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    Yo....what kind of ending was that for a trial?! Next episode coming right up
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    Published on 27 days ago


    1. choco berry

      does the game really foreshadows who's gonna kill and who's gonna get killed by showing which ultimate lab has been unlocked?

    2. jane the killer

      Korekiyo the kIiIler

    3. DireWolf

      I think the murders are far fetched but still makes a lot of sense and jay just keeps talking smack about ittt

    4. None of Your business


    5. Tanner Ryan

      Are Kiyo's "friends" people he's murdered? Edit: I guess it was obvious wasn't it?

    6. koolbrayden 21gaming

      I thought jays korekiyos voices i thaughr it was in the game

    7. wonderrxo シ

      28:00 just a timestamp keep scrolling

    8. Sour Candy Cosplay

      Next one plz

    9. Eevee Striker

      3 trials in and not a single V-shot

    10. Makoto Naegi


    11. LostAgain

      kudos to jay for going through the trial again just so we can watch, im new to the 3rd game so i really appreciate it

    12. Teh White person

      shin sus

    13. Naggy Waggy

      Miu: and why the hell is he wearing lipstick? Jay: why not? Me: I mean Korekiyo looks beautiful and yes Jay is right, it matches his eye color🙌❤️

    14. Irish and panicking

      Korekiyo's sister: *Sarts talking* Me: "Shut it. No one cares and no one will forgive you" If you know you know.

    15. Joonie_SFX

      i literally love jay so much and this is why because he cares for his fans so much and he did the whole thing over again just for them

    16. A Weeb Cat :3

      Thank you jay for redoing the hour you already did because I’m watching it for the first time from you. You really are That Dude!

    17. • Freezing Muffins •

      I lowkey really want to see Jay’s first reaction to this. his sincere first reaction. But I’ll just let that slide for this video I guess... unless he has a good reason to. 🙌

    18. DemonOfDarknessYT

      "The katana was way above the lock" well yes, but that was only because the rope had spun around, and when something gets twisted like that it end up going higher, like swing chains getting twisted around. when Kiyo let go of the rope, it would start unraveling and would end up further down.

    19. SaLoNi


    20. SaLoNi

      35:22 i kid you not 'what the f*ck' were the exact words that i said there

    21. SaLoNi

      honestly jay is the most thoughtful man ever for replaying the trial just for us

    22. Lliam Willard


    23. Ruby Gem

      32:29 just leaving where I left off

    24. Yoonmae Min

      Jay: just like the girl with the cones on her head... Me: Celeste??? Jay: from danganronpa 2 Me: 💧👁👄👁

      1. gyaru

        itz ibuki 😙

    25. plushy teddybear

      The handsome man!turn into a girl with a lipstick!

    26. NK - 12GW 678950 Clarkson SS

      never seen someone so chill about losing so much.

    27. Blake M. Neal

      Sweet home alabama

    28. Brown Kid

      Help me somebody I’m brown

    29. OLIVE PULA

      wait tbh you should play sally face-

    30. D1ppy

      Kiyo: My sister is my lover Me: Alabama?

    31. Ke'Lea Jada Z. Quinn

      Jay is a real one for redoing this just for those who want to see it. Don't know anyone else who would.

    32. danganronpa fan030

      Stepbro nooo stop stepbro

    33. Rory Isherwood

      I am disgusted, I am revolted, I've dedicated my entire life to our lord and saviour Jesus Christ and this is the thanks I get!?

    34. Maris

      I'm sad I wasn't able to see jays original reaction to kiyo taking the mask off.

    35. hana yuri

      Dude thank you so much 😊 i got spoiled so i already knew who it was too but thank you for spending all your time to make this AGAIN

    36. • Elsa Remington • エルサ


    37. Ollie Crew

      One edit Jay???? 🤔🤨

    38. Alvin Lam

      The reason that the effigy could hit the lock was when you twist a rope it becomes shorter and shorter so when you let the rope go it normal size

    39. Luka Couffaine Simp Cos

      Can we just appreciate that Jay finished the class trial AGAIN for us??

    40. David Fadairo

      1:12:26 gess I'm a sick freak den

    41. Kaitlin Lopez

      Uhh did no one else notice that jay said "the person who boiled in danganropa 2 with the cones. Umm teruteru was boiled and ibuki had cones . Jay say that again please.

    42. TheKawaiiestGamerChan

      day 75 of asking jay to wear a turtle neck :3

      1. TheKawaiiestGamerChan

        @Mj Mateo Caruana no

      2. Mj Mateo Caruana

        No it will be a choker

    43. riceycake.mp4

      Lol this isn't Jay's first time with recording errors and this game, but I really appreciate he still uploads and redo the recording for fans like me and others so we can experience the excitement.

    44. Yuri

      Isn’t the gold leaf katana from danganronpa 1 cause it’s the gold Katana that sayaka had?

      1. {daki- sama}


    45. Gigi Quartuccio

      i dont think jay realizes how much of a parent figure hes been for a lot of us. like, most of us would turn youtube to look up to other people instead of our parents. this man is the back bone of my childhood i swear-

    46. orchus loves hagu

      The worst class trial in the series is over phew!! The next one is really good though! Can’t wait for it

    47. Human Core

      This is really similar to mikans and Celeste's trial

    48. Alyssa's Dollworld

      Why did I laugh when himiko cried like it sounded so funny 💀

    49. NotCwaf

      Yo step sis onee chan

    50. Dave Marin

      Holy shit your kiyo voice acting is great

    51. Oma Chan

      bro you say that you love/like kokichi but you won't even use his bloody scene as evidence against korekiyo's statement 37:14

    52. Ushijima Wakatoshi

      I’d literally take a million bullets for the killer in chapter 3😭🤞

    53. P99Chan

      Still so entertaining even after the re-recording

    54. some rantaro kinnie

      Say it with me, three words.

    55. Makayla Wheatley

      Jay: I thought the thunk was the dog statue thing- Me: I thought it was corykenshinkiyo falling into the hole in the corner 👁👄👁

    56. LilIckyVicky

      What a shame, they were one of my favorite characters

    57. The Chicken Nugget Thief

      Kiyo wtf? Bro you needs to chill.

    58. Abigail Bisangwa

      1:09:55 wow even a deranged serial killer is bashing you for not liking Tenko, the one who tried with all her might to save you. smh

    59. 『 Mxlødii 』

      *the end of this trial is some Alabama ass shit-*

      1. - xiamara.

        @Anna I don't care if he's fictional, real people have been through the same thing.

      2. Anna

        @- xiamara. keyword: _fictional character_

      3. - xiamara.

        @Все вы можете поцеловать мою задницу Oh okay, so if you were manipulated by your sister into loving her, it'd be fine for me to find a video about you and comment 'sweet home alabama'?

      4. Все вы можете поцеловать мою задницу

        @- xiamara. dude yeah he has trauma but sweet home albama is a meme.Chill out yall care about fictional character more than real people

      5. 『 Mxlødii 』

        @- xiamara. plus it’s a FICTIONAL character 😩

    60. Nay

      we got it to 50k likes before he released the next video, pass the that dude title to us now please😂

    61. Opossum Teeth

      I love how Maki is NOT about to put up with anyones bullshit

    62. Just a Simp

      1:23:09 Omg- Gonta be lookin fine tho-

    63. Just a Simp

      Watching this while my parents fight😗✌️

    64. Lynnie

      Monodam my fav TvT

    65. SamQ 91

      I love you Jay but u kinda took forever

    66. Roshan Thapa

      Bro I was in tears when korekiyo was that blackened I love him way too much

    67. Kortney Curl

      Has Jay posted any reasoning for not uploading the next part yet? I know people were trying to “cancel” him over this series. Hopefully he doesn’t take any of that to heart. Most of the fans (true Kubz Scouts) are here for Jay’s reactions, not the series itself. If you don’t like his play-through then watch someone else’s, there’s no need to leave nasty comments. Hope you don’t let a few idiots ruin this series for you Jay, just know the rest of us love watching!

      1. Gwyn Marie

        Don't worry he'll still play the game. He is still maintaining his diet tho. He did update on twitter he'll probably release a video soon.

      2. kryslne

        yea on his twitter he said something like "i owe you guys a danganronpa video" so its probably coming soon

      3. Ronald McReepy

        don't worry, he's said he's still gonna play the game but y'know, he's busy w his fitness and stuff

    68. FBI-chan


    69. DannyDeathwish

      yo jay there's been a glitch with your last two videos, they got removed for some reason...idk if that's what actually happened, but they where up for a sec, and then they were gone. i cant find em on your channel page either

    70. A little Cursed

      Korekiyo has some issues. He talking to himself like he either has D.I.D or schizophrenia/mania(or just crazy in general). Like, bro, calm down.

      1. Opossum Teeth

        @spilt kool-aid The wiki says so

      2. spilt kool-aid

        he's probably got a tulpa

    71. Josephgames


      1. Lɪʟʏ_ _ʙts 4ever

        @Olivia Tamo lets just wait 😌

      2. Olivia Tamo

        It’s been almost 10 days tho 😞

      3. Lɪʟʏ_ _ʙts 4ever

        Be patient tho dont make jay rush 😌

      4. Mj Mateo Caruana

        But jay said at the end that it doesn't need to reach 50k likes for next episode

      5. Sophia M.

        Be patient smh

    72. XthEsleepY Imp

      This isnt related to the video But how old is Himiko? I've always figured she was like a prodigy since she's so short and childish, kind of like Hiyoko But I honestly just wanna make sure

      1. nagito

        drv3 characters are all 16-18 i think!

      2. gf

        They're all around the same age

    73. NiKo

      jay: mad ab shuichi still not getting over kaede's death also jay: still has nagito's spirit in him

      1. Cuteness Kenzie Sky

        Lmao 😂

    74. That weirdo

      May I say that Kaede looks like fuyohiko ( prob spelt wrong ) Fuyohikos sister 👁👄👁

      1. Peko Pekoyama

        @That weirdo that's because when he was a baby with peko she wasn't born yet . Fuyuhiko is Natsumi's older brother.

      2. That weirdo

        @SakuraSan See lol

      3. SakuraSan

        @That weirdo ohhhh I see where you’re getting at

      4. That weirdo

        @kryslne Oh I haven't seen the anime

      5. kryslne

        @That weirdo i mean fuyuhiko's sister is natsumi and shes shown in the danganronpa anime

    75. just marissa

      he said the videos will resume tomorrow guys, i think the next danganronpa will come out tomorrow:)

    76. Sanjin Rakulj

      1:15:06 imma be a gekky nerd but its actualy from danganronpa 1

    77. Penne Noodles

      Hey everyone! Jay just recovered from the second dose of the vaccine he received so he'll be back to making videos! Check out his comment on his latest video 💖

    78. lucija CRO

      Its been a week..😢

    79. Yummy Tea

      It's one week now :)

      1. Lol moment

        @TheDarkFalken oh

      2. TheDarkFalken

        Jay just had the vaccine and is gonna start making videos again tomorrow

    80. emily a.k

      where is the next danganronpa video?

    81. tashai walters

      Happy Birthday Jay!

    82. ꧁༒•ღᴍøɴꜱᴛᴇʟʟᴀ /LuNaRiXඞ•༒꧂

      Guys be patient. Jay is probably just busy or tired. Give him a break. >:T

    83. pinkeuzen

      happy birthday jay!! its also nagitos birthday :D

    84. Sakusa’s Sidepiece

      1:22:59 is a really nice image of Gonta 😳

    85. Leyah Gayles

      5.5k likes where’s the next video 👀

      1. TheDarkFalken

        He just got vaccinated and he will start making videos again or tomorrow

      2. Kxtoko

        @Chris Akane That only applied to the Japanese market

      3. KawaiiBlu3

        @Chris Akane it only applys to people in japan dont worry, watch danganmandy or someone and yes i know its his birthday im just a very impatient person lol

      4. Jamie Louis Nuñez

        He got vaccinated for COVID19, still recovering from the symptoms. Also just had his bday haha

      5. irfansnm

        Bruh yesterday was his birthday he's taking a break

    86. SamQ 91


    87. OK Lemons

      Imagine: You fall inlove with your sister, a little weird but I won't judge, she dies, thats sad, you kill almost 100 people so she can have friends, cute-ish, AND YOUR SISTER IS PART OF YOU

      1. Animaticon

        Ikr, I don't know if I should feel sad about him or extremely creeped out (maaaybe a little bit of both)

    88. lily villarreal

      happy birthday jay and nagito

    89. Tad Artz


    90. Angeline Wolves


    91. Hîmîkø Tøgâ

      Its Jay’s birthday! And Nagito’s birthday! 🥳🎉 Happy birthday to both of them ^-^

    92. A B


    93. Harrison Whitfield

      You said you’d get the next video uploaded as fast as possible and this next one has taken the longest 😭😭😭😭

      1. Harrison Whitfield

        @sei.lovenikki y’all act like I’m supposed to know when this man wakes up, showers, etc. 😂 idk when this mans bday is, or the fact he just got his covid shots and is feeling down 😂 Jeesh. Just be glad I’m addicted to his content.

      2. Lɪʟʏ_ _ʙts 4ever

        @irfansnm ikr i feel like jay needs to take some break 😌

      3. irfansnm

        Bruh yesterday was his birthday let him live life guys

      4. Carole Le

        "As fast as possible" is basically whenever possible. He's probably busy and hasnt gotten around it when possible. He never said "by tuesday" or "in 2 days" or anything specific. He didn't break any promises

      5. sei.lovenikki

        He has been vaccinated twice and has been tired and had a headache last few days and today is his birthday so he hasn't been filming and next part is daily life with a lot of reading. He probably wants to feel good and rested when filming it.

    94. ela ;


    95. dons


    96. daultimateweeb

      Happy birthday bestie

    97. gigi lol


    98. Ouma- -kun!ッ

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYYYY, and nagito!

    99. lex骨頭

      happy birthday

    100. TJ_ Sarina

      Happy birthday both Jay and Nagito 🥳