I Filmed Every Day Of The First Week Of My Weight Loss Journey (Week 1)

Kubz Scouts

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    Published on Month ago


    1. Kubz Scouts

      Who's starting their journey to get back in shape?? Let me know

      1. Bunni


      2. Aleah Allen

        I'm starting out soon with my gf. I don't like putting my weight out there but to help inspire those like me I will. Last time I weighed myself I was 420Ibs at my female height of 5'3". I've struggled with my weight for years and I'm hoping that me finally setting my mind to it and having my gf support will help me get better and happier. So, to those who are like me, let's work hard but safely and make ourselves who we aspire to be. If you want to lose 10Ibs, do it. If you want to lose 100Ibs, do it. Don't let those thoughts get to you. You can do this. You are strong. You are brave. You are amazing. So keep your chin up and do your best! I love you guys!😘❤

      3. Potato_boy_drawz

        Me! You've inspired me to get back in shape again! Thank u jay :D

      4. YRG Mxrk


      5. Vanishing Target

        It’s best to dribble with the hand you do better the most to get used to so you only have to focus on the other hand also to help wit the layups you focus on the hand that sit well if you miss all your far shots

    2. Allison Pip


    3. Arron M Warr

      THAT DUDE : I 'm a bit rusty ME : Just in case nobody gonna clip this, then I am 28:30 But for real, good luck on your journey, but just know we will always be tuned in and here cheering for you ( lowkey here just to see him break someone's ankles and say " I'm THAT DUDE ", lol )

    4. Aliana Gonzalez

      I’ve been trying to lose weight and after this video tbh it made me cry Bc now I’m so motivated Bc I’d be working out with my favorite creatur

    5. UrLocalBigMan

      damn jay you're ass buff dude not even my grandma is that buff 😭

    6. Sarai Oseguera silva

      26:42 "instead of eating candy...EaT AsS" LMAO

    7. ellixchoco

      'Clay.' 💚💙 😭😭🤚 Wait but what if the guy clay was dream-

      1. Luzy Dominique

        i like dream but you dont need to make everything abt him.

    8. I watch anime

      Can I get a sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh for that shot

    9. ɢᴏᴏғʏ ɢᴏᴏʙᴇʀᴢᴢ

      Wow he really encourages me to do better. I love you Jay

    10. vy

      i love u for the "STOP ASIAN HATE" hoodie.

      1. vy

        @Luzy Dominique i don’t understand what that has to do with what i said LMAOOO

      2. Luzy Dominique

        hes asian

    11. Corinne _Kat

      I like how I'm eating pop tarts while watching this

    12. M4DSkaloony

      Imagine he loses weight but then gains it back in muscle and just looks lean Af

    13. hummus

      ive been watching Jay for like 6 years now and this journey is so great :)) i was once shy and anxious and his vids comforted me and now this series has rlly motivated me to step out of my comfort zone and get stronger, im even on a sports team now and won a few competitions :DD ,

      1. Moe The Moon

        Wow congrats! Proud of you 👍

    14. Kaytlen Helms

      I love this.

    15. Evan Larocque

      ayo someone hit up 2hype

    16. Jordana Mcfarland

      I’m doing this thing where you take or add something in your life. Like take out chips then on the other month I add drink 8 cups of water.

    17. Riley Lynch

      Jay, we're all behind you on this! Even though you might never see this, you got this and can continue getting better! I'm also trying to get better with you at the same time, so I wish you best of luck and will continue with you!

    18. Adel Duhaim

      the Spectacular Awesome Legend , That Dude from The Cube Scouts !! LET'S GOOO edit: the Video was Very Awesome btw 👑💕

    19. Skylar main

      "I look like a penguin 🐧running to the ball" ........ Mom says I look like a duck soooo welcome to the team😂

    20. Flex- Faded

      i just noticed its the same place faze rug and flight were playing at

    21. iamagay pineapple

      "instead of drinking soda, drink water" *me choking on my coke* "instead of eating chips, eat an apple" *stares at an open bag of chips* "instead of eating candy, eat ass" *me shamefully closing the lid of my candy jar*

      1. HappiAnimator

        OOP😂 noo

    22. MrPapiChulo

      Uhh..guys Who's holding the camera at 20:19

    23. Gabriel Vaughn


    24. Yay Ok

      Jay wtf I know I’m kinda late but boy am I fired to start working hard. Thank you this is what I needed. You always came in clutch

    25. • { Fr00ty P3bbl3z } •

      I love the grind, Jay. I love these videos. I love how you don't give up and don't make excuses. I love how patient and positive you are. You critique yourself, but follow it up with a positive comment. Keep it up, Jay!

    26. Buttercantfly

      Been watching Jay for 6 years now and have had a crush on Jay for 6 years

    27. Tim Osborn

      16:47 I-

    28. Emrys Stilinski

      No cap, this was motivational and helped me go to the gym today

    29. Yani Alvarez

      How do you do it

    30. Jimmm

      Jay: "I'm always late" Well jay, it's called "Filipino time" wherein filipinos usually appear at an event 1-3 hours ahead of the scheduled time

    31. Jimmm

      Damn those shooting skills I can't -

    32. The Frodster

      Ay good for you bro

    33. KayDrawz

      "yes, I'm naked under the rope." ....... me: god please fovgive me...

    34. Francisco Balderas

      Ur so good at shooting keep it up

    35. Ace's Cases

      “Was that some crazy “I’m gonna make it” shot?” -a kid who was on my bball team

    36. Em

      kinda living for this content, ngl!

    37. Leyna Streuly

      Fr he is like the best basketball player I have ever seen!!! How great! Keep up with all of your confidence!!

    38. Ashley

      When Jay started moaning while stretching 😳

    39. I. I.

      My guy has a room just for a scale 😭😭😭 cries In broke

    40. AloisTrancy _official


    41. Jordan Gomez

      I know you got this jay don’t give up I’m routing for you !!

    42. Karim Ali

      Hey jay, i started working out too i was the same weight as you at the start of February and i weighted myself a few days ago i was 187 and I'm aiming to lose 10 more pounds in the next month But anyway let's see who can keep it going longer Don't let my 3 months head start scare you Jk , love you man all the way from egypt

    43. aloh • ᴗ •

      whoa, it's so strange to see this kind of videos from you. keep them up, please!

    44. Karleigh Mace

      when i tell you this man is SO FINE

    45. Kanely Ambersons

      U can do it Jay!!!!

    46. Clair Tang

      Jay: I’m done with yandere simulator Also Jay: oOoohHhhh f*ck me Senpai

    47. ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

      Definitely the man bro that dude relatable 💯💯💀💀💀😭😭😭👌👌👌

    48. TrashiiGam3r

      At the start, when he said the person hes playing with is " Clay " I saw their hair and I'm convinced that's Dream

    49. YOUR LOVER


    50. Jeev

      Istg his laugh is my drug🖤🖤🖤 Edit: Love these type of videos also🖤🖤🖤

    51. Aurimas Malakauskas

      Nice yo

    52. pride club

      " Oh F*** mE " jay 2021

    53. ツ[Aki.Chan]ツ

      This video is as long as a Cory sss video- that’s how YOU KNOW it’s a long video 😀

    54. ammy

      "work hard and live a great life" 24:12 jay, youre truly amazing. i hope you'll get the awaited results at the end of this journey of yours. it's really interesting to watch the process and thanks for sharing it with us! i wish you the best of luck!

    55. Cameron None of your business

      You got this jay

    56. Worku C

      Jay vs flight In June?

    57. Beep Boop beep

      Me in 18:00-!8:28: I feel like I'm watching in a wrong app my g. Ps. just started the series, doing great bro!

    58. Arianna Martinez

      You're doing great keep it up 👍

    59. Hjbvnmmbj Jjkkk

      Dont say the lords name in vain

    60. Azura_Kat _

      Jay: "My guy clay-" Me: Oh you just summoned an entire fandom there jay

    61. Mr. Bronze

      23:40 he is listening to drake's mixtape. Look on the right. fire

    62. jen


    63. StrrwbrryJamJam

      "Instead of eating candy, Eat ass." wow lol

    64. Marie Jackson

      I had an eyelash in my eye so I closed my eyes to rub it out and ahh I hear is Jay moaning about chips and cereal at 18:10 😭😂

    65. clouds of dreams by Stephanie

      You got thisssss

    66. 0range_b0y_ nara_

      @ jay moaning in our ears while stretching

    67. ur mom

      the merch looked amazing!! u shld release it

    68. Michelle Enderink

      18:04 My mom is watching me💀

    69. Andrés Beltran

      JayDaShoota got this dawg😤 he’s going for an undefeated streak🤝

    70. Random Idiot Online

      Jay: **talking about how much better he feels after starting his workout journey** Me: **sitting on my ass in sweats under 2 blankets after doing literally nothing all day while eating a family size bag of chips alone** interesting

    71. Komedi Moment

      one thing though, make sure you’re actually enjoying this thing you started, ill be rootin for you doe

    72. Komedi Moment

      hahahahaha my man fr out for blood

    73. Mero A.I

      Jay im with yo on that weight loss goal i myself just got back on track with my own weight loss goal im tryna get fit to get back into muy tai and boxing keep it up jay your doing real good man

    74. MaulGoCrazy

      we're proud of you Jay!!

    75. Mara Neal

      I've been watching your channel for about 4 and a half years now, and seeing you so excited and motivated makes me feel so happy. I'm starting on a new workout plan and diet next week; these videos are so inspiring. Your that dude!

    76. Ashley Nieves

      Why are people just realizing Jay is fine asf, I’ve been married to this man for years now😫❤️

    77. Bigmac sosa11

      i actually like these type of vidoes

    78. Emily Nichols

      Me: You can do it Jay. Make it, I beleive in you. Jay: Hey, if you guys are wondering what shoes I'm wareing

    79. Rose Yoshikawa

      Jays dump truck in those sweats 😩😩 (edit) uh I just realized he asked for no comments on his dumpy, I apologize

    80. Turtle Neck

      26:32 😳

    81. komik_r4nd0m

      15:51 totally me everytime I ache during workout

    82. danielle !!

      my favorite part of this comment section is all the jay simps coming together.

    83. falling stars

      28:29 THAT WAS EPIC

    84. Ginsing Chamomile

      17:13 Jay: Can you see the 500? Also Jay: *taps screen aggressively* You can't? Why not?

    85. Armaan Uddin

      Jay got that Curry jumper no cap😭😭

    86. Marah Tanael

      We support you ✨luv u jay 💜

    87. Suchir Jakka

      yeahhh!!!! that dude is coming.........wait

    88. Dead zone12

      You got this my dude!!,!

    89. Sarah Marcial

      As a female basketball player for 7 years, I truly admire you jay. I’ve been insecure about my weight for a long time even though I play 4 and 5! This is truly an amazing inspiration for me!

    90. VocaloidI ZumeK

      Aww nakey Jay ☺☺

    91. Giovany Ospina

      this is mad inspiring jay just keep pushin i believe in you cant wait to see how u look.

    92. ashlynasashe

      i rewatched this no reason but i just realized his stop asian hate shirt!

    93. Alex The Comet


    94. Scottsgerald Mazzitti

      Awesome job dude

    95. Mugiwara

      Watchin y'all playing 21 makes me miss playing ball

    96. pp

      we are all very proud of you jay! i’m excited to see your progress don’t give up🙌❤️

    97. Mitali Todi

      does jay ever sleep

    98. Ava Zoz

      You go dude! You got it!!!

    99. Ronnie Jackson

      That move at 28:30 and that spin was CLEAN

    100. Minda Sanchez

      Late to this video but man im really trying to graduate lol. Anywho little by little Jay, you got this. My PE teacher is really lile a role model to me. She always made sure we were doing everything correctly and honestly the way she teached her workouts were so similar to ones in the military camps lol like i aint lying. But even though i felt like giving up because it was just too much for me, her words always lingered in my mind. So to give you some advice ill tell you what she always told her students that always lingered in my mind. "Its not how you start, its how you finish". So finish strong Jay 💪 im in this journey with you 😊