Yandere Simulator But If It Glitches While I Eliminate Osana, I'm Never Playing This Again

Kubz Scouts

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    We can get rid of Raiburu in a new way, which means Osana is vulnerable, but is it really that easy?!
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Tyler Hutton

      Yooooo hollow mode is sick since I absolutely love hollow knight

    2. Carter Kennedy

      BRUH. hollow mode is a reference to the game HOLLOW NIGHT.

    3. bryan garcia


    4. bryan garcia


    5. Massive Radiance Charger

      "Hollow Mode" ah yes, the vessel's long lost yandere cousin

    6. Janio Lee

      meh got one 1. kidnap kokona 2. bring her to school will she kill herself or no?

    7. UwU Chan

      But this was the series that brought me here 🥺😭

    8. Ayano Aishi

      I can confirm this challenge has been very annoying for me to complete. Don't tell MY Senpai that though...

    9. Joey Blair

      3:26 lmao

    10. Ouyang Ouyang

      I know the cover has a girl eating takis

    11. That One Gurl


    12. Da chat

      is this a family friendly channel?

    13. Miss Cookie Cat

      *If it glitches when im killing osana im never gonna play this game again* Yandere dev: **sweating** Me: **praying he’s not gonna screw this s**t up**

    14. j hestwood

      How do u download yandre simulator?

    15. Diamond


    16. Konate Awa

      That thumbnail though edit: be looking cool 😎 👌 👀

    17. xxDryLeaves

      0:51 Slashy slashy

    18. CallMehYano Gaming

      if u stop nobody will carry the game.

    19. dina Muenchen

      Rabaru got som plasic dang

    20. Kayleigh George

      Bro I feel like the video about this glitch is unforgivable was just published a day ago 😩

    21. that unstable kid

      omfg when he said ''opening up the fridge to see if theres anything good to eat'' i relate

    22. Anime Her

      I think that Easter egg was Hollow night I think it’s a game

    23. VanillaCreamRoses

      Yandere Dev is a mess

    24. Akบmส•シloserシ


    25. Ayano Aishi

      I miss the robot girl before the leaders came

    26. Y/N - KUN •

      The fact that jay befriended everyone in the school (not the teachers and the students

    27. feroj ahmed

      Kubz please play osana simulator

    28. Barbara Royal

      Where’s my yandre simulator👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻👴🏻

    29. Marilou Franco


    30. [ Polaroid ]

      Let’s be honest Kubz Scouts is THAT DUDE

    31. Lynn

      Hollow mode is a reference to hollow knight. A really good 2D platformer.

    32. Cassidy afton


    33. natia xeloishvili

      Jay:i hate violense Ribaru:me to Ribaru again:BEATS THE SHIT OUTTA YAN CHAN

    34. Nysrene Goodman

      post plz

    35. jakeyplaysgames

      Chances of jay seein this are very slim. Like as slim as a single strand of hair. Anywayz. There’s been a few minor updates in yandere sim(that I’ve noticed) since this that yandere dev didn’t put in the log(i never saw anything on it so maybe he did. Idk) anyway the two updates are; 1) when in your room at night. Ayano has a new look. I don’t wanna spoil it😌 2) the home-ec room has changed a bit, there’s more stuff 3) the science lab is different. There’s desks and lots of science shit 4) (idk if this has been in then game since osana was put in or if it’s new) but when you are trying to matchmake osana and her suitor. If you give her gifts from the shop she’ll wear them the second you give them to her ~ That’s all I’ve noticed so far. But anyway. I don’t expect Jay to see this. I’m not getting my hopes up👍

    36. Cat Joy

      5:34 she’s just chilling while Raiburu and you talk lol

    37. izabella sandoval

      Jay: "awe man i forgot to sabatoge the fountain...alright time to clap sum checks *ribaru drinks from diffrent fountain"

    38. FrostyNonTied

      Jay I got a challenge for you I know you dont do myths now but Are you up to it? If it's a yes well here are the steps 1. Pour water or oil or blood on a male student 2. Go to the roof top and fill a bucket with water 3. Do the glitch where you can get inside the male's locker room 4. Will the male student get naked/wear a towel or just change? If you cant do this in the newest build I suggest you go to the older build which is July 25th

    39. Yay Yay

      I don’t know if you guys knew this or not. If you put lethal poison to raibaru’s bento on Monday , then laugh to make osana see raibaru’s body ,then while osana is crying, use garbage bag to conceal the body, osana will go and tell senpai that we killed raibaru(make sure that you put emetic poison to senpai’s bento so that he will be in his classroom)

    40. hinata ltoh figet trading

      I like the name call jay

    41. Constantine Costello

      Hey jay do you know that person that sits with kokana that's not that other person it's obviously her dad

    42. Savannah Moua

      ??????? They will have a good time for you

    43. Daniel Carrenard

      After 3 years I found out what the mask that changes faces is from it is from popeee the performer

    44. ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅ ᴄᴏɴɴɪᴇ

      Jay i got a kinda cool myth can u try it please? 1.Summon empty/spider devil's power 2.Kill a girl student with the powers 3.Go to next day 4.Found the student u killed (they will look like the spider devil) 5.Kidnap them They will look difrent in basement and u can let them kill someone but u need to took knife in front of them or the game will frozen

    45. Rose_ Dawn

      Me looking at the thumbnail and seeing Rybru as a Latina

    46. BreadWithButter

      When he doesn’t know what Hollow knight is... 😞

    47. YEET yeet

      It didnt glich did it?

    48. Shrenel Studio

      3:26 **WHEEZE**

    49. Da MrBean

      I'm calling it people are just gonna stop playing it on youtube and yandere dev will lose supoort and lose motivation and cancel the game

    50. SpiceBoy73

      Yandere mith. Can a mindslave kill another mindslave?

    51. Lan Nguyen

      Are we not going to talk about thumbnail

    52. yqndere-chqn


    53. xXDanay GachaXx

      Hi, could you try doing this Turn into Ebola mode and kills somebody in a group of 5, will they be able to tackle you?

    54. bAcK oFf hE's MiNe

      omggg 😍

    55. br0dy w


    56. ava

      if u still are doing the myth series, i have a myth/question.. if u drag osana into the pool with a weight when shes sunbathing, if the sports club goes swimming, will they find the corpse?

    57. Noah Santiago

      I killed Osana so fast I just join the gardening club poison the wrong bento 🍱 (I was trying to poison senpai) and when she was vomiting I just drowned her and it was done

      1. Noah Santiago

        Then I tried to dispose of her during class but they caught me

    58. Nobody

      Finally Jay stopped playing. I can finally go back to watching his content. I misses his videos but i just couldn't so long as he kept supporting this game.

      1. Hajime’s Bitch

        It’s fine to support the game as long as you don’t support the creator, the game is free as of now so playing it doesn’t help or support the creator at all

    59. Bannetex

      I found a glitch: 1. Kill someone outside the faculty room (with a blunt weapon) 2. Giggle so one of the teachers discovers the corpse and calls the police 3. Conceal the corpse in a trash bag when the teacher is standing next to it 4. She will accuse you of trying to cover up a crime 5. Quickly run to the guidance counselor 6. When you leave, the teacher will forget and walk away normally 7. Wait for the police and it will say that one student accuses Ayano of murder in the animation, but it’s a teacher instead

    60. Ben Dover

      What happens if you join the delinquents and blame them for your actions in the principles office

    61. Florilyn Fernandez

      when it said dump that means dump the body. sorry-

    62. Yuki-chan ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      ليش احسك تقول طبعا طبعا؟ 🐸

    63. 《《《Confused Bacon Hair》》》

      0:34 Bro... Jay are you okay..?

    64. Natalia Chachava

      Oh well rip

    65. Pom Pom

      13:14 🤣🤣🤣

    66. Ali

      Hey! I have a myth for yandere simulator what will happen? 1. Go and get gloves from the drama club. 2. Go to the cooking club and take a knife after a student has used one. 3. Kill a random student. Will the person from the cooking club get arrested for having their fingerprints on the knife?

    67. Alixandra Cavileer

      Lets be honest here....he ain't gonna stop playing this game. It litterally calls for him to play it. And once a new update arrives he'll be back again ending another lifu with a knifu

    68. Alexandre Mendes

      How do i download the game if in the game link there is just a bunch of pictures

    69. AdxrablyBunny

      Jay I have a myth!: Can you distract a mindslave?

    70. *.•Mx Felony•.*

      Kids in 2057 watching this: Ugh old people games had such bad graphics 🙄

    71. Dumb tree

      Hit k in the debug menu then hit h in the menu still. You know wgat happens

    72. Aliyah Cookie

      Jay if a weapon is not bloody you cannot get rid of it and it will not get you to jail

    73. FarmerBetsy

      If you want myths for the game, go into debug menu, click f7, get your weapon, go infront of senpai, go into snap mode, you cant kill him with your weapon? and snap mode is different, instead of white static its red, with the words "....Senpai...." in white on it. Oh and also, as you kill people, your reputation goes up :)

    74. kayla jones

      Very late and off topic but Jay, here's a myth, If you have somebody follow you and watch you smash somebody with dumbells, will they react?

    75. shoto todoroki

      Jay:let's take care of his n**** Jay:uhh not in that way Me:I no what he means Me:lol Jay:this is gross Me:haha Jay:I hate this Me:why u say that then

    76. AngelXGirl97

      0:38 That my friend is a reference to the game Hollow Knight, a challenging 2D action-adventure where you can explore twisting caverns, battle tainted creatures and escape intricate traps, all to solve an ancient long-hidden mystery.

    77. anne

      Please. Do more yandere videos, I miss it :(

    78. Zachary Silva

      Can you be in Bad Time Mode and snap and have the same powers?

    79. Yolo Yolo

      Kubz scouts saying never playing this game again Everyone Surprised pikachu face:O

    80. Leeya Mazur

      Jay! Can you frame osana or amai for her own murder? But you have to follow these conditions 1. No one can see you insane, bloody, or with a weapon 2. You have to kill the rival on the first day of their week 3. You have to make it in 3 tries! It's ok if you can't do it but that means you're no longer that dude 😜🤫😉 (I believe in you)

    81. Someone

      Can you play game High school 2018 on phone ??

    82. Indigo Blossoms

      Why is this the last Yandere Simulator video he's made? 😳🤨

    83. Zi Ying Ou

      Yandere Simulator Myth: 1. Go to Ebola mode 2. Get someone (or 4) to tackle/apprehend you 3. Stand there Will you kill them?

    84. kusuosaiki

      Hollow knight

    85. bears Jillian

      Myth:Can u do fly mode and check what she is doing

    86. Mary Gzel Gozum

      0:44 that's a reference to hollow knight idk what that is either

    87. TY B.

      How do you download this game and what can you get it on and where

      1. I honestly don’t have a YouTube name

        go to the yandere simulator website and theres a download link

    88. ᴇᴠᴇᴏғᴄ


    89. Ethan Yang

      I have a question if you kill a student can you take a pantie shot and I send it to info chan?

    90. PipPlays

      that secret is the knight from hollow knight ya dunce.

    91. mina asido

      its hallow knight

    92. Sp1ral_

      If Osana and Senpai meet under the cherry tree on Friday, can you use snap mode when the screen says heartbroken?

    93. Pikachu Hammer

      I have a glitch 1:use tornado mode 2:get senpai near you 3:use your power 4:he will give you a game over 5:use snap and he should run away 6:wait till it teleports you to him after he leaves You will get a creepy glitch also if you drop a weapon and have a teacher get it then you snap while she is holding it if you are in a Easter egg you can kill her and pick her body up in snap and it will float

    94. Chiharu Animations Official

      Hey Jay, I got a challenge for ya I mean If you're still going to play the game 1. Go to the Amai Odayaka challenge 2. Increase the Student's awareness as high as possible ( get insane, bloody, lower the school atmosphere, etc ) 3. Try to eliminate Amai without getting noticed by any student, without just grab something and attack her ( use a more complicated way ) If you got noticed, the challenge fails. The challenge involves disposing the corpse I don't have Yandere Simulator but I think it's gotta be hard

    95. 피닉스

      "One-eyed freaks man...they always have the worst attitude and the worst eyesight" lMFAOOOOOO NOOO

    96. Princessismya Kingdom

      “Amazing cap 🧢 “

    97. LoonaMoona uwu

      i’m starting to think he wasn’t joking

    98. Get raped Noob