Friday Night Funkin' But Not Even GOD Can Beat This Unholy Nun Mod (Best FNF Songs I've Heard)

Kubz Scouts

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    Friday Night Funkin Full Tricky Duet Mod \u0026 Sarvente's Mid-Night Masses Mod...both of these mods are so good it hurts my soul

    Tricky Duet mod:

    Sarvente's Mid-Fight Masses mod:

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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. •kat toons•

      8:30 really quick glimpse of Sarv’s eyes open lol

    2. •EmilyPlayZ•

      Not even i can beat madness in roblox "Literally FNF" in easy mode and Kubz Scouts is over beating it in hard mode

    3. Midnight gaming

      Tou should play the phase 3 tricky

    4. Sl33pCrxsh

      Try beating the selever mod and whitty mod again copy and paste this

    5. jocelin penate


    6. Just some Person

      13:35 so do I have to explain that looks like the Soviet Union symbol

    7. World

      “I didnt like that shit talk” 2 mins later sry ok sory

    8. Bojack

      My goal is to be this good at the game!

    9. Kotoko Utsugi

      "A kindergartner can beat this-" *"WHAT IS THIS-WHY DOES THIS STILL EXIST?!"* *WHAT THE FAAAAAAAAAAA-"*

    10. TH4T1G4M3R

      Kubz:*beats a clown overdoesed in cocaine that lives in nevada* Also kubz:*Cant beat a russian that lives in a church*

    11. Suga - R

      Join the Ruv fan base jay 😂😂😂😂

    12. Dowii Kelly

      You you should of finished it it’s a secret ending

    13. John Huftel

      Looking back at the video, he thinks the clown said "For Shits" when it was lines that said "Suffer" that quickly cut to "Insufficient".

    14. susana perez

      I’ve beat this song ZAVODILA in hard mode

    15. ᕙ☬The CoS Vaumora☬ᕗ

      How did no one see the poster on the left of the screen? RUV IS ON THE POSTER! Under Ruv's photo u can see the word "Beware!"

    16. Emil David Draghici

      Your playing on PC and it was hard to win agents ruv what chan I do on phone

    17. la'ny sierra

      you could do the bob mod if you think what you played is hard

    18. Hudson Hornet Gaming

      Checkout gametoons's new video. It's on this mod! I like the son's and the mom's voice

    19. cameron vigil

      wonder if he'll come back now that tricky phase 3 and bonus phase 4 is out.

    20. Hugh Bren Tiger

      It’s was game

    21. Hugh Bren Tiger

      Why ppl master the ga,e so fast I’m like on pico

    22. 민수 김

      hows ruv is good

    23. Caleb Warehan

      He is loud

    24. LilyAndRobbGodZ

      No one gonna talk about how 4:02-4:41 in Tricky’s 2nd song was so damn good?

    25. Kurger_Bing

      I just noticed Ruvs voice made the freaking pole holding the church up fall-

    26. sanjib das

      I play this game fmf mod I am a kid but I can play it but this he is playing I can see 😰😱😱😱

    27. •Meow•

      14:54 you know it's going to be bad when jay does that face

    28. doge royale

      Play phase 3.

    29. Velocity X

      "I've seen this guy" Who killed him then? What's his name then? What game is he from then?

    30. WhyamIhere?

      I like how before Tricky was about to go sikco mode, I got a ad about mustard on sandwiches....

    31. DJisCoolYT


    32. Tristan Slettemoen


    33. Tristan Slettemoen


    34. That Weird Guy That Likes To Draw Manga

      Been a while since I’ve visited your channel, glad to see still amazing as always :)

    35. Jay Hdz

      “ hey hey hey ok ok ok let’s get on our knees and pray let’s get on our knees huh let’s get on our knees ey I don’t know Japanese ey but konnichiwa to you hey uh huh uh huh uh huh this girl want none of this uh this girl want none of this yuh yuh” -Jay

    36. ゼリーVictim

      7:46 "wait you do not kill clown clown killsyou?"

    37. Aiysha Wyant

      18:08 he looks worried

    38. Aiysha Wyant


    39. Aiysha Wyant

      13:36 wowza fav so far

    40. Aiysha Wyant

      11:20 this one has good beat, they all do

    41. Ashley No

      Yu are funny 😂

    42. H0N3YB33

      Jay hates and loves Ruv

    43. Denia Cala

      He didn't notice the beware sign was ruv

    44. the gaming panda girl

      i play friday night funkin but i wish that i was like you your so cool

    45. I'm_Not_Hear

      Can you get the game on model

    46. Whitty

      I love how jay screams at the intro 🤣

    47. Crestita Abuda

      Man! Bf is a beatboxer his words

    48. V I B I N G C A T


    49. Thị Ánh Dương Nguyễn

      Mod 1: Tricky vs Bf Mod 2: Mid-Night Masses

    50. snivy

      Imagine losing on EZ 😅

    51. Millicent Soriano

      Alt title:him vs earape monster

    52. joob goob

      This dude didn't even say pause.

    53. Mr pico

      Jay the first time seeing ruv :D second time

      1. Mr pico

        Second time: ah sheet here we go again

    54. callie hehe

      my favorite song of the mid fight masses mod is the first one. it’s called “parish” and i think it’s adorable :)

    55. Cenia De La Paz

      Just to let you know you say to much bad words

      1. SeaOhAreAyEl

        he’s a grown adult, he can speak how he wants.

      2. SeaOhAreAyEl

        ok and ?

    56. Meep RUNS

      I think Clown face phase 3 came out

    57. Neal Andrew

      4:57 sure

    58. Paul P

      there was one more level

    59. Ree Yee

      13:08 wut

    60. Connor Mulvaney

      If u think this is hard go fight zardy

    61. Akira Tsukishima

      4:34 *car noises* / NYREEEEEE VROOOOOM

    62. Nidia Perez

      Ruv it's so psycho

    63. JustNoob

      "we were just looking for the bathroom" Me: totally explains why you got 3 huge speakers with you

    64. Jonah Kaupu

      Rub: I am going to end this mans life

    65. King Kayon

      Geez ruv like me when I get mad

    66. Shanice M

      Russian dude kinda hot1👁👅👁🍆😍😍😍

    67. Renata Nahia

      He didn’t get to play gospel tho-

    68. I'mtotallynotdumb♤♤♡°•°•°

      Jay: all da bad words Sarv : that was very unholy of you turns in to a demon ok you little s****

    69. Coal

      11:06 r u boyfriend now?

    70. Coal

      9:36 r u sexed

    71. Coal

      3:37 te frick wron wit u

    72. Angel_Dust_The_Prostitute

      Ruv: Stairs, Doubles, and on occasion: Tripples.

    73. Jedidiah Allen

      I Beat That on hard and i'm 12 almost 13

      1. Ruv

        Am i a joke to u XD

    74. Anthony Zamora

      Do you need to go back to tricky mod they made phase 3 and 4

    75. Karen Gonzalez

      Jay on roblox there is a game called funky Friday and it has your favorite mods especially zavodila

    76. this is a person i guess

      The intro was ✨immaculate✨

    77. ember 2.0

      We were all so innocent before Tabi lol.

    78. Mariana moreno

      Eye of hawk you did not that to matt

      1. Mariana moreno

        Say that to matt

    79. Renee Griffin

      Did you know that there's even a harder mode on that mod alt mode

    80. Maiah Williams

      On the black and gray guy just randomly mash buttons

    81. AdamtbrtYT

      Jay the tricky mod is released If u can beat it on hard mode, the boy scouts going to let you get to 5 mill

    82. Killzer - Blockman Go

      I used auto clicker to beat ruv but.. Nun became a unstoppable because i dint defeat him she was so stronger and faster..

    83. Ena Williams

      Did u have to mention God 😠

    84. Liliana Diaz

      You should try Tricky version 2 :))

    85. Galaxy_Gacha

      In sorry but his face 😆 14:44

    86. Naruto

      😎 👕 👖 👟👟 🍆 💦 OO

    87. Tyler Mitton

      Jay: Were going to clap both mods checks The second song Jay:(Look of surprise) HOLY FUUUU--

    88. james abbott


    89. Wendy Johnson

      0:15 Jay was feelin Ruv's song until he realized he had to reapeat the notes he sent🤣🤣

    90. AlphaDaGuy

      I cant get over his bf voice lmfao

    91. Leah Finnigan


    92. dilsaj dhaliwal

      jay:*ruv starts singing and makes suprised pikachu face*


      Didi you know Ruv's microphone isn't actually on, that's just how loud he is. He made the whole church shake. God bless your ears if the microphone was actually on.


        He is also 8'11 when his knees are bent, no one knows how tall he actually is but like he is definitely 2x taller then me.


      I saw my boy Ruv and immediately clicked on this video, I do love you though-

    95. Alana Coleman

      I've actually beaten Zavodila but not Gospel

    96. Jonathan Kang

      Imagine ruv shouting.

    97. xRoman'o10

      The literally first 2 seconds of the video : AHHHHHHHH

    98. A Ninja Cat

      thats communisum for ya


      France and Russia?! France and USSR?!