Reacting To A "True" Story Animation Of a Son Who Loves His Mom "Differently"

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    More "True" story animation reactions, this time we have a kid that's deaf but can hear everything
    and a son that loves his mom differently....wut

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    Dory Story:

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    Published on Year ago


    1. null skull

      2023 : I was knocked upside my head and wasn’t

    2. cherries world with friends

      Do they not know how to write

    3. •Peppa Pig•

      For the deaf kid his parents could’ve bought him hearing aids so he can be able to hear like- I am deaf and my parents got me hearing aids 😐

    4. Jessica Pineda

      Jay at 11:25: "Why does the faucet look like that?" Me: 🤣🤣

    5. fluttershytho



      Jay is like a rapper in his intros

    7. Footsoljier

      why did this dude have an alarm clock if hea deaf?

    8. joanna kkhan

      WTF is wrong with that babys face like man

    9. -Yona-

      *Reacting to a "True" Story Animation of a Son who Loves his Mum "Differently"*

    10. Camila Josine

      Prayer of the day: “What is that a Senpai shrine?” This prayer was gifted to us by Jay From The Kubz ScoutsThat-Dude. Mr That-Dude has recently lost his sanity due to watching animated stories. Please include him in your prayers tonight

    11. William taco.    Do hs is us sis Sinai’s aids

      Next do I was blind but I can see everything

    12. ネコ

      10:58 the video called: i have x-ray vision, *"my amazing life"*

    13. Luke HILL

      Can we take a sec to look at the first guys forehead. Like how thick is his hair or how damn big is his forehead

    14. Light Haze Yt

      You know it’ll get Good when he says “Buckle up , cuz here we go!”

    15. Andrew Bradshaw

      jay: thats not a lot of money, thats like 50 bucks Me and my complete opposite of rich: BRUH HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU MAKE BRO

    16. Billy Bob

      The. dad went too got The milk

    17. No one

      well on second thought at least the first story wasn't Like the worst thing ever unlike it usually is with these animated stories

    18. Stella Melon

      Next: a stranger told me I was a hunky dunk so I had a baby with them in less then a minute, then consumed the stranger and the fetus

    19. THE_RickyReiter

      They gave the deaf kid an alarm clock 😂

    20. Shanice Henard

      I dont have a mouth but I say this is bullshit

    21. val gorup

      I was deaf, could hear everything Ah yes i was born at a young age

    22. AKYL0 RBLX

      perfect head belike: sharp chin skull that prob looks like an alien

    23. CrimsonTheWorld

      8:07 why tf does he have a clock if he was deaf

    24. giantevilduck

      When he suddenly was able to hear he wouldn't be able to understand anything others would say it would seem like gibberish to him I know it's obviously fake but just putting a point for whoever think it's real:

    25. Peaches

      Deaf kids at an alarm and somehow one day wakes up not deaf and can’t hear it

    26. Crazonto

      Why do a deaf man got an alarm clock

    27. XXANIMEX1

      I have no seat belt but let me *BUCKLE UP*

    28. Random STUFF_Ai.0647


    29. NightMareZ

      This kid man 😂😂😂😂😂

    30. Đoàn Thanh Tâm

      8:10 if he's deaf than why does he have a clock

    31. zʇᴉ Zαƈԋιƙσ

      The faucet i- 11:24

    32. Qwer Tyu


    33. chxrnvkha

      16:32 FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!!!!

    34. Caiden Pierce

      Yeah you dont just need food and shelter you also need water you camel

    35. What is my life

      This story is -not- real

    36. What is my life

      Another story be like: *I have no lungs but I can breath better then everyone*

    37. Bugartie

      6:00 Look at the guy in the indigo shirt and the girl in the yellow shirt.

    38. Zee Ndidi

      I was blind but saw it all I had no hands but held it together I had no legs but ran this shit Me: i had no voice but was outspoken 🤣🤣🤣

    39. Critical Comrade

      So if he's deaf how tf did he understand human vowels and language when he could hear when he never heard them before

    40. Feroz Khan

      Is nobody going to talk about poor Billie eillish getting abused

    41. Damian Sroka

      why the hell do you need a clock if you cant hear

    42. LegoGeonosian Productions

      It’s sooooo fake, he wouldn’t just automatically know how words are said out loud

    43. Ames Gray

      Is nobody gonna talk about the sign language alphabet at 3:47?? I learned ASL and this is completely different from what I know

    44. Kara AX400

      How did he know what ppl were saying if dude was deaf? Plus the alarm clock...?

    45. Hyper Blossm

      The cross: Jay: "what is tht a senpai shrine?"

    46. Tiffany

      That is not sign language is it?

    47. Garcello

      N I C E F O R H E A D B I T C H (to the animation, not jay)

    48. Soe

      I didnt have a mouth but I can still talk shit

    49. Name

      13:23 THE FLASHBACKS

    50. kira mei

      The boy: Deaf His parents: blind

    51. sky


    52. Frosty Banana

      3021 I don’t have a digestive system but I can still eat

    53. Happy_wave 2021


    54. Little Ender

      Second guy: I cant recognise my friends or family Me: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiits prosopagnosia

    55. [a sad emo]

      I just realized this but, when Jay says his intro I automatically say “here we go” when he says it 👁👄👁

    56. Anakin

      The kid isn't a robot, he's Mr. Spock.

    57. pampa master

      ADBLOCK, JAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    58. FriedTroyBolton

      Kid from the first story: praying to a cross Jay: what is that a senpai shrine?

    59. rg poblo

      1 year later re-watching and thinking why did the death kid have a clock

    60. ᏰᏝᎯᏨᏦ

      1:09 that baby look like saitman✋🦲

    61. xIdiocy

      First dude: i was deaf for years but now i can hear Nah bro, you just had a ton of earwax

    62. Kokichi enjoyer

      Bestie idk if this is relevant but I’m cosplaying Nagy Wagy rn

    63. Stork Fur

      Y'all in the comments don't know the difference between hard of hearing and deaf. If you're completely unresponsive to all the treatments, you're deaf and hearing aids won't work. If you can hear *some things* you're hard of hearing, and hearing aids might be affective, but not guaranteed to be perfect.

    64. OwlJuice


    65. Huey Spectrum

      17:40 Isn’t this slander?

    66. neshapink17

      I'm surprised his parents were worried about him. I mean they were really absent before and he's doing fine without them. If they're gone it's not like anything would changed.

    67. Blue bird

      Jay, just so you know prosopagnosia is real...A great USfilmr by the name of Katzun has it and they talk about it in a video.

    68. Tony Aumiller

      good question jay, why does the faucet look like that, I realized what you meant and almost pissed myself of laughter. (i didn't piss myself)

    69. Jessica Soteco-Warren

      "covered my ears", then why are you covering your eyes?

    70. Rabbit LIfe

      Why his mom playin video games and askin people on dates???

    71. Monke Te

      And the dad he was so blind the dad wearing glasses 👀

    72. Monke Te

      Him: i am loving the alarm clock

    73. Edward Colen

      The “True” story: I was born deaf 0:43 Also the “True” story: Of course I knew how to talk 3:48 Me: HOW DID YOU KNOW HOW TO TALK IF YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD TALKING BEFORE?! 🤦‍♀️

    74. hey ;W;

      "I was blind but could see it all" "I had no hands but I held it together" "I had no feet but I ran this shi" quotes right there from Jay

    75. block

      3:47 has gotta be the most sacrilegious thing ever, because that’s not even the Alphabet in sign language

    76. timmy yimmy ya

      Him: you think I am blind or bad memory After 2 seconds him: I trip and fall and hit my head with somthing I dont remember

    77. timmy yimmy ya

      Part 2:my mom eated me and than I got birth again and now my life is happy

    78. Yari Kunn

      the second story's story telling is soo badd i was born a normal kid, Me and my friends were walking....

    79. BamLisa are siblings [Stan GotPink]

      In that logic I gave birth to my parents and I was only three months old

    80. Nagito Komaeda

      "I was deaf but I could still hear" "I don't have a mouth but I could still talk" "I don't have fingers but I can still type" "I'm single but I still made love"

    81. Chamomil3 T3a

      "I became disappointed in my friends" I don't know why but that sentence is hilarious.

    82. MeiZero☆

      These are just overdramatic people who think normal situations are worth making videos about

    83. Sharki-Kun LU

      He said he could "hear" the mean things they said about him

    84. Ziara Tiara

      How could he understand them if he never heard before

    85. Sisy Chelsea

      Congrats jay for hitting 4.04M subscribers :)

    86. JackaSonBoy !!

      Jay from the Kubz Scouts: yo I want to hear about your allergies I don’t care about this! Also Jay From The Kubz Scouts: so tell us about the doctors appointment.

    87. JackaSonBoy !!

      Me: **loves mom but realizes how messed up that would be** Him: I guess that’s ok. What the hell

    88. Weeb.exe.official

      What’s the next story ? I ate my Frige and then became a cyborg?

    89. emmxnorm

      y'all are violating in the comments 😭

    90. •Dra-w-Ty•

      Y'know if this guy can't remember his friends or even his own mom faces, then why don't you just took a picture of their face and cap it with their names? 👁👁

    91. Kainnen Smith

      Hey its ok bud my mom is afraid of me even though i didnt do anything

    92. 🐾Emma🐾

      Video title:Im deaf but I could hear everything Me:Im losing brain cells just listening to that Santa:So what do you want for Christmas buddy? Guy in first story:Love and appreciation from my parents

    93. cupcakes cow

      ME WAT

    94. Trevon Hall

      Doesn't deaf mean that you can't hear anything

    95. Taryn Lovig

      The second story sounds like the guy who narrates "Riddle Me This"

    96. Lemon Thee Stallion

      Jay: At least you don’t have to worry about him talking back “Deaf” guy: **starts signing back**

      1. Ames Gray

        nb gang

    97. Jacob Regacho

      The guy who loves his mom looks like the guy who eats himself

    98. 0926

      “i was heartbroken” his face: :) *yeah you sure look heartbroken*