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    Another Body has been discovered!! 50K LIKES and we're gonna figure out who it is at the next class trial lets get it
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Purple Is Life

      1:02:32 Don't mind me, just marking my favorite part.

    2. adelaidee

      When he finds out its a lie: *ok* When Kokichi actually dies: *REAL SHIT*

    3. Gremmy

      who sang when Jay said to sing to the dog song?

    4. Lola U


    5. merry

      sad he didn't talk to gonta or miu in angie's lab because they have some choice quotes

    6. Tessa Scherpenzeel

      Bro people need to chill like its a fictional character

    7. Tanner Ryan

      Yo Monokuma took a recola or somthin'! His voice sounding clean!

    8. Tanner Ryan

      🎵Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine ooooooooon yooooooooooouuu craaaazy dia~~~amond!🎶

    9. Tanner Ryan

      Jay was **this** close to that 2 for 1 deal.

    10. Mega Milkers

      Him calling “page” “cage”

    11. Jaleela Aihka

      JUST as jay announced being on tenkos team

    12. Death Wish

      @35:09 choir be like

    13. Persona is coming for my ass

      1:02:27 Jay reacting to Kokichi's "death" killed me.

    14. watchyagunnado

      OMG the noise that jay made- didn't know was possible 36:49

    15. Ava Walsh

      43:00 “now that that nUonce is out of the way”

    16. • Freezing Muffins •

      1:02:33 I just keep on laughing at this part no matter how many times I replay it. He got him good. 😂😂😂🤣

    17. I'm Kai

      I don't like Angie and Himiko too. I've already seen the ending, just reliving my DESPAIR👁️👄👁️ Edit: I don't like Angie, Himiko and Kokichi since the beginning but unlike the 2, I like kokichi now 😂

    18. Sam White

      I’m now depressed that it wasn’t the magic girl

      1. Sam White

        Also FBI OPEN UP

    19. Niah Booky

      Y’all needa chill•,, it’s just a character I didn’t even like her lmao she’s so annoying•,, but ppl have their opinions•,, that doesn’t mean because u like a character bash on someone who doesn’t like the character u like- it sounds so slow lmao•,,

    20. Dummy Owie


    21. SpookiBunnii

      People trying to cancel Jay for expressing opinions on fictional characters when they should be trying to cancel actual predators that use this platform and many others to take advantage of minors.

    22. nagito komaeda

      me clicking on this video even though i know everything thats gonna happen

    23. Kaiden Not Kayden

      Team tenko ✊😔

    24. Jaybird


    25. Destiny Ferrer

      so all of a sudden jay cant hate on a character? so what if he hats angie so do i what you gunna do about it?!

    26. xFallen Blossomx

      You have to admit, Kokichis fake body is a classic 😂 1:02:29

    27. plushy teddybear

      I think that the sniper is too noisy,it will make a loud noise

    28. plushy teddybear

      I really love you voicing korekiyo,its really amazing

    29. BUbBs

      I thought salt blocked demons and a seance well you get the rest

    30. SaLoNi

      wait- jay's allergic to dust we're allergy twins LMAO

    31. SaLoNi


    32. SaLoNi

      31:46 im sorry shuichi's face LMAO

    33. Phillippe Alvyn Dupitas

      Seriously though, Angie is the most annoying character in Danganronpa (in my opinion so you crybabies won't be mad), change my mind.

    34. Shirazuu• Shirogane-kun

      8:08 Nagito Komaeda***

      1. Shirazuu• Shirogane-kun

        Aka Nagiwaggi

    35. Mr.Gomez63

      I WAS APART OF TEAM TENKO!!! (I was waiting for his reaction to her scene tbh)

    36. Mr.Gomez63

      Also, gotta say I love his growth on his feelings toward Tenko❤❤

    37. Mr.Gomez63

      Loving how Kokichi is growing on him!

    38. banana rabbit

      -Spoilers for trial 4- "Kokichi is really growing on me." *Laughs in Chapter 4*

    39. DAndy RAndy

      Why does he sound so much like kiyo 😭

    40. HA Flattykawa

      just me or did the fact the floorboard was loose and had a crack in it just remind me of how "byakuya" died in danganronpa2 😀🤚

    41. Peighton Whitley

      Baka uso dayo!

    42. Pit bull Pups

      5: and 000

    43. Pit bull Pups


    44. Pit bull Pups


    45. Jayden Jdalmed

      Their was a piece missing when tenko Died so the killer killed her when she was in the cage

    46. Handread Cecks

      44:11 wtf haahahahahha

    47. Lolllolllollloolloll Laugh out loud

      Jay when he see’s kokichis body:WhAt?NOOO Kokichi:It’s a lie! Me:laughing my ass off

    48. jay

      nooooooooo tanko

    49. [Tånk- Wøman]


    50. YAWEN GAO

      this is a fake death but... Kokichi really dies

    51. black clover fan

      I just love kokichi. In my eyes he always tried to help them, even if everyone was against him...💜

      1. sei.lovenikki

        This is very true. He sacrificed himself the whole game to try and save them. The whole "cooperation without cooperation" thing he has going on..he wants them to cooperate but do it in a way that will make Monokuma think they're arguing instead. That way Monokuma won't interfere. Noted by Kokichi's words "whenever we try to cooperate..monokuma would come up with a way to make us suffer." That's why he did the motive video kidnapping.. Its cooperation but if monokuma thinks he is doing it for the wrong reasons.. Then he won't try to stop him. He's always been helping..even if it meant isolating himself entirely in the process. His mental health must have suffered greatly.

    52. Shuu

      Wait this is my first time seeing this, is the katana a dr1 reference?

    53. strawberryboymyg

      40:07 "2 executions then shittttt we got time!" LMAOO💀😭

    54. Someone I guess

      Please literally nobody is talking about jays reaction to kokichis "death"

      1. black clover fan

        Best scene of the whole video haha

    55. BonnieLbon


    56. Duke

      10:53 POV: You're Twogami

      1. Lps Skittles Kitty Cat


    57. Just a Simp

      Bruh Shuichi and Maki literally let Kokichi left bleeding

      1. black clover fan

        He's a little annoying but I just love Kokichi. In my eyes he always tried to help them, even if everyone was against him...

      2. Just a Simp

        @Uchiha Madara ikr like I know he’s annoying but still

      3. Uchiha Madara

        Thats just sad

    58. Cali potato

      35:03 “come on sing along! You all know the words” had me rolling he looks so creeped out 😭🤚🏽

    59. Heaven Bunny

      People need to chill. These are fictional characters. They aren’t real. I really like Ryoma for example and his death actually upset me. I had to take a break after watching his body be devoured by piranhas. But I didn’t get upset over Jay laughing at it. In fact I laughed at his reaction. Case in point, chill out. They aren’t real.

    60. enslaved braincells

      can yall angie fans chill please atleast she gets to be with Atua now

    61. CyanPlayz ROBLOX e.e

      42:54 Where I left off

    62. Sage Haupt


    63. Nezuko_Chan

      You all asked for him to come back to this game,and now you all are mad that he doesn’t like a literal FICTIONAL CHARACTER,I’m about so done with this fandom...

      1. Nezuko_Chan

        It’s sad that,Angie’s stans always have to ruin and kill the vibe just because jay doesn’t like her,everyone can have opinions people!

    64. ELINA Munoz

      " I Dont really know why its a really important clue but SCRATATAT!"-Jay

    65. XthEsleepY Imp

      Sometimes I forget Jay is even speaking when he's saying Korekiyo's lines Him and Monokuma, man's goes full on VA mode lmaoo

    66. Sharkie Jr

      44:14 clipped in 4K Ultra HD Dolby Vision 60fps 144hz curved full rgb display Windows 10

    67. spit the rat


    68. Annamieka Ulman van Deur

      guys stop! its not fair for you guys to be hating on jay like that! I dont mean to offend anyone but thats rude to jay he works hard to get yall this amazing videos so we shouldn't be hating on him for not liking a person in the game he plays!

    69. Heck man

      angie doesnt give a f about any of the killings and is always just insensitive and and shit, but when jay doesn't care abt her death yall lose ur minds?? anyways like the video or you're lame ;-;

    70. Yanna Dira

      I love how Jay legit sounds like the characters oml. I wouldnt be looking, and I'd hear Kiyo from Jay's voice and think its actually him talking

    71. werevin06

      Jay's Kiyo voice is so Good that sometimes i think some of his lines are voiced

    72. Madison Tarver

      why are people so sensitive these days. people are really pressed because he doesn't like a FICTIONAL character! come on😒

    73. DIY Sarai

      46:45 Do y'all hear 2 "true"s? That's how good Jay voices Korekiyo.

    74. Anaconda77

      MONOPHIE: I hope this doesn't awaken anything in me me: What?

    75. female tangerine

      Guys...Himiko is one of my fav characters from v3 but I’m not complaining about jay not liking her. It’s his option and honestly it makes be laugh. Y’all need to stop being toxic and accept not everyone has to have the same opinion as yours.

    76. m a i —


    77. Bubble Bee

      Damn double homicide LMAO IM SORRY

      1. stinky flower


    78. loverboy

      Smh Jay.Imagine not liking a useless,2-D,fictional character.😤

    79. dirtman


    80. Hiyoko Saionji

      Shouldve kept following the game rule and didnt get attached to characters😁 Also why are ppl attacking him for having opinions? Like chill

    81. Hiyoko Saionji

      The murderer really sent her to atua

    82. katslap ケイスラップ

      "Kokichi really is growing on me" .. well

    83. Mysteriiius

      i just tuned out the child song thing and replaced it with the halo theme.

    84. ت꧁KOᖇᗴKIYO ᔕᕼIᑎᘜᑌᒍI꧂ت

      It’s a shame that Angie died. But I must say. I agree with Jay. She really was quite annoying. It’s disappointing to see that his videos are getting less likes because he simply didn’t like a character in the game. People really can be a disappointment sometimes. But we just have to move on from it.

    85. Ghostly

      So. Why is Jay not allowed to dislike characters?? It’s a game with 16+ main characters, he’s bound to not like some of them lol. People who are giving him hate for not liking Angie are just childish

    86. YuiBestGirl

      Jay's voice for Korekiyo is so good not even lying

    87. Millet Kuzuryu

      its scary how perfectly jay can do Kory's voice

    88. Yuri

      49:18 isn’t that kinda like what teru teru did?

    89. Yuri

      38:03 oh now you like her 🙄

    90. Tiki - Naga's Voice

      2:02 I've seen so many comments about Jay's Kiyo voice being spot on... But this is actually perfect, like what the hell my dude? That's incredibly accurate-

    91. The Queengamer

      42:24: everyone who played character 3

    92. Mariah Glen

      shuichi: this lock must be an important clue! Jay: idk how this could be a important clue be surpapapppapppaapppapapap.

    93. Lovley James

      Maki : do you want to die Me to my friends : do you want to die? Me friends : O-O 😓😥

    94. sparkle stars

      damn double homicide

    95. Addy Mac

      Video spoiler? I was actually prepared to be so mad about Kokichi’s death. oh my god

    96. wolfie slushie;3

      omgddd koiichi why did u do thattttt i cant even breath

    97. M i z u k i

      jay: now that this nouance is out of the way

    98. wolfie slushie;3

      it could either be koiichi or te,Im your biggest fan still saving money for merchh

    99. trashy-boi

      1:02:33 jay was mad when kokichi said 'its a lie jay was bout to give up😂😂

    100. Ben Dover

      The Angie fans are just as annoying as her ffs

      1. Ben Dover

        They’re brainwashed about aUtA