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    Published on 27 days ago


    1. Foxyy

      I fr thought he was going somewhere when he said the moon rises at 5 and how many horses would make it to town by friday 💀

    2. •Tsuake•

      That man just followed his dreams up to heaven

    3. bluestar warriors

      Everybody talking bout Lady D. but is anyone gonna talk about her daughters?

    4. Tasha navarro

      Mia literally got shot like 28 times and still was able to stay concious (until chris shot her ofc) but ethan got a concussion just one BAP to the head?

    5. Tasha navarro

      Watch jay > watch the whole world fall apart

    6. central

      Girl didnt react to getting shot like she wasnt in a cutscene wtf LMAO

    7. hyojin `


    8. Cheyenne Lee欣凌

      Don't mind me.. Just hiding

    9. 羅羅。基米。

      Yooooooo I was playing akinator and i wanted miss frizzle But i gor miss frizzles WAP

    10. SunFlowered _sky

      lmfao at 11:51 it was so funny cuz I thought it would be funny if it said “hi I’ve been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty “ when he was on the brink of death 💀

    11. Owa Owa

      No one: the thumbnail: HEHE

    12. Hatsune Miku

      1:22:11 I jumped 10 feet back damnnnn 😂😭 still recovering 😂

    13. Derpstick

      When he started teabagging the zombie XD

    14. Madison Carter

      I really wanted that game so bad. But I gotta earn it cuz my mom want me do the right thing before I earn stuff🥺🥺🥺

    15. smhnic

      binge watching this

    16. Maddie Fra

      Bela is pronounced Be-la But however you pronounce it it’s still the same

    17. Adrien Brown

      Me looking for the Jumpscare List. 👁️💧👄💧👁️

    18. Hello there

      14:50 Man really said "Water oxygen" LMAO

    19. Lord OfTheUsername

      Jay I’d love to see you play ghosts of Tsushima I loved it

    20. Reagann

      wait but my birthday is february 6 :0

    21. Izabella cx

      I love when jay plays story mode games

    22. Mikeruミケル

      Oml Jay is blind now I guess... This is Mia and Ethan from Resident Evil 8. This is most likely the aftermath of what happened in Resident Evil 8. So they had a kid, they got older, etc.

    23. Jacob Connelly


    24. localvillain


    25. alexisjean isla

      1:10:28 Why am I laughing 😂

    26. Astan Camara

      25:33 jay was teabaging him like it was nobodys business lol

    27. Francis Montoya

      Is there something in the poo hole? 😂

    28. סטפני בר-און

      Me:thinking this video old *sees that the computer says 2021 Me: *checks how long this video is Also me: how did they move out or go to stores if we stuck at home-?

    29. alexisjean isla

      *Me not putting the video into full screen and preparing for friggin' jumpscares*

    30. I'm a Catto

      Can they please leave Ethan hands alone!😭

    31. Nala Kuma


    32. bb playz

      Just hit my guy with a gun

    33. • Tsuindakku •

      Lol if you kept the skull you would have a full crystal body

    34. Baz Alani

      Lmao he said "depression" when it was "discription" xD so sad yet so relatable to me-

    35. Snowier bridge

      1:09:11 ayo that’s megs scream from dbd

    36. Unizoom15

      1:22:11 omg I lmao at this part 😂

    37. Frisk Angela

      1:18:01 is it just me but did jay just- Spoke with nagito's voice

    38. Azure Chan

      My dad and I grinded on Resident Evil Revilations 2, and it was one of the best 2 player resident evil games! I suggest you play it, My dad and I got all of the achivements, (bought with points, and we have all customizeation options, we basically maxed out the game, we got S's on every level in every mode.) I'd say it's worth it. P.S. - Have ALOT of ammo for Neil's battle, when I first played I struggled as Claire.

    39. Dazai🥡

      Bro imagine meeting mister *dimestru*

    40. Dazai🥡

      Imagine playing that in VR

    41. Maria Crisan

      Dude that's Romanian 😂😂

    42. Itzel Suarez

      57:25 lmao

    43. Nightmare Corgis

      He said get down like damnnn she took it like it was nothing

    44. Shewetzy Swetzy

      ....MF I- i felt so disrespected when he said ciorba de legume oml

    45. -AKI

      “F me senpai dude” LMAOO XD

    46. Jennessa jaggernauth

      Do it jay 🔪🔪

    47. ghostiwaskidnapped

      1:24:10 FLAMINGO?

    48. ghostiwaskidnapped

      Harry potter land- pls-

    49. Matthew Perez

      “That girl look like..a girl”- Jay 2021

    50. •𝓞𝓷𝓮 𝓘𝓷 𝓐 𝓜𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓸𝓷•

      USfilm Subtitles: _censors “shit”_ Also USfilm Subtitles: _doesn’t censor “shits”_

    51. mygeo7

      Jay about babies before becoming a dad: "Ugly-ass kid" Jay after becoming a dad: "Rose is so CUTE!!"

    52. Melina Goguen

      1:21:33 omg my names there

      1. Anna Banana ❤️


    53. TheBestGuy 667

      ce tare este in romania

    54. Kolby Jackson

      Jay: Those are some size 13s Me: *wears size 13* Yup! I can confirm that

    55. DeadEYE

      also i have something to say thats not how British people talk

    56. Amanda Lewis

      1:09:29 to see his reaction of when he see's lady D

    57. STOP ITs Time to StOp

      When the hook went through his hands I FELT THAT UGHH

    58. Jack Frost


    59. °Quippie•

      Jay: "I need to stay hidden..." Also Jay: **Breaks box loudly**

    60. EmilyIsAway

      honestly i have constant anixety of my baby sister being tajen away

    61. Y/N L/N

      If Jay got scared not even 15 minutes i won't make it at all Watching this at 9pm,pray that I don't get nightmares or don't get traumatized

      1. yeonbin feel like cinderella

        @Y/N L/N i'm ok hehe , but i'm gonna watch this video before sleeping , so i guess i'll be no more ok lol

      2. Y/N L/N

        @yeonbin feel like cinderella what abt you?

      3. Y/N L/N

        @yeonbin feel like cinderella didn't get nightmares,I made it to the end 🥳

      4. yeonbin feel like cinderella

        how has your night been?

    62. Mari

      Where is the jump scare list😥😥😥

      1. yeonbin feel like cinderella

        umm i can make it , but it's gonna take me so long lol

    63. i sharted

      I panicked when i saw ciorba de legume.BSHSHSH

    64. Brooklyn Lovegood

      Need the part 2

    65. LoLBiT BeNeDiCt

      half ugly half frog, that got me.

    66. Andy_B

      As someone who's Romanian its so funny to see Jay react to Romanian culture and to see him pronounce everything

    67. Callysta Call meh Llys

      Alright, don't lie. *Some of us are silently simping for Lady Dimitrescu even though she's ol-*

    68. - Elmo -

      I would like to be railed by that woman, respectfully

    69. Miss Violet

      The daughters tho 👀

    70. Jisoo’s Pink wig

      “You want me to pray too? I-I only got three fingers...kinda awkward”

    71. •𝕋𝕒𝕟𝕘𝕠•

      Jay: I’m glad I didn’t play this before I went to sleep Me RN: Watching this RIGHT before going to sleep Ik- I’m 2 weeks late-

      1. yeonbin feel like cinderella

        i only today started watching this lmao

      2. Erika Neykova

        Dw love so am I. I started watching this 2 days ago and now I’m waiting for the new one

    72. Booper Dooper

      Fun fact for newbies: Jay spouts random shit when he's scared.

      1. yeonbin feel like cinderella

        @Addison Partridge lol exactly

      2. Addison Partridge

        Or insults them to assert dominance

    73. Booper Dooper

      Ey Jay I love let's plays

    74. OuterTheSpace


    75. シCookiesAreTheBestシ

      Actually I do want this to continue I haven't watched you in a year cuz u were just doing anime reading bullshit.

      1. yeonbin feel like cinderella

        same ;-;

    76. Demi Plug

      1:10:00 I hate u bruh🤣🤣 that’s why I like watching u u funny asf😂

    77. Demi Plug


    78. Demi Plug

      11:34 ong I would have done that to would have been like “yeah it’s safe”😂

    79. Gaming with Ethan

      It’s so weird cause my name is Ethan and I have a friend named CRiS and I’m not joming

      1. yeonbin feel like cinderella

        oh- umm be careful around him

    80. Annalliese Sanchez

      OMG THAT “Be Carful what you wish for...”

    81. Seriously Meg

      “And that girl, looked like a girl.” REALLY NOW-

    82. melsflowers

      1:19:32 i- dela is my name lol

    83. Heather Rosila

      Major Outlast vibes.

    84. Sacri I

      The new hair line sucks

    85. Doo Doo Fart Oop


    86. ten 4 you

      just a time stamp for me 17:45

    87. Jonathan Rodriguez

      59:39 man switched up real quick 💀

    88. pp cheese

      Dude, so we aint gonna talk about the fact that Ethans hand is just being abused on all the damn time--

      1. yeonbin feel like cinderella

        ikr?! i can't look at his hand anymore... and i'm definitely gonna have nightmares about his bitten hand

    89. dead inside

      You did Ninja Turtles so baaaddddd 😭🤚🏼

    90. Hello Star Kitty YT

      When Ethin says uhhhh it sounds like Roblox when you reset When you reset: OFFFFF

    91. Weird lovely Alyssa Forever lol

      My tooth bro it fell out and kept it for 10 mins lmao

    92. Elena The bread queen

      Elena : *dies me : welp i just died😀 (bc my name is also Elena)

    93. PHrÖg

      29:44 I’m mad he didn’t see them on the roof smh

    94. Flor Groves


    95. Flor Groves


    96. itsfunneh fan

      Or vidio

    97. itsfunneh fan

      Hey can you tell me what's that game

    98. Yeng Ma

      Jay: "I'm glad I didn't play this before going to sleep. This would keep me up." Me, watching right before bed: *awkward and scared laugh*

      1. yeonbin feel like cinderella

        @Yeng Ma ok , so i guess i also should watch that before imma go to sleep lmao

      2. Yeng Ma

        I think I am hahaha It was a bad decision but I survived so... yeah!

      3. yeonbin feel like cinderella

        hey , you still alive after watching that?

    99. Kanra-san

      Before I start watching this, I hope Ethan runs faster now. I HOPE.

    100. Manasi Kundu IN

      hey you know my mother is manasi kundu and i am her dature don't mind the spelling and my name is lavanya and my mother works in a gameing compny