Scariest Game I've Played In A LONG Time

Kubz Scouts

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    This is the scariest game of 2021 stop playing with me
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Kay Loser

      At 7:01 I was drinking the broth of my ramen and I almost threw it everywhere. Thank god I had two hands on it.

    2. Spo0kieZiro

      8:47 really made me laugh 😭

    3. Juggalo Gamer

      this has to be the best, funniest, and scariest video from jay


      Block me, I have to lmfao. "Egg shaped likea- " NAHHH GET THAT OUTTA HERE

    5. Sakera Lane

      it is

    6. teapot.coverx

      Is no one gonna talk about have he said “shoutout kokichi my guy” 💃✨✌️ Here: 6:46

    7. flairy floss


    8. Typically Sleepy

      8:50 Me eating egg rn: 👁️👄👁️

    9. Ima simp

      My egg is shaped like a head 😌😌

    10. jazz

      10:50 ignore this comment

    11. Nyaichinisan nyaarigato

      You should play iblis it’s literally cursed.

    12. smileyTrash bag

      Oh no my egg is shaped like a head

    13. Boba

      i think the storyline is that the main character got killed by his grandfather and this is what the main character sees after death

    14. Boba

      When he said the egg thing i stubbed my toe so hard i cried a little.

    15. illy

      16:18 looka dat looka dat looka dat looka dat looka dat MY MANS RAPPING RIGHT THERE BRUH

    16. Qistina Qaireen

      dude jay I was so scary then you make a joke and then I still scar but your still funny.

    17. rama Soboh

      *jumpscare comes up* me:*switches to Peppa pig tab*

    18. kpop hub

      my egg is shaped like a egg

    19. in_jail_out_soon

      >:3 it’s not my fault my egg is shaped like a head

    20. Khloe Loving

      Who went straight to comments...? 👇🏻

    21. Ysaes Audios

      11:39 *I'm sweating harder than a hoe in church*

    22. Tanaka Asthetic

      The game: *Five Nights at Freddy's* 2014 *BROWSE GAME*

    23. An Nguyễn

      Did I just see a "Cao sao vàng" in the draw? :))) 7:40

    24. danger life


    25. Strawberry Satan

      My eyes feel weird after 6:59 HOW COME NO ONE IS TALKING AB HOW HIS SON'S HIS BACKGROUND LIKE THAT'S ADORABLE I'm laughing at how he was TERRIFIED of the doll and now he's like "kid what do we do"

    26. FabulousGoat109

      Me: **Scared of the dark** Also me: **Watching people play horror games without even flinching**

    27. Lamar Damerji

      Why does it say "five nights at freddy" in the desc.. 🏃‍♀️💨

    28. Digitus Medius

      Jay: "How do I how do I look at that book that I just did"

    29. nut master

      lmao egg shaped like a head XD

    30. Jely Mar

      eyy babygirl got the normal face-Thats not babygirl thats GRANDMA, thats grandma..

    31. ı۷ყƈɧ

      "I hate games like this sometimes when you're looking for something but you don't know exactly what you're- WAAAAAAAAAAAA" felt that.


      3:18 NO, THIS IS RUSSIA

    33. pinkink list

      My egg is shaped like a head" -Jay from the Kubz Scouts 2021


      bro i feel so bad for u that looks scarey as hell

    35. Crezella

      My egg shaped like a head - Jay 2021

    36. Abby

      It's not my fault my egg's shaped like a head. 2 secs later do ovens supposed to sound like that?


      first rlly jumpscare he be like WOOOOOAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    38. • ᴄᴏᴛᴛᴏɴ ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅᴢ•


    39. Kokichi’s middle finger

      8:46 I’m saving this for later.

    40. Kokichi’s middle finger

      Everyone gangsta until you find out that you need to hide from something.

    41. Philisa Mitchell

      jay:my egg is shape like a head me:hahaha that's why they call people egg heads!

    42. Katia Republic

      e g g

    43. Glitch ßø

      Well I call my grandma " mima"

    44. teamgaming 99

      this game reminds me of horror movies you would see in the scene.

    45. woo

      7:14 lmao my guy looks like walmart Michael Myers

    46. Terra Mayers

      it’s jays breakdown for me-

    47. Mikasa Ackerman

      no one: description: **Five Nights at Freddy's-**

    48. Paola-Marina Mendez-Mendoza

      my egg is shaped like a head

    49. Random Hut

      you said your egg is shaped like a head lol

    50. Lexi Howells

      Jay: What DoeS F MEAAAAAAn Me: F is for me to press to get out of full screen

    51. Devil Handsome

      11:23 HEYOowdndjd

    52. Devil Handsome

      8:48 its not my fault my eggs shaped like a head.

    53. Devil Handsome

      8:27 AOHHH MY GAWD

    54. Devil Handsome

      6:58 best jumpscare ever

    55. Yahanna Campos

      Im on 9:36 and i already want to quit this video, so scary dudeee

    56. Bohema

      Приятно видеть такой хороший инди-хоррор от соотечественника.

    57. Nishinoya YÅ«

      i still haven’t finished this it’s been weeks

    58. chuchu wolfie

      Screen: Shift to 🏃🏻‍♀️ Jay: *laughs* The demon in my closet: *laughs*

    59. Zechariah Pace

      instead of saying oh my god he said aw mey gawwwd!

    60. Zechariah Pace

      4:58 that's what i saw in my closet at night

    61. マックス69

      why the hell was i watching this at night

    62. Gay Retard

      why does it have fnaf in the descriprion lmfao

    63. Daryl lee

      My mannnn🤣🤣🤣🤣 he’s too funny

    64. Celestial Tsu

      “ egg shaped like a head” That doll jump scare really got him tongue tied 😭😂

    65. MARK-23-PLAY

      14:23-14:26 why did it sound like he vented?

    66. Åsh Ťrash

      12:28 *cutely eats grandpas leftovers*



    68. Georgina Stoppiello

      lol Jay said my head is shape like my head

    69. Mochi Mochi

      I wish it said 69th lmao

    70. Linda Schmid

      3:25 Nobody: Jay: How am I gonna eat that? How am I gonna eat a yellow **hæugæh**

    71. SFS Ai

      Jay: *playing "from the darkness"* USfilm: ah yes. Five nights at Freddy's.

    72. Javi

      My egg is head

    73. Kurt Reeves

      jay gets scared and the screen goes nuts e

    74. Badkat57


    75. John Doe

      I don’t get scared easily, but this shit got my skin crawlin.😱😱

    76. Lucinda Carty

      Please play resident evil 8/ village when it comes out!

    77. Red Led

      ah yes, Five Nights at Freddy's

    78. Cassidy Koopman

      I stated watching this 2 weeks ago but I had to shop watching because I was to scared to watch further.

    79. BikerBim Official

      My egg is shape like head

    80. Tresha LeFoxy

      10:52 the doll has what teachers would call ✨ wandering eyes ✨

    81. Seth Calkins

      Oh no, is my egg shaped like a head?!

    82. Alec _beans

      Me : falls asleep watching jay Jay: girly scream and wakes me up 🥲👍

    83. Indigoxox

      y’all are talking about “my egg looks like a head” but your sleeping on “ceiling is like the top shit right?”

    84. Indigoxox

      i been on tiktok so much when that arm came out i was fully expecting a “sheeeeeeeeeeesh”

    85. earth-to-mizuki

      why is this marked as fnaf lmaooo-

    86. b1wY

      Up right down left like a cheat code 😂😂😂

    87. Amya The E

      my egg IS kinda shaped like a head tho..

    88. call_me_umy

      i think that the scariest things of the video aren't the jumpscares, are jay's screams xd

    89. Lil sqUIRT

      My egg is shaped like a head

    90. KamhawkzYT

      Lol egg is shaped like a head haha btw u and daz r my fav youtubers

    91. Cherry The Cockatiel

      Ok not to brag or anything but My Russian grandmas house looks deadass the same- 👁👄👁💧

    92. Jessica Pre

      Me playing granny for the first time: *screams so loud in terror when i havent even moved yet XD*

    93. むすめみらい

      Jay: 6:59 His neighbors: 👁️👄👁️

    94. Garnicheガイア

      Can you play 60 segonds? Plsssss 😎😍

    95. Absolutely Tiffany

      LMAO to the forbidden to talk about sentence.

    96. Ta'Kiyah Travis

      i pressed just for the intro man baby scream

    97. sad thot

      You're legit the only youtuber I can watch play horror games and actually enjoy both the horror aspect while staying entertained

    98. fadlina

      14:08 - 14:10 jay : "yo imagine though oooOoh god thatd be scary" -the game saves auto- "saving?"

    99. Good GRIEF.

      Watch y’all all get blocked

    100. PutTheMoneyInMyAss

      Any horror game with jay you’ll always expect these 3 things: “OH MyY goAd” Screen:👈👉👆👇 Jay taking a breather then start insulting the thing that scared him