Friday Night Funkin' But The Nun & Ruv's Secret Song Was The Most UNHOLY Thing Ive Seen

Kubz Scouts

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    Friday Night Funkin ugh mod, foolhardy mod and secret song in the Sarvente mod is a 3 piece combo that you're gonna love...that secret song should've remained a secret though because it made me want to commit sins..leave a LIKE for more!
    High effort UGH mod:
    Scarecrow mod:
    Sarvente Mod:
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Genesis Rolon

      the song your doing is gospel and i did the song and i did all of it in one try and IM 8 DUDE

    2. Fires day to play

      Lol “tHe nUn”


      The ugh the ugh he meant is when he look bf's Gf he'll go ugh

    4. ellyjack

      I got Sarv's backstory and man... she's a cool character. she's been rejected from heaven but still believes it's a good place and wants others to go there, and the reason there's a portal in the background during Gospel is because she's showing people what hell looks like, literally. but she's also extremely kind and believes all can be redeemed, hence why she gave Ruv a chance. she's cool af, I like her! she goes demon on ya because she thinks you're out to the destroy the sacredness of the church

    5. danschmeidler

      15:42: 𝗖𝗿𝘆𝘀 𝗖𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴: 𝐋𝐀𝐔𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐄𝐑

    6. danschmeidler

      15:42: 𝗖𝗿𝘆𝘀 𝗖𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴: 𝐋𝐀𝐔𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐄𝐑

    7. Freshbeans

      3:01 bro your girlfriend is white

    8. Aiden Xiong

      "Someone made this EXTREMELY easy" *two seconds later:* I AM DESTROYING THIS!!!!!

    9. Adam Bepas

      Lol imagin congratulating on a normal mode song

    10. Offical Wiki

      You know that you can change the defecalty

    11. Nate is cool and noah

      I'm praying you win

    12. Nate is cool and noah

      Let's go

    13. juiceboxy :D

      3:04 Girlfriend is now a crow

    14. 《starcross sans》

      Fun fact: if you only pay attention to two arrows you'll have a better chance of surviving than dieing from trying to do all

    15. Oh look a fat cat

      6:22 Jay : * celebrating * Bf : 💀 The rest of the comments: * worrying about Ruv and Gf

    16. artic artist!

      6:27 tomato jay

    17. Exho

      *Oops-* *Wheres my girlfriend?* -Jay from the Kubz Scouts, 2021

    18. Batgig

      Yep he's loosing it😬 16:17

    19. Booper Dooper


    20. Nixia Fun

      That scarecrow keep doing the Michael Jackson with his thriller looking ass (thriller is a Michael Jackson song and a movie)

    21. Ouyang Ouyang

      It’s a sis

    22. Minecraft isabellak

      Hjerter I Zoo efter classes

    23. Nhi Nguyễn

      The worst part is this is not HARD MODE yet

    24. Lemon Melon

      "hes a big scarecrow but he doesnt look intimidating" oh jay, if only you played the game it was actually based off

    25. Aria Rapoza

      i cant even get through the tutorial... on easy mode

    26. Gunner Aitsu

      Where's ruv n them from?

    27. Silenced Shadow

      Hey, are you gonna say hallelujah? Hallelujah hallelujah WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT?

    28. Moonlight UwU

      did he tie his hair up?! yo wtf-

    29. GD_Luuc1d

      If he thinks recharged curse is THAT HARD, he has to look at the original

    30. Some random guy

      Girlfriend: scared when ruv is singing Also girlfriend: chilling when there is a demon singing her boyfriend to death

    31. toxicyuta


    32. DEMON KING

      (Kubs scouts) oh hmm that’s werd sign 🪧 (we he see scarv WTF IS THAT!!!

    33. DEMON KING


    34. Sarvente l The Gospel l

      Defeated Kubz scouts, more youtubers to go...

    35. Vexamon

      My guy tankman missed some notes

    36. lil bicycle helmet

      7:51 when the dementia patient drops a rap album

    37. Ronaldo Ruiz

      the fact that foolhardy was on normal

    38. Vince Allen Ibaan

      how sad of sarv wow but i know how to sarv demon

      1. FoxHeaven UwU


    39. luckysnowyy is cracked

      6:21 When you get your lego starwars set and get to go to Mc donalds

    40. Labbbzz Koh

      Sparkling orange water but coke hahaha

    41. Sleepy dragon

      *me goes back to this video* *Relikes video*

    42. Tony Joya

      Kubz: Man I'm Sooo Good Me: *Looks At Misses* ö [Scarecrow Level]

    43. Luisa Hernandez

      Jay please play ballistic on retro specter difficulty

    44. LOL MAN

      I wonder how did I one shoted them hmm

    45. Cheung Ka Kiu

      Fun fact this shit is easy

    46. Spacerocketboom II


    47. Harry James Potter

      “I said base-y not base-y.”

    48. Heaven Hobson

      jay umm not to brag but like at first i was so confused when the pink nun got wings and was not focusing but then i snapped out of it and looked REAL close to my screen and I GOT IT i won i was crying HALLEUGH After 9 deaths I FINNALY GOT IT ahhhhh

    49. Isamar Meza

      I listen to Ruv’s song on a hour loop when I study ☺️

    50. Acellese Acosta

      So annoying

      1. FoxHeaven UwU


    51. Korekiyo Shinguji

      Fun Fact: Apparently Ruv's mic wasn't on and he's just really loud

    52. Ramuda Sketches

      I love how it just casually says 27 deaths

    53. Alend Jan

      who realised that jay did foolhardy on normal

    54. kevs gaming

      spamming four notes will work

    55. Denayza Koro-sama


    56. Kathy Dinny

      I couldn't do the gospel recharted but could do the regular one ;w;

    57. Cailey B

      Everybody gangsta until they realize Jay died 28 times in the last song

    58. enternity

      How is this unholy

    59. Girlfriend

      Ur trash B) Also third is harder then last song because you played on easy difficulty lol

    60. Gacha Pancake

      How is it unholy and where's ruv-

    61. kai chen

      Jay do be vibing tho

    62. I love Asui, Deku, and Bakugo

      15:49 *Deaths: 22*

    63. Sam Ng

      FAK you noob 1v1 me BED.....

      1. FoxHeaven UwU

        He won’t even listen to you :>

    64. -

      Ruv: Sings GF: -Terrified- Ruv: stops singing for 0.0001 seconds GF: Kalm.

    65. Madison Burton

      Dude I screamed almost as much as Jay during that scarecrow song

    66. LOL Frosty

      The crosses as arrows are the least they did. They could've reversed the arrows.

    67. Ruzvyzvat

      Which is louder? Nuke explodsion Or Ruv with a working mic

      1. FoxHeaven UwU

        *Ruv with a working mic*

    68. Jemela Joy C. V


    69. Maha Aljiabwi

      No that’s it you angry angry Preston is coming now

    70. Maha Aljiabwi

      Angry Preston is coming now

    71. Maha Aljiabwi

      Make me angry

    72. Maha Aljiabwi

      That’s it that’s it

    73. anime :naruto

      Zardy :)

    74. Jaj Bab

      Fun fact : zardy originated from a horror game called zardy's maze

    75. Shay Limboonhwee

      You need to see the first arrow to go

    76. Gami ._. Kuro

      Jaaayyy jaaayyy jaaayyyyy Sarvente mid-fight masses got a new uptate!!!and there's a new mystery week

    77. Namjun Kim

      Zarzuela sometimes sound like sans

    78. dead dog2110

      Throws money

    79. fun sized witty

      sarv is the demon defet jay he set I’m out I’m out guys

    80. Red_angel wyut yee

      Me When i see Whitty in my mall: 11:17

    81. Argyro Karyadi

      Now i know why its could unholy nun

    82. Cat Craft

      Imagine going to heaven and then God says: 13:47

    83. Cacciaaa

      When I hit the double notes, all the other dissappear, does this happen to me only?

    84. SunnyPlays

      as soon as he was about to say wtf an ad played

    85. Autumn Blue

      My favourite is still whittys final song

    86. Adris Rosado

      Bfs voice is different-

    87. Fire Folf 'The Bayonetta God'

      If you had to get the song remapped just so you could beat it and unlock a secret song. I really dont think you're in any place to brag.

    88. Cooper Johns

      Me: that song ez This guy: proceeds to die 28 times and then give up


      To everyone talking about Ruv and his voice and the stuff with the mic turned on. Did you all know he isn't shouting? This is literally what he sounds like when he's singing without putting any effort into it. Which means if he let it rip, even without the mic he could kill us all. XD

    90. Eden Adonai

      Is he ever gonna beat gospel??

    91. AccurateMemin

      I'll be honest I kind of like Demon Nun a lot more-

    92. Classic Sonic The Headchog

      Jay:literally crying Captions:laughter

    93. Bisayo Segun

      Me vibing to the music-

    94. Darel Shields


    95. Darel Shields

      Hey Jay did you know that boyfriend can talk but nervous to talk

    96. David H

      Hey swankybox

    97. Demon Sarvente

      I will never forgive

    98. The Bunchkins

      *so keith and gf were just dragging speakers around until they ended up in the nothingverse*

    99. Leif Rickson Julian

      Jay: i like how the arrows are crosses 5 seconds later Jay: UHH the arrows as crosses are Throwing me off!