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    The convenience store 夜勤事件 is a scary japanese game that looks like it was inspired by Night shift, so I definitely can't trust anyone that walks through the store...

    The Convenience store game link:

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    Published on Year ago


    1. Kiara Rosa

      please the "toungue me bbyy" got me 😭😂

    2. Rusty Edwards

      its ok. scratch em jay.

    3. ( Aoi-kun )

      Jay: " sOmEbOdy'S bEhInDe tHe ThInG 😫 " Why cant i stop laughing-

    4. Nkaujzoo Koo

      "ah kiss me!"-jay him: *Leaves* My a$$: *Dies if laughter*

    5. Baddest Bish

      "HIYAAAAA" The poor guys voice sounded like nugget from kindergarten! 😂

    6. him

      **hides in the comment section cutely**

      1. him


    7. HOON ZHI YEE Moe

      Jay: **asking himself how to poo poo and pee pee** Jay: “Excuse me, Mr squirrel. How do I poo poo? How do I pee pee?” Squirrel: “...” Jay: **open the kitchen door** Oh..right there.

    8. Abby Stabby

      I need to actually start playing these games- they look surprisingly fun

    9. cottonmouth.

      Jay, The number 4 translates to '四' which sounds like 'Shi.' It sounds like the Japanese word for death which is '死' It also sounds like 'Shi.'

    10. Kristenis Rea

      I love the way he says”somebody’s behind the thing”

    11. Ana Ana

      Wait so the manager is behind the building where the tapes would be filmed and his ass happens to be there with a bunch of tapes around 💀it’s clear it was the manager head ass

    12. Lilipop Sisters

      On the screen in the shed there was a 4 because in japan the number 4 is bad luck In japan there is a a game called the elevator game You go in an elevator and go to the 4th floor a woman is supposed get on with you and you dont have to speak or look at her or she will kill you

    13. sand


    14. Prof : Haidari Mumtaz

      4 means baaaaad luck

    15. Devansh Raval

      24:18 that gave me a heart attack

    16. han

      Jay : *"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME OLD LADY !!"* Also Jay : *approaches the old lady*

    17. Lorie piza

      So no ones gotta talk about the first guy??

    18. marinette editor

      25:18 SoMe BoDy Is BeHiNd ThE tHiNg

    19. ◖Nyakuya Togami◗


    20. Kathy_Aus Chan

      On 31:04 he was super speechless

    21. itsfunnehfan


    22. Emilia Tinglöf

      Jay: what is that noice Ad: *happy music and sunshine*

    23. Samantha Martinez

      I don’t know about you but I love when he trash talks

    24. Elliot’s GachaStudio

      Jay: "excuse me Mr. squirrel where do I poo poo and where do I pee pee?" Me: "Jay that's a chinchilla-"

    25. Jess Roe

      15:50 Micky: o h

    26. Crowned Zxcian

      Ok why would work a night shift alone at a convenience store

    27. Tip Tip

      We said that at the same time we didn't know that

    28. the crazy gamer

      If the manager was in there.......... Who...... Was..... Giving...... Notes...... To..... U...... Signed...... Manager. 😣😖😣😖😣😖😣😖😣😖😣😖😣😖😣😖😖

    29. itz cookie chan

      It looks like 3am

    30. sl3epy - k1tty

      I came down here to say that, that stuff animal on the table isn’t a squirrel it’s a chinchilla For the people who don’t know :)

    31. Kailey

      Am I the only one who got an ad for only fans.....I'm basically a child

      1. nylium

        Wait when lmao 💀

    32. pathetic

      Karen took "can I speak to the manager" to a whole new level

    33. pathetic

      It's a chinchilla not squirrel

    34. sargent oil

      i think that squirrel plushie aint a squirrel

    35. Mary Gzel Gozum

      Me:* pauses the video. My tab after 3 seconds: *unpauses video. Me: *imma die tonight*

    36. hi what up-

      Jay: *"berry so harry"* everyone: what the heck-

    37. Ruby Roblox

      Imagine saying ¨Oyhaiyo Senpai!¨ O//>//O

    38. Ruby Roblox

      Anyone sensing some Fnaf vibez here? Jay - ¨Ay yo bish wanna see some real speed?¨

    39. Kodimaru

      Anyone else hiding in the comments?

    40. Iah Perez

      scary on japanese on stream scary that home is scary the convenience store

    41. Rowdy Wilhite

      I’m going full screen boys wish me luck

    42. dryshark

      So the convenience store was the old woman's Daughter house.

    43. Taiyo Unknown

      A urban legend is called Hamida and his name is hamada Close name? [ they could be trying to make people scared ]

    44. Kalzang

      Co-worker kun is nasty for that jumpscare

    45. song lover

      That is the most fanciest convenience store I have ever seen so far

    46. le_ 42

      I like how jay sacres himself

    47. Kaitlyn Fallowfield

      19:56 i came in like a wrecking ball😂

    48. Althea Elyza L. Gaudiano

      Follow him

    49. I Stole Saihara-chan’s Hat

      the protagonist's voice is so good! I want it now 0.0 iu2-hed897eg2f873gte

    50. Rocío

      Respect Co-worker Kun 😂

    51. Tubbo Supremacy

      The fact that he didn't notice a person walking in the back while the old granny is walking to the door opening at first but then when the granny left he did 😅🤣

    52. no fame

      You were cooking something

    53. no fame

      Hers ugly

    54. no fame

      That was funn

    55. no fame


    56. Y30ubi _


    57. •Zzzz Zzzz•

      What's wrong with me? I find it more entertaining watching this at night alone with no one to scream for help when I see something creepy 😃 (Which I am doing right now)

    58. Elena Kawaii Nay Nay

      He said : ho dis is so thite like mine but hole

    59. Lins Linz

      The girl who gave him the protection charm is sus 😃👍 After she gave him the charm that thing pops up, is it really a protection charm?

    60. xqᴜɪᴋɴ

      At 37:56 the tall figure, I feel like is Hachishakusama the 8ft tall lady I don't know much about her, but from what I heard she makes the deep bum noise thing which was playing earlier when the tvs turned off

    61. Charangco Chan

      You're funny and i love your video

    62. Miku-kun

      Y’know these days If something’s anime it’s twisted or scary or cute or all of them combined.

    63. boku

      You’re the only one who can make a scary game funny 💀

    64. AirWind

      /e free robux

    65. Elisabeth Buhmedi


    66. Jazkisten

      arigato mean's thank you

    67. senpai papi chulo

      Jays face after he gets jump scared:😯😯😯😯😯

    68. Rlmcraft

      I love how he calls it a squirrel when it’s a chinchilla

    69. Madi K


    70. Madi K


    71. Jilenod

      Jay, did you just go to the freezer to put up the chips?

    72. Sreykafgfg Tom

      nice cardom

    73. JerryTheGayFoxFairy

      Yknow, i clicked on this video and forgot that Jay makes some long ass videos and was confused for a hot minute

    74. ツDeath-Tokumei-Fritzツ

      16:57 I can't-

    75. Cute Bunny

      I had a laugh attack at 24:17 LMAOOOO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    76. Poké

      . I have rewatched this 10000 times but it never gets boring

    77. Part-Time Gamer

      You threw away the food that you could have given the vagrant.

    78. VØĮD ŁĮFĘ

      18:27 Old lady looking for Ken-Kun.

    79. Maemay Easen

      Jay:ay hand sanitiser don't wanna be catching a cold The next month:AY HAND SANITISER ID PAY U £1048592075720 FOR DAT SHEET

    80. serene joehasny

      stap screaming

    81. mxlibu


    82. ranodm

      Why do colored bags in japanese games look so good

    83. Komaru Naegi

      Jay: Why would I be listening to you? Idk why wouldn't you trust somebody with a squirrel plush on their table?🤨

    84. Runa :p

      At 32:52 it says 4 and I think that in Japan 4 it's sometimes pronounced "shi" which is the word "death"

    85. DogYT

      Jay: This is Scary. Me: This is such an amazing game nothing will happen it just looks like a horror game so you can think something bad will happen. End of game: Jumpscare* Me: ok I’m done ✅😅 ANOTHER TIME IN THE VIDEO* Jay: HIAAAAAA!! Also Jay: HEY NOO DONT LEAVE ME IM GONNA DIEEEE Me: 😂🤣 This is why I watch your videos.

    86. Wow Hi

      24:16 We finally noticed.. *Jay's inner chihuahua*

    87. Cringeworthy Cringe


      1. Cringeworthy Cringe


      2. Cringeworthy Cringe


      3. Cringeworthy Cringe


    88. Dyg Kim

      jay looks cute

      1. Saji Shafeer

        Umm hes married and has a baby so-

    89. Pam Cairns


    90. Pam Cairns


    91. Inspired Enough

      Old Lady: walks out of bathroom Jay: UHHHH WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE

    92. Aiden Animatic


    93. Adrian Villegas

      i love when she says "whos that? wHoS ThaT!!!

    94. Valkyrie Chionee

      Screaming* Jay:runs to bathroom...*more screaming*Jay: why did I come in here me:.......To LIVE

    95. Nikky

      The fact my profile pic is a disturbing image is perfect for me to be here

    96. Daphne Zamenio

      Hmmm what will you guys be if you're all grown up 🤔🤔🤔 my friend said to own a convenience store or be a cashier's 😅😅😅 can and Jay love your videos 😁✌️ and have a nice day

    97. Bella Paquette

      the fact that hes calling a chinchilla a squirrel hurts me

    98. Weeb fan page


    99. Mattie Stringer

      Game: “Slept well.” Jay: “Didn’t ask.” Why did this make me laugh so much? XD