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    Lunch Lady is a horror game where you're actually breaking into school to steal answers for a test, but the lunch lady is there after hours cooking up something special
    Lunch Lady game link:
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    Published on 23 days ago


    1. ⬜️⬜️⬜️

      Jay: I don’t have any freinds The other USfilmrs:

    2. ⬜️⬜️⬜️

      I been watching u for 5 years and I Don’t think I will ever stop.

    3. Møøn Düst

      The 1st time he got caught there was a paper in the room he was in when the lunch lady came in...R.I.P. Jay 2021

    4. Rayquaza 978

      17:28 Every girl in the bed to the boy

    5. Clara Tamba-Marowa

      8:04 Jay sounded more terrified than anyone in the world when he saw the lunch lady’s panties.

    6. Yo local dumb girl

      Me: sees the title* Also me: I mean if u say so....

    7. Miss. Miko

      Love ya jay

    8. Tinkie Winkie

      You should get Kassie to play with you

    9. ✿ アニメポッキー✿

      Btw this babbuhahahhahhuhah sounds a warning that she’s near

    10. ✿ アニメポッキー✿

      5:22 I had headphones on when I felt that wobble sound I got so tickled that my stomach did the wobbly mobbly ooshy gushy sound with it. I’m not eating school lunch anymore..

    11. ・Cinxdyindie・

      That lunch lady is me when I see food-

    12. gayzuichi soda

      jay sounds like hatsune miku going threw puberty when he screams 😩

    13. Ente Miao

      Hey jay I think i hear that she says get out of here I warn you

    14. Exceptedsnow 930

      Jay can you pls do another video of this game but with gloom and cory

    15. Katelyn Tanguay

      Happy Birthday Jay!!! 🎂🎉🎈 Hope you have a great day! ❤ much love

    16. monkeyfarts delaronde

      Mason: now you know what its like in school 👽

    17. Feng Bujue

      i got final exam coming up in june…

    18. Unfortunately Verified-dumb-boi

      Why’s she so dehydrated she needs water.

    19. TremxntLxgnd

      He hasent changed one bit

    20. Devil Handsome

      13:21 me talking qbout anime girls like:

    21. Devil Handsome

      8:44 hallway key a... its hallway a key...

    22. Devil Handsome

      8:37 Keyyzzzzz

    23. Devil Handsome

      4:45 LMAO THE CHAT BOX- "help me"

    24. Amy

      Jay:" Keep in mind that this is a 4 players game but i dont have any friends so i have to play this shit all by myself " Saddest thing ever.

    25. Gabbi Murphy

      Ok but like are we sure that’s a lunch lady and not a lunch man with a dress

    26. Gabbi Murphy

      Ok it looked like she had a frying pan she gonna pull a whole Rapunzel man

    27. Claudia Canada

      Jay: I don't have any friends Cassie and Cory: am I a joke to you

    28. Kayosaurus


    29. UnderTheBIanket

      Noone: Chat: Kubz Scout: help me

    30. Zoom Punch

      You cheating on your test, she shitting on your chest

    31. Arham Animations

      When u know the title of this video is gonna be good "WHEN YOU ASK THE LUNCH LADY WHAT'S FOR LUNCH AND SHE SAYS "YOU" U know ur gonna crap ur pants with a big piece of shit comin through those undies

    32. SnapJaw Crafting

      Are we going to ignore the fact that THIS MAN HAS A BULDGE!?!? 0:29

    33. Cristina Paredes

      love when he plays horror games.

    34. Cathrine YT

      5:54 just made me laugh 😂 I think this lady has watched to much Jurassic Park

      1. Cathrine YT

        @R.A.M right

      2. R.A.M

        By sorting it by newest first

      3. R.A.M

        Hi I found your comment

    35. Pepsi Grgrgr

      Extreme baldis basics

    36. Zara Sutty

      The fact you did this 4 player game by yourself is amazingly

    37. Katie Doucet

      As a teacher I can confirm that leaving your answer pages scattered over the school protected by a crazy lunch lady is a common practice.

    38. Unpronounceable

      Jay: *posts a vid of a spoopy ass school USfilm: “it’s FNaF and that’s final.”

    39. Yashica Nayal

      I feel horrible I didn't wish Jay this time around. TvT TvT happy birfdae, Jay. even though I am late, I was out getting milk, if that explains why I am so late 🗿

    40. Bình An

      Nothing scarier than a lady carrying a frying pan 😂😂

    41. John Benedict D. Gozon

      I don't know why, but this game gives me White Day vibes.

    42. Caitlyn Arnfield

      Jay can u play this whith gloom Lauren and cory

    43. Nugget 1116

      The only thing I wish is that Jay played less horror games because I really hate horror but love Jay

    44. sign¡fed

      game: *evil lunch lady* youtube: *FNAF* Jay: * *scared* * also: happy late birthday!

    45. Taiyo Unknown


    46. Nurul 29

      Jay says he have no friends but he has fand.

    47. Baconhair Dude

      hey play tenatacle looker

    48. Agnes Landry

      Lunch Lady be after them cheeks like a velociraptor🤣 Happy belated Birthday 😎

    49. Trineisha Stutheit

      Nvm she is fudging fast

    50. Trineisha Stutheit

      Happy late bday jay

    51. Trineisha Stutheit

      How is she gonna get you if shes chubby and slow? not to be rude

    52. Daisy Rodriguez

      You should play this game with friends

    53. hinata's throw rug

      shes an edgelord 13:36

    54. MARK-23-PLAY

      Game: "you can't leave yet" Me: ahh even when schools over you still gotta stay 8 hours

    55. Sierra Oliver

      Happy birthday

    56. danialbinnordin

      Damn. That *"b*tch"* slap hits me deep 🤣

    57. that unstable kid


    58. TheKawaiiestGamerChan

      day 77 of asking jay to wear a turtle neck :3

    59. R3NN

      Jay I keep missing your videos when they come outttt ૮꒰ ˶> ༝

    60. Lilo Regacho


    61. Theresa Timoche

      Good Game

    62. Carter Wilson

      What's stopping the lunch lady from reporting you to the principal and causing u to fail 😐

    63. Gacha Chicken

      I started laughing so much when J said did she come from drastic park

    64. Jeffthekillerswhore

      You should play this with Corey gloom and jack

    65. Joseybot

      Jay please if you see this take a look at Tykubz channel they make really good edits of you I know you will love it!

    66. Adel Duhaim


    67. Just_ Lazy

      Game: Lunch Lady USfilm: “Five Nights at Freddy’s, take it or leave it.”

    68. L I L I


    69. Theresa Timoche

      Let. Me Go. Home

    70. Sailor.X

      And the game gave Jay a $1.00 Dorsey flashlight lol.

    71. ShunsuiGamingz

      It sets the game to Five nights at freddy's Amazing

    72. Loki

      why does the game have five nights at freddy's as the game

    73. •coxl.b1tch•

      Happy late birthday jay and nagito! 💕🌚

    74. Kaidence Porter

      kubz scouts him needin to fart him cuts it out just brrbrrbrr

    75. Kaidence Porter

      the way kubz scouts says he has a med but theres anotha med grab it dont stop keep vibin 3:18

    76. Kaidence Porter

      when the godaddy ad goes on me:bruh im not a daddy and im not a mom so shut the f**k up :^v

    77. •Ch3ryl Xhan•

      jay*saws the lunch lady Jay:There's a Big B*tch Lunch lady:👁️👄👁️

    78. Im Just Bored 569

      1:55 the face you make when you show your mom a meme and she turns it into a 4 hour lecture

    79. Ms Ok

      jay can you play genshin?

    80. Seiferboy Gaming

      You were featured on the React channel with the Teens React to the 5 Scariest Video Game Streams Ever! Didn't know if you knew that. As for the cafeteria lady, she has Edna from Bully vibes!

    81. emcchiaki

      0:53 Thats how life works... You can hear your steps when youre going around

    82. MinaiChan Capri

      ok USfilm, stop catergorize every scary horror games ass FNAF!

    83. Chastox

      yeah this five nights at freddys

    84. Lian Juniku

      I love laughing at Jays breakdowns in a scary scene

    85. ivy plays

      ah yes, five nights at freddys

    86. Aliza

      this game is so similar to baldis basics-

    87. Lattekunn

      This game is also multiplayer.

    88. Meme Lord Linh

      Happyyyyyy birthday Jay

    89. Lars Misuma

      4:46 Why did you chat "help me" XD

    90. thatretroguy

      Yikes jay being that dude with his screams

    91. Olivia Beeman

      JAY WE MUST KNOW! When life is strange 3 comes out will you be playing it and posting videos on USfilm of it?

    92. Windy

      Happy belated birthday Jay!

    93. Michelle Mae V. Dangazo

      Woahh I just realized that Jay's birthday had passed. Soooo Belated Happy Birthday Jayyyyy💖🎉🎂

    94. Rhiane Sarol

      “I don’t even have friends” Gloom after watching this video 🥲

    95. Mariah Shaw

      U should do more yandere simulator because i enjoy those vids the most

    96. Elysse Johnston

      "I don't have any friends" Cory, Lauren, Kassie, etc: 👁️👁️

    97. The Batman

      Jay: this is a 4 player game i don't have any friends. Me: well actually...

    98. Smol Mochi

      Jay is the Best dude out there we appreciate you!

    99. Ginnie Osment