another trial😐

      1. Just a Simp

        Nvm she ded

    76. James Maxwell

      Why do you want to kill me harmony😔😐😓

    77. Sisnster Gaming

      Kubz: Sh-Sheesh My mind: *SHEEEEEEEEEEEEESH*

    78. ﴾Teto Tenko Chan﴿

      Himiko is spoiled and Ungreatful

    79. Jay Jay

      Kazuichi Soda 👌❤️

      1. Jay Jay

        I’m I love with an anime boy- don’t judge :)

    80. OK Lemons

      We not gonna talk about how Keebo can blushhh???? He's a robot, this is a crazy robot

    81. Aidoneus

      I was legit screaming with Jay when Angie died. Best day I've had in a while.

    82. Indie Dif4ent

      The world ..... warped .... SPORTS CLIPS

    83. SonicAngel '-'


    84. Kokichi Fan

      Hello I have a favor plz react to wap but nagito version it's called wad or wet a$$ despair plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz react to it

    85. nezuko kamado

      ✨it's magicccc✨

    86. • Blossom tea •

      spoiler: its funny that jay doesnt like himoko and she is one of the survivors

      1. Mo guan Shan is a woman

        Jay :" Then I'll kill her myself "

    87. • Tempting Aro •

      I like Angie, but I'm not about to cancel him for liking her death (**cough** Tiktok)

    88. ꧁diona ꧂

      I love kokichi but this is acceptable.

    89. poel

      Bro, I didnt know I watched this in a hour😭

    90. O k

      22:43 1st danganronpa 1st case

    91. Moonlight Luna

      1:23:10 by this point i wonder how people could still like her she's just so god damn annoying not because of the Atua thing but because of her bossing everyone around

    92. Anaconda77

      Bruh, That was kinda rude man, But I forgive for now.

    93. Mollie Maloney-Bateman

      When you like Angie because she acts like you:😔

      1. Julian Vermeer

        Damn you act like Angie? I feel bad for your parents

    94. Jiaxuan Liu

      But I like Angie, you can't say that, I didn't say that, JazzyGuns said that.

    95. K0dzuk3n

      Haha kaito looks like hes about to pass out, that's how I look like when my blood levels drop💀✋

    96. ·Yeeb·

      Bro Miu scares me sometimes

    97. Miss Mismatched

      When Miu was doing "maintenance" on K1-B0 all that was going through Jay's head was demonetization.

    98. A Sea of Fragments

      You will see that Angie made the best decision by acting the way she did. I hope that you'll regret hating her :P

      1. A Sea of Fragments

        @BonnieTale PT That's unfortunate but it's ok. All opinions are acceptable!

      2. BonnieTale PT

        I don't know if you're salty or not but no I think he won't regret hating her just because she tried to stop the killing game

    99. jalen martinez

      Im really hyped and happy that Angie died cause she was sssoooo useless

    100. Leon Kuwata

      Yay Angie finally died it’s about time