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    Today we reacting to more scary animations, 2 only fans horror stories and 1 McDonalds story that I couldn't help but laugh'll see why..leave a LIKE for more!
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    Published on 24 days ago




    2. Poncho

      Tell me why I read Café as cafee

    3. Timmothy

      My aunt had an only fans account 😟

    4. Caitlyn Hannah Obery

      Idk 🤦🏻‍♀️ I don't like stuff

    5. Abbaraham Campbell


    6. 3 AM Thoughts

      27:48 the dang McDonald's jingle, I can't! As the video keeps going, it just keeps getting funnier!

    7. vlogger

      Bruh if this real my man is caught

    8. vlogger

      Bruh my man said “at wherE shE AT” bush

    9. Minaudia Sara

      That scared me so bad😭 9:28

    10. Lucia Andrade

      Wow what a commercial now I want to go to McDonald

    11. Grace Velazquez

      2:05 NOT THE SENPAI

    12. SHRIMPY

      It's the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. outro and Law and Order S.V.U put together 😂😂😂

    13. Pinetree_saping

      Sorry Jay, we aren’t gonna talk about Jason, and Josh.. LOL

    14. coolgrant10

      john_doe from what i know, is a hacker in roblox (a game), like a SERIOUS hacker that got banned a long time ago, but a BIG threat to the game, from what i know

    15. Pinetree_saping

      I’m old enough, and I would tell her.. just not to show her face. IN her situation. So she’s on in harms way..

    16. coolgrant10

      bruh at thwe beginning of the video, were those two people on the left and right tyhe same (edit) ALSO WHO SITS LIKE THAT AGAIN 3:15 cant sit like that if ur trying tog et money 5:21

    17. canada ontario

      Honestly i knew the no onlyfans man was a neckbeard, i have a friend who has one and i personally wouldnt do it but if they do it why not- making money is hard and if you can do it in an easy way then why not?

    18. D4rk _R3nnegade

      Me and my friend are 18 years or older. Me: “GET THE COIN SIS🤑🤑🤑”

    19. Meli Yuna

      I once told my aunt (her Hobby is poledancing and she jokingly said if she should made an onlyfans account) that she definitely should and i can be her photographer but i wanna 25 % from the money. I think that its totally fine and you can make a bunch of money

    20. endyourlifuwifu

      Moral of the story: don't go to McDonald's

    21. H.B its me lol

      Jay: *roasts the guy with a green trenchcoat and says he's a serial killer* Nagito: b r u h 😃

    22. Jennifer Aguiar

      He ain’t no j ay he a g ay

    23. Magical Sempai

      Kubz: "He was a child molester ba-da-ba-ba-ba! 2 for 1 big macs now on sale" *starts laughing and turns redder then a tomato*

    24. Fiona Yaas

      Rumor has it that Jay is still listening to the last part of the video and can’t get over it

    25. Another jigsaw apprentice

      “ he was a child molester “ missed opportunity for a Nickelodeon joke

    26. spidey_ things

      If my friend told me they wanted to join only fans I'd support them, because it is very easy money, and it's their body. And it's not illegal, and you dont even need to show your face if you dont want to. One of my friends wants to be a stripper, that's hella easy money. I support her wanting to strip, my only warning is that she learns some self defense, other than that I'm for it.

    27. Sophia Degand

      "He was a child molester" MCDONALDS BADA BADADA

    28. Inthemoonlight

      I would never let them make a only fans if they do I will drop kick them

    29. Screwball Cupcake


    30. Opps my finger Slipped

      I know I look lik a dollar tree Albert istian

    31. Alex G.

      Jay u killing people and needing feet picks? Wf🤣😜

    32. Keep Up

      You talk to much, and ur louder than the video its self, ur to loud that i cant hear the video bc ur loud ass its talking

    33. Hinalei Savaiinaea

      If my friend told me I would be just passive aggressive but supportive ish??

    34. Nood Nood

      Yo wtf 😀

    35. Karl please suck my pp

      *mcdonalds, badabababaaaaaaa*

    36. xJuan

      Tbh im not 18 or older but i think i would accept it when my friend would make a only fans acc cause in the end i cannot control their lives. But i would tell them about the stuff that CAN happen.

    37. Katie Kypros

      I would be supportive it's there life and there body and they are still the same person and it doesn't make them a sl*t or a who*e and I would be there or them no matter what but to be safe and don't put personal addresses or accounts.

    38. Atlas BZ

      tbh i wouldnt even care my guy

    39. Ceneese Pitcher

      I would be supportive as long as they arent hurting thenselves

    40. Alis McNeil

      Not me currently sitting on the bed like her....

    41. *Jakqui *


    42. Zander Cross

      I would be like as long as you are safe then you can but if not then no

    43. sofia melnyk

      I would support

    44. stxpid_los3r_wxlf

      I can't breathe at the "ba da ba ba ba ba-" 😂😂

    45. Vashty Rosales


    46. Vashty Rosales

      What that ending tho it soo messed up like idk any kinda ending like this

    47. bàka XmøchiX

      I mean I would I love them I love them I can't just,I swore to always protect my friends and I can't just let them do that them to do that like I have to I had I have to do something I can just but it's their choice I just keep a closer eye on them internals watching them or they have no bad vibes

    48. Inlalaland94

      3:05 iPad 9000

    49. Had To Change Name

      call the cops on him and get a free 20 piece chicken nugget

    50. Sierra Stables

      i would totally support my friend if they wanted an OF 🤷🏻

    51. Christosenpai onii-chan!

      5:20 I'm not 18 but I agree with Jay Lmfao

    52. I'm Stand With Palestine

      2:39 Her legs broke Maybe coryxkenshin get her ankle broke

    53. lizzy glizzy

      27:45 *chester the molester vibes* anyone remember that tho?

    54. ღEmikoღ Espresso

      i would support them- yes, but i would also HEAVILY warn them about what they are getting into like my response would be "look, do what you want but there is so many dangerous things about doing that and I would rather you go get a real job, non the less I will support you, but just because I support you doesnt mean I like and or agree with your choice" thats what I would say

    55. Camilla Montero

      Yeah he ate too much Taco Bell

    56. Camilla Montero

      Just a ugly girl

    57. Camilla Montero

      The girl looks like she ate too many tacos at Taco Bell and then she had diarrhea

    58. Camilla Montero

      I just watched a disturbing ad

    59. diavolo the con man

      28:23 bro, you have the evilest laugh

    60. Little Angel

      Always reset your router after doing OnlyFans or anything of the like, it resets the IP address so your location is more difficult to track.

    61. Grim and Gory

      I mean money is money .you do what you gotta do

    62. Levi Ressa

      badabababaaaaa i love children

    63. Raymond lol

      "Serial Killer University!" 😂 Its only been two minutes, YOU'RE KILLING ME ALREADY, DUDE!

    64. alerius

      idk man ill like say allahu akbar

    65. OG_KobeCurry 1


    66. Tanin hossain

      The secoend story is from a male yandere

    67. Wolfy Teh Weeb

      What tf is OnlyFans ;-; I've heard of it but what is it-

    68. Alana Hilliard

      Your name is not Jay it is Robert Jay Perez is that right Robert

    69. Dominic

      i would support them but i would warn them that it could give them a bad rep

    70. King Hunnybun

      In my opinion I think it's a bad idea, people can repost your pics and it's unsafe even without showing your face....most of my female fam have been assaulted at least once in their life so that might just be my paranoia

    71. iviiana

      I came to the comment section to know everyone's opinion on only fans but all I see are some memes and trolls😭😭

    72. kqnaox

      i got confused on the first one XD

    73. Booper Dooper

      That ending tho

    74. DJ Cyri

      “Whata twitsts” -Jay :)

    75. Ritechoa

      That first story did a whole 360

    76. Consciousness

      I would 100 support. 100%. The way i knew that guy was an incel. I been knew.

    77. shadow

      Holl hell WTF!!!! What a 1 2 3 WHAT A TWIST!!😱😱😱

    78. Grungophone

      I’d say do it but don’t show your face if u don’t wanna deal with that

    79. Zaea Munro

      Jay:why they so big The viewers:😏 Also the viewers:that's what she sai- 2021:nah man that's old

    80. Lorenzo Zetina

      I would not like my friend exposing her/himself like that, especially to weird people, but it could mean gaining so much money.I still wouldn’t like it though. I don’t think I’d support it

    81. Noah Underwood

      I'd smack my friends if they were gonna make a onlyfans account

    82. Huh?

      ... ( *-* )

    83. Sunny -T

      McDonalds Bada ba ba ba 🙃

    84. 【 BlankGalaxyGamer 】

      5:55 well jay I'll answer this 6 years later

    85. Phoebe Luciano

      i woildn’t care if they made an onlyfans account. i mean, you do you🤷🏼‍♀️ but i’d definitely make sure they were safe and shit

    86. MadhatterYT

      By the time he said "Your body should belong to someone you love and them only" I knew immediately that the guy killed her.

    87. samantha rose

      Says that .. Like.. I am sitting like that on my bed

    88. Larry Johnson

      “Jay’s are gentlemen.” Jay. Not all Jays are. Heck.

    89. Larry Johnson

      “Belly button looking like a third eye.” **spits out cereal** 😂😂

    90. Larry Johnson

      Jay, I’m 19. My friend that wants to start an only fan’s account but she’s only 15. What do I do..!?

    91. Sazonova Semyonova

      Me here contemplating making an only fans account because i don't get financial support for college either :')

    92. Mocha Tea

      Personally I would get a job a McDonald’s

    93. Pinkish Studios

      Moral of the story: don’t trust people that go to maniac university

    94. Amanii Medina

      Jays laugh brightness up my day😂😂

    95. Ray_emo_bitch -.-

      The police be like...what am I doing with my life 😂

    96. Daniella Yanez


    97. Galaxy Queen

      i would support and be like aye wanna collab cause if ya know ya know

    98. KELSEY's ART's

      Bro. Im 20