Friday Night Funkin' But Ruv & Sarv Have A Son & He's Already Getting On My Nerves (3 FNF Mods)

Kubz Scouts

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    In this episode of Friday Night funkin, we play the Mid-Night Masses Selever mod, I didn't even know Ruv was clappin cheeks like that. Then we have the salad fingers mod and lastly we have the Chara mod, leave a like for more dope episodes of Friday Night Funkin!
    Friday Night Funkin Selever Mod:
    Friday Night Funkin Salad Fingers mod:
    Friday Night Funkin Vs Chara mod:
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    Published on 16 days ago


    1. widmide olivier

      Why does he look like he's triwkin? 1:16

    2. X__Joker20__x

      When i was a kid salad fingers used to terrify me

    3. ChaLa QuiRab

      Selever: **being more overcharted than his parents combined** Jay: *Casually walking on Selever's face and ending up with 37 misses*

    4. Gabriel Atenta

      Men do you notice he is doing bad finger

    5. Andrei Dimitrov

      Has Jay played UnderTale or not?

    6. {fluffy Bunny}

      Ahem anyone notice that he is sticking he’s mid finger up on one of he’s notes?

      1. AmmarRizqi Syarifuddin

        Ye The Right Note

    7. RedWolfPlayzYT

      Is no one gonna talk about Jay’s face when he heard the salad finger song at 5:48? My man jay got a mouth that went to the underworld.

    8. Гyugii

      Even gf is scared

    9. *- potato_crew -*

      I thought you played undertale-

    10. jack Gamer123_1


    11. Jyello Salmorin

      F sans

    12. Dark Prince 2007

      Game: take a shot everytime selever flicks you off

    13. anti-trans

      I watch Salad Fingers when I was 6 good times those gave me years of nightmares but it's worth it because I can flex

    14. peach wheeze

      robert is best boi

    15. Pamela Dewitt

      Did you do neo friday night funkin mod if you didnt please do it

    16. Maria Larrosa

      Why would you lie about ur name?

    17. mukelwe mswane

      Wtf did chara do too sans

    18. Shatterd Code

      I legit just thought of a mod: say bf and gf broke up but bf decided to do it. Someone can edit driver’s license to Mach it. Batta bing batta boom mod and you would play as gf against a embodiment of BF

    19. Miguel Luna

      Chara from undertale

    20. Gabriela Marton

      I used to be OBSESSED with undertale and I called her kara NOT CHARA IM SO MAD ITS PRONOUNCED CHAR-RA

    21. Keen Wright

      O_O this guy is a god like on the boy with red hey has a knife he caught all the freaking notes

    22. •KOI VOID•

      Robert is kinda a cool name cuz it sounds like a robot so for Halloween "Jay" you could dress up as a robot !!

    23. Glitch Corporation

      Selever: calls Ruv a criminal Me: oh why am i not suprised

    24. Glitch Corporation

      The title: "ruv and sarv's son" Me: hold my Annilator gun

    25. Jocelyn Beacom

      It’s Clara from undertail

    26. Griffin Torres

      Does jay even know that there is a mod of himself of what? 🧍‍♀️

    27. Gabriel gaming


    28. Arianna Abreu-Pena

      Selever is the kind of person who loves winning but can get mad when he can’t tie his shoe

    29. Sienia Korgay

      Selever! >:/ u can't say that!, Jay can! ://////////

    30. Sarvente THE QUEEN DEMON

      Well i guess mah children selever.... wait. WHERE RASAZY

    31. Ashar Habib

      Bruh this part sounds like Magalovania 😂😂 9:25

    32. Lemony Nya

      ima say it. Selever watches Anime.

    33. Xman Dembo

      Please don't rob me lol

    34. Jordan Boone

      Sometimes I forget that not everyone had an Undertale phase😃

    35. OmNomStudios

      The disrespect on Chara doe 👀 also Im suprised that you didn’t notice this was Undertale

    36. GlassEmeraldX25

      Salad Fingers calls you little man Selever calls you Roachy and a bunch of cusses And Chara just wants your soul

    37. HakuryuHaruna

      Is it me or does the first mod's first song sound like that song in the restaurant in Star Wars.

    38. Morumottogēmā

      1:16 did you have to say that?

    39. Nejire Hado!!!


    40. m

      imagine him saying his full name by *ROBERT JAY PEREZ”*

    41. Mynamesnate

      Zelever sounds like a guitar not like stomping ...weird

    42. Anaysia Ford

      i watched 7 : salad fingers

    43. Anaysia Ford

      your good but coryxkenshin is the boss

    44. Morumottogēmā

      Don’t screw with Jay

    45. Galaxy AcademyGamer

      Has anyone noticed that The son is putting the middle finger up🖕🏾🤦🏾‍♂️

    46. Batgig

      WHAT are they doing 10:46 the girl with the 🔪 it's like a ⭐

    47. Void Reapers

      Jay does not know that the 3rd mod is *chara* HE IS NOT OG

    48. Its Elijah

      I like your video's........ Robert..... Edit: I did not even think to call him by his first name I didn't even know it.

    49. Tsukishima Kei

      Salad fingers is shittttttt

    50. mcy_tae

      PLSSS- i had forgotten jay's name is robert and then his name gets exposed like that. 💀💀✋🏾

    51. Fan Of Crish_X And LUNI

      Selever is know all/ everybody names lolll he said I AREESA CUZ I AREESA REEEE he call mint

    52. Tord HI FRIEND UnU


    53. NeffRious

      Oh wow, Selever pulled a Monika! *JUST MONIKA*

    54. THE DEVILS

      Noooo you keep quiet that is thays son

    55. THE DEVILS

      You keep quiet that thays son

    56. Lucky Xian Roxas

      Rasazy and selevers are siblings

    57. piixiehollows *

      when you now know notice jay dosent know undertale

    58. Eggzy


    59. Broccoli Dog

      People who love undertale and know the son megalo strike back prob got offended how jay said it

    60. Tasia Walker

      It's ranzzy her name is ranzzy

    61. Gwen Stark

      " I didn't know Ruv was clapping Sarv's cheeks like that" Dude I'm-

    62. Sesil Karaaslan

      İnteuduce selever Selever: Demon: demon sarv Earthquake :Ruv The bad jokes/name:both

    63. ••Hatsune Akko••

      How does it know your name it knew bijou mike name. I wanna get this mod see if it knows my name

    64. Ioan Alexe

      If u dont know Megalo strike back is Chara's song when u fight her.

    65. Zoya Hosseini

      the rusty ole ugly man when he sings his eyes move like whenever he goes right his eyeballs move right

    66. Booper Dooper

      Jay:"I'd prolly feel bad, knowing I'm a lil b*tch." Ey you got some projection from school girl shrieks in horror games? Jk

    67. Booper Dooper

      *Any time a character is named Robert or Jay* Jay:" YOU GONNA CALL ME OuT liKe thAt~"

    68. Explosia Kotatsu

      nice, last mod is underatale it looks so clean

    69. Lotoki

      Rusty Spoons

    70. Good Trust dat

      Dis boy Robert from kubz scouts got caught in 4k

    71. 10CROSSTOWN

      Did everybody notice the hand 1:34

      1. Batgig


      2. 10CROSSTOWN

        Just stop the at 1:34

      3. Batgig


    72. DANK ILIA


    73. Aaliah Kirsten Rodriguez

      I just realized Cassanova is a mix of Zavodila and Gospel (Not sure about Gospel but yea sure)

    74. Dream Rose

      no more vibing. BUT CAN'T HELP TO VIBE

    75. Troupe Master Grimm

      what is your full name robert jay kubz scouts

    76. li luo

      The last one is chara

    77. Sleepy Time



      Nah you gotta play on alt

    79. Hyp Sain

      Guys I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but selever is not canon in the mod it was just a joke from the creator of the sarv mod to make fun of the sarv x ruv ship

    80. FoxxyGolld

      well then robert

    81. Emmanuel Johnson

      That robber putt his midddel finger to you jake

    82. bianca ioana

      Fun fact:i dont think youre that blind but selever shows the middle finger

    83. Opossum Teeth

      9:47 Hes played Undertale but doesnt know this is an Undertale mod-

    84. Ashton Thysse

      The salad fingers mod like WTF the beat on the second verse is good but like holy shit the kid pointing the knife at the screen that was scary AF

    85. Travis Scott

      Robert! XD Really my guy, roberts are dudes who cut they grass with scissors xD

    86. Ink Sans

      I think chara litteraly handled boyfriend with that last scene

    87. HuMona

      hi robert

    88. angel kit

      plz not him calling chara kid with a knife

    89. Lana Morgan

      Okay, hear me out everyone. If anyone here know HxH, imagine Hisoka doing his theme and Illumi doing the Zoldyck family theme!!!!

    90. 张凯伦

      Hey her son use 🖕

    91. Sylfrae Aveniore

      Megalo strikes back Megalo...vania? Specially after 9:25

    92. Miles Bell

      This is way noobs at the game feel like after playing hard song

    93. chara

      Hi its me little kid with a knife

    94. Fire Starter

      "MEHGALOE" jay says 8:30

    95. Blaze Nova

      *Play Undertale*

    96. Ryeisha Yancy

      You bobing your head

    97. Ryeisha Yancy

      Aaaaaah what the f*** it that jay

    98. Aqua Baby

      Brooo who else notices the detail when he was playing the chara mod 🤧🤯 when chara held his hand up broo tell me why it took me so long before I realized its when frish/chara his the re try button so that we (the charater) never lost lmao 🤣

    99. :3 Clan

      Carla is for one or two

    100. KatGamer Putri

      Did anywone nothiced that he is giving jay the middle finger?