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    Kokichi is sus but I don't blame him..50K LIKES for the next episode ASAP!
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    Published on 18 days ago


    1. villain eri

      it says this word is mine koichi oma

    2. -*Mochi_ Wolf*-

      I figured out what all the letters spelt- "This world is mine *something* Kokichi Ouma. I think-

    3. Lola U


    4. The unhappy Diva

      14:52 Jay: lets talk to ANGIE Me: NO YOUR WRONG!

    5. None of Your business


    6. Gremmy

      7:30 HOLD UP!? HIKARU AND KAORU!???

    7. Heidi

      ive watched like 4 or 5 of these vids in a row now and its nearly 3am-

    8. Jenna King

      I ship kiibouma so much

    9. Irma Mercado

      my art style change when im rushing to finish an art project: 53:24

    10. ★Mr Duckie★

      39:51 damm kaito

    11. Abby - Chan

      I hope suichi and kokichi win the killing game

    12. l i z z y

      1:03:10 doesnt the girl in pink kinda look like tsumugi?

    13. -Aishite Aishite-


    14. Tanner Ryan

      Dang, they really killed off Miu! and it's dummy obvious it's Kaito too. How did Kokichi get him to do it!? What did Monkuma do!? Too many questions!

    15. Incredible crew 2.0


    16. Atsumu’s Dairy

      1:42:33 cc: “as almost on cue” Jay: No❤️

    17. Rivano Krens

      I figured out the writing now This world is mine -Kokichi Ouma

    18. TheUltimateHoe

      Rantaro: Jay: Nagito? Me: *cries in Ultra Despair Girls*

    19. Gana Hassan

      Jay: Uh- Whats her name again... OH TSUMUGI Also jay: “lets talk to angie i guess” And proceeds to talk to tsumugi 🗿

    20. Bie Yang

      4:15 nice attack on titan joke lol

    21. isabel_the lazy anime fan

      When Kaito said "it snow look Maki Roll" I reminded me off Akaashi from in another life

    22. Julianna Hernandez

      (Spoilers maybe???) When you look at the graffiti on the rock you can kinda spell "This world is mine, Kokichi Oma" probably not important but just something I noticed

    23. Sean Grogan

      The little avatars remind me of the blazblue cross tag battle avatars😂

    24. Kiyomi Itsuki

      Is nobody going to talk about what jay sang at 1:05:20 😂

    25. Zachary Rodriguez

      i just realized that if shuichi was manipulative he couldve killed someone and given them false information and easly have won, also if he made friends then they wouldve trusted him more then other people and he couldve got them to vote for whoever he wanted. so if shuichi was manipulative and had more confidence then he couldve won by the 3rd or 4th class trial

    26. mystery

      am I the only one to say kaito did kirisima pose

    27. Nini Media

      Hiya guys its 6 in the morning and I keep refreshing my page to see if the 100 out of Jay's 4.1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS have liked the video. Don't forget to like the video and leave a comment so more people will get it reccommended🥰🥰🥰

    28. Fascha Ivanov

      When Kaito mentioned the body announcement, I immediately thought "wasn't the body announcement done personally?" and now I'm suspecting him TwT

    29. TheThievingBluejay

      He's SO convinced about Maki liking Shuichi LMAO I can't

    30. Chase Jackson

      Jay: let's talk to Tsumugi *2 seconds later* Jay: Anyway let's just talk to AngIe YOU HAD ONE JOB JAY ONE JOB MATE

    31. Gabby McKay


    32. Hajimmy God

      Spoilers: Bruh gonta dont even

    33. •bubble Tea•


    34. Sachasil Raicho


    35. zuri pineda

      7:33 HIKARU?

    36. Ed1torsbae /melanie

      40:59 HIMIKO.

    37. Ed1torsbae /melanie

      41:01 HIMIKO .

    38. SaLoNi

      damn and i loved her so much too rip

    39. SaLoNi

      1:05:05 lmao wrong game jay

    40. breezy's simp aka Beya

      Guys we only need 1k! Pls like this vid so we can get the next vid!

      1. breezy's simp aka Beya


      2. haitechan

        Noooo, there’s a newer video, like that instead! We are stuck at 40K

    41. SaLoNi

      34:00 me laughing at kaito and then realising what is happening after what happened last episode and nearly on the verge of tears cuz i love that trio friendship:

    42. SaLoNi

      0:21 this music scratches an itch in my brain i never knew i had

    43. I'm Kai


    44. I'm Kai

      Monotaro's Mommy TT

    45. Fiery Tiger Gaming

      53:27 That artstyle XD

    46. nut dust sniffer

      lmao jay fixed the title

    47. I'm Kai

      I just watched the past episode. I saw the ending already I cried, I just can't . . . . . . Kaitooooo! TT Gonna brace myself for the next next trial TT

    48. Jysethia

      I had to witness Bestgirl die twice...

    49. • Freezing Muffins •

      Kokichi is just too precious, but.. [Spoiler!!!] he’s gonna die soon. :( He was definitely my fav character of Danganronpa 3. 😫 As for Danganronpa 1, it was Bykuka (didn’t know how to spell his name right). 🧐 And as for Danganronpa 2, it was definitely Nagito for sure! 😃

      1. SaikoPsycho

        Same i like that three characters. btw, It's Byakuya in Danganronpa 1

    50. • Freezing Muffins •

      There’s only 49k likes on this video.. and I want to see it at 50k. 😩

    51. meergoose child

      Are we not gonna talk about 13:40 😀

    52. GodlyGoku101 •_•

      7:40 monotaro pulled the Ace line from One Piece

    53. Delilah Wilmoth

      Literally I got an ad in the first minute of the video of an anime girl dancing

    54. Makayla Perez

      36:44 maki likes kaito

    55. Mikey Vang

      Bruh they got her chest size too 😂

    56. legendary chimchim

      The first thing I thought when I saw the tilted roof was I wanna slide off the roof and land in the snow

    57. chiaki bestgamer

      bro monomi also said something like no killing game no monokuma

    58. Tea Kettle

      7:42.... is that a reference to *cough cough* oNe pIeCe??? 👀

    59. FBI-chan

      30:44 About that.....

    60. partytuanight

      Damn Kokichi really just said notice me senpai

    61. LiquidStarlight

      5:12 idk why but I broke out laughing bc of Kokichi just Over Kaito’s shoulder

    62. shadow_ tunder_23

      Kokichi just punches kibo

    63. Samantha Alves

      4:16 that attack on titan reference tho XD 7:33 Ouran High host club reference! i just realized they have the same voice actor!

    64. Noodles4Anime

      20:22 Lol, just dropping a reminder that they cant lock their labs. Angie was the only one who got a key (because her need privacy to work) and Maki had to guard her lab so no one would enter.

    65. Liliane Auza

      7:33 what, Hikaru?

    66. Kokichi Lover

      Did he just call Tsumugi, Angie😭😂

    67. Niki Carter

      jay: "okay we got whats her face again Tsumugi alright lets talk to angie" me: "wait- didnt angie just die"

    68. Misswannahavefeelings

      Tsumugi the ultimate cosplayer Her lab: *Victoria secret*

    69. Golden Apple Man

      I have a very controvertial opinion... I like all 3 of them. Kaito Gonta and Kokichi

      1. Golden Apple Man


    70. Earth Basket

      Kiibo, the new dollar store Nagito

    71. kill liam

      jay has a pisskink /j

      1. Anna

        _let it all out fanfic_

      2. kill liam

        @heuh IDK😭

      3. heuh

        I...what permitted you to say this???

    72. 「Twisty Maki」

      48:02 km just gonna say something, kokichi doesn’t wanna talk to him. But he has to try to be friends with monokuma and try to make him end this killing game. Kokichi is just trying his best to act and he’s really good at it. But . When he 💀 no one cared.. and all he just wanted is to end this killing game.

    73. Nina Wang

      SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS! This is you last warning. Kaito: *Slaps Kokichi” K1B0: Even minor violence can lead to atrocities such as murder Me: -Foreshadowing-

    74. evelynn freerksen

      the writing will say and i know because i used mt head kokichi oma "this world is mine" signed kokichi ouma

    75. 우유Milkshakex

      1:06:40 LMAO HE KICKED K1-B0

    76. Leenadrawz

      “I guess I don’t have to introduce myself” Jay: nAgiTo?!

    77. Miukinnie02

      When i first played this chapter i had a mental breakdown and Kokichi became my discomfort character. I thought: "it can't possibly affect me as much as it did the first time.." But clearly i underestimated how awful this chapter is.

      1. Blehbl Blehbl

        @Miukinnie02 I don't think you were being rude at all! I'm sure you're a kind person :)

      2. Miukinnie02

        @Blehbl Blehbl ty again I'll definitely consider the option the situation is complicated if I'll feel up to it I'll explain ty again

      3. Miukinnie02

        @Blehbl Blehbl I guess it's fine. Tysm for your concern, I'll see what I can do about my situation sorry for being so rude I got tense when you started talking good about him I really couldn't see the good in your words bur it's not your fault

      4. Blehbl Blehbl

        @Miukinnie02 And if you need anyone to talk to my insta is @broccoliiideku! I've had some traumatic experiences myself and I can try to help you with whatever problem you might be having at the moment :)

      5. Blehbl Blehbl

        @Miukinnie02 Ah sorry! Sometimes I can be like that I really am sorry! Seriously I really do hope you're safe and try to get a therapist to help with whatever traumatic experience you had it helps 👍

    78. General Thomas

      we just want to know about those DAMNNNNNNN METEORITES

    79. Moises Thaddy

      30:30 "A mysterious virus could've spread.." Kokichi just predicted coronavirus

    80. Ame AMV

      I feel like after using the keycard Ouma kinda gave up in a way 🤔

    81. mui

      jay is the only person who likes the kubs

    82. Sam Allegedly

      *SPOILERS AHEAD* why am i just now realizing that when kokichi said the line about strangling someone he likes to get them to notice him, he was referencing miu???? as in, he viewed her as a friend/potential friend. at the very least im assuming the line implies that he enjoyed her company anyways, that's just something cool i noticed

    83. ThatOneMagicBunn


    84. jcorporan1287 9

      Everytime I see Jay upload a dangaronpa video I go neehehe.

    85. Jamie Louis Nuñez

      Jay already uploaded, but 1,288 likes more to show appreciation!

    86. BUbBs

      Spoiler Dang and miu was my favorite why did she have to die

    87. Mayora Marly


    88. BUbBs

      1:10:38 hahahah a matrix reference

    89. lynx

      𝟟:𝟛𝟞 𝕙-𝕙𝕚𝕜𝕒𝕣𝕦 ( 𝕤𝕠𝕣𝕣𝕪 𝕚𝕗 𝕀 𝕤𝕡𝕖𝕝𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕨𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕘 ) 𝕚𝕤 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕪𝕠𝕦

    90. Rin

      SPOILERS “This is a simulator, right? we don’t actually die.” SDR2: 💃💃

    91. The smartest Idiot

      Jay: I love how these guys are consistent The trio: doesn’t worked out right after Jay: guess I’ll die

    92. The smartest Idiot

      Jay lowkey turns into the chocolate guy from spongebob near THOSE DAMN METEORITES

    93. Molly

      Rantaro: I don’t think I have to introduce myself. Jay:NaGitO?!?

    94. Amy Martinez


    95. mehr gurung

      Kokichis aggressive shit was funnt

    96. ThatDudeishitless

      7:32 Is the that supposed to be a hosting club reference?

    97. Jennifer Howell

      Did he just call Tsumugi, Angie? 14:52 😂

    98. Exstic

      14:52 Jay. u said "angie"- i think u miss someone..

    99. Elijah Cramer


    100. Miu Iruma


      1. Miu Iruma

        @Julian Vermeer I KNOW, POINT STILL STANDS

      2. Julian Vermeer

        The new danganronpa video is already out