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    Published on 26 days ago


    1. ok

      *I'm so tired, i need a coffee..*

    2. Min Jun

      Is this a mirror- I mean a fire I mean glass- Jay 2021

    3. Mariam Soumah

      Free random games and the1st game takes up half the episode 😂😂😂

    4. Ash Remuz


    5. Alice Ritter

      Literally nothing happening Jay: I don't like whats happening!

    6. Alice Ritter

      Jay: Is that a mirror? Jay: I mean a fire? Jay: I mean a gLaSs?

    7. Emilia Tinglöf

      Ok so I was knitting watching this video and when she chased you I was so stressed and let me tell you, I was knitting faster then I have ever knitted

    8. Shiki Yuuki

      12:47 I replayed this about 10 times😅

    9. Bre_plays 101

      5:15 Me tip-toeing back to my room after sneaking snacks from the kitchen

    10. Emo Saiki

      19:58 Jay don’t remind me bro, gonna make me act up more than those pillows made you act up 🥴

    11. baby jiminnn101

      3:58 YO that scared me ....

    12. kiana.

      The dedication and patience Jay has to play a game more than once like I'd just give up lmao

    13. Inês

      me: *watching this during online class* *power goes out on the game* my teacher's computer shows a add: *BARADADADA*

    14. Araina G

      I love when you play scary games! It's my favorite! You freakin out makes me laugh so much 🤣 Thank you for the billion laughs!!!

    15. mr me1313

      Paper will always be at my side

    16. 【razberi subliminals】

      "its a mirror?? i mean a fire??? i mean a glass???" great English jay, great English

    17. Delta Gacha

      The 91 dislikes are the people that there jealous of jay cuz he is brave

    18. ☆ little nightmares queen ☆

      Jay you're going to give me a heart attack you're killing my McNuggets right now dude

    19. Lizzy K

      What's the track in the short intro called? // YO GO JAY

    20. Sxllitqnz

      *Plant falls over* *[*insert unrecognisable noises*]*

    21. ᑭᒪᴏK

      𝗜 𝘄𝗮𝘀 𝗵𝗼𝗹𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗮𝗻 𝗲𝘆𝗲𝗹𝗮𝘀𝗵 𝗰𝘂𝗿𝗹𝗲𝗿.

    22. dream

      jay:i not scared him litirly screaming

    23. Skyler Indica

      You getting scared scared me and I fricking through my phone in the air, dam tree lol, the noise made my heart do a flop too

    24. Hypernova823

      Jay got scared from ":D"

    25. Strawberry Satan

      not Jay calling a fern a tree lmfao

    26. just a dangaronpa lover

      The game's don't make me scared, Jay's screaming make's me scared for some reason-

    27. Hana 4care

      Does he realize that wen he pressed restart in the first it says full restart and was a yes or no so there was a checkpoint

    28. kawaipink fox

      reject version of baldi XD

    29. David Gilbreth

      play the roblox mimic

    30. SmallMight_Izuwu Deku

      "If ur gonna sleep right, sleep tight! Yₑₑₑₑₐₕ, yₒᵤ fₑₑₗ ₘₑ? " - Kubz Scouts 2021


      Jay:GIMMIE SOME. chair:**falls** Jay:wOAAAH-

    32. Dark Heart

      is it just me or did Jay just sound like the crazy scientist from BO1 zombies kino der Toten? 4:05

    33. RoseParkCloud

      Jay: “bro I don’t even trust anyone dude” Me:you don’t trust your fans :,) *light breaks* Jay:oh fOcK Me: 🥲 *Edited* I been knowing jay for 5 or 6 years 👩🏾‍🦯

    34. Clark Prodigyy

      musical chairs😭😭😭

    35. Periwinkles

      I have class rn but you do be making me skip it thank you

    36. Ceara’s World

      Jay: ayo ayoooo Me: my best friends rich checkkk Tik tok has ruined me 😭

    37. Smiley

      I like how in the first game he gets more scared by a missing door than an actual jumpscare.

    38. Rachel Benchluch

      yea I dont think I am going to be an office worker

    39. Ahny Chan

      If me an Jay had a screaming contest he would win 🤣

    40. Sally Face

      Jay : i ain't scared. Tree: *falls* jay: AHH

    41. Nathan Munson

      Is it me or is the 3 game tilted

    42. ༻blueberry 세브༺

      Jay:3rd time's the charm *many have proven to this theory to be true :)*

      1. ༻blueberry 세브༺

        Me seeing everyone's comment and seeing that mine is lame and doesn't even makes sense, like bruh-

    43. TheKawaiiestGamerChan

      day 76 of asking jay to wear a turtle neck :3

    44. Lazy Days

      18:32 Jay acting like Jay from big Mouth cause of the way he was lookin at them pillows 😭😭.

    45. Unicorn Lover

      Yo *Jay* needs more *subscribers* his content is so *amazing*

    46. Nicole Streate

      LDJJSJ is that mimi-?

    47. Sleepymuffins .p

      Me finding out his name is robert: where DOES THE JAY COME IN.....I've been lied too

    48. dora the explorer

      Jay : it’s is dark asf Me sitting in my room at 12pm with all my goddamn lights off and the blinds closed and is hiding under a blanket : Uh- yea 😺

    49. random man lol

      coffee that i cant even use the right doors for.... e

    50. • Bella •

      Jay: time to make some coffee ☕ Forgets About coffee ☕ Jay: walks away Coffee: HOW DARE U LEAVE ME

    51. Cracker Jesus

      Man i stopped watching your USfilm videos because i wasn't getting recommended anymore but im glad i found your channel again thanks for all the good content

    52. Dani

      The text on the screen made him jump😭😭

    53. Amparo Steck Zepeda

      3:00 jay:AWHAHFJEFI me:AW NO WE MESSING WITH THE o2 RIGHT NOW 4:39 jay:OHWAWOAHAOWAH me:OH WHAT THE- 5:15 (lighs turn off) me: OWIIGESGMI DID YOU SAW THAT?! jay: oop what just happened jay's face being= HuH? 10:40 me: OAUFEIGMAOIEOGOFWEGKA HELPPPPP jay: HEY CHILL DUDE end of game: shows a woman's face

    54. Teruteruspink periodblood

      Jay:I won’t get scared Chef Ramsey: hola big summer blow out

    55. Best01 Gaming

      You should do a collab with Markiplier

    56. Phykic Draws

      HIS CAMERA SHOOK also yes this is fnaf, youtube goodjob

    57. Anxiety go brr.

      Jay really hit thoose high notes

    58. Mary Anne Haniel Cabrera

      Jay’s last words: “Bi*ch she’s dragging her foot!”

    59. Ethan Najera

      That last game was like a rip off baldy game lol

    60. Aleena B

      I got scared from a tree.. a tree and i dropped my snack, i now cry.

    61. Surya Peereboom

      Jay really be drawing the map, ever heard of ✨making a picture✨ 💕

    62. Zayda Gray

      Jay would be the smartest guy in a horror movie he ain't gonna investigate because he learned his lesson when he be playing these games😂

    63. xra8n

      12:54 me when my mom finds my report card

    64. Avakaboo

      I imagine jay as an anime girl voice actor 😂😂😂

    65. Luther Venter

      3:01 LOOK AT HIS FACE😭🤣

    66. Luther Venter

      I ain't scared not even a second later AHUUUAH

    67. Speedfox

      Well I enjoy this series,because i am working on a game just for him to play it. This will be a pleasure

    68. boog wilson

      jay:*can someone get me a happy meal?* me:*wheezes can sombody get this man his happy meal?!!

    69. TheVibechecker

      Jay see something down the hall after the lights off Jay: Ight time to get the hell back

    70. NickMortuus

      Dope Gameplay

    71. john clement dela cruz


    72. NintendoXlimited

      (when you fail at spelling: THIS LOUD games) not trying to nit pick \(^ w ^)/

    73. SleepDeprivedChickenNugget

      i hit those high notes too jay and its because my puppy walks around the house at night and he scares me

    74. Lucifer

      Aqq H 72♤♤°¤■0

    75. Alec _beans

      He really said jayjayjayjayjayjay 😂

    76. nora

      glass: *exist* jay: A MIRROR? A FIRE??

    77. NayNayKillua Piggy

      hey jay! I just wanted to say I enjoy our videos, your super funny, and if I’m having a bad day I’ll watch your danganronpa videos or horror game videos

    78. Galaxy Eyes

      Jay says he's too old for this but he's only 30 years old

    79. Galaxy Eyes

      3:57 Jay gets scared so much that he jump a bit by the door being gone

    80. Lee

      Pillow + pillow = fleshl- gets demonetized

    81. yaawnies

      0:47 "It's a mirror?" "I mean a fire" "i mean a, uh, glass?"

    82. Izzy Forever

      I have a fan page for you

    83. Basement Dweller


    84. Slycooper14

      I just wanna take a sec and say thank you jay for always making us smile with your japanese school girl screams! ♥️

    85. Staronus J

      On an unrelated note to the video. Can someone tell me why my notifications sent working I never get notified when Jay makes a new video? I have my notifications on so I know that isn't the problem(when I say this I mean the bell).

    86. lilsaturn vvs

      Jay have you ever been in a office

    87. High Guardian

      No joke, that last game has a lot of potential with those creepy looking visuals. The creator nailed that part on their first go

    88. Hailey Dell

      I never released how much you can sound like a gangster when your scared 😂🤣

    89. Mark Frahm (Student)

      jay 2020:gets scared by creepy noises jay 2021:get scared by text in a game

    90. xCailly

      Jay in his intro: ''If your cool with that and down with that'' Subtitles: ''guys cool daddy dealt with that'' 👁️👄👁️

      1. Peony the Pinecone

        The subtitles aren’t wrong... Jay often refers to himself as daddy

    91. ChloChlo wolf

      Jay: I trust no one Me: that hurt.. 😕

    92. Dan Holland

      Back at it again with the Senior Woofers haircut lol

    93. Anime4Life

      When I watch Jay all my sadness flies away leaving me with happiness. Keep up the good work 👏

    94. h.xosxhi

      watching this alone, with a *goddamn* headphone on, and the lights are off. now give me my humanity back cause i feel like sh!t for doing that 🙂

    95. Galactic Steve

      Dude got scared by a door missing

    96. ShadowBladerGod21

      Jay:” I’m not about that life I’m not about your wife.” Me:🤣🤣😂😂 what does that even mean

    97. Isabella Zhou

      Jay: WHO IS THAT? Me: is that baldi’s dad-

    98. Madi K


    99. Gacha Queen123

      Jay: *sees chef* Also jay: *screams* *puts shirt over head* now I’m embarrassed Me:laughs so hard I can’t breath 🤣

    100. Jennifer Nguyen

      mine craft videos please

      1. ssunnaiiシ

        he doesn't play that.. and probably never will