A Simple IQ Test That You Need To Finish Fast Before The Killer Finishes YOU | Free Random Games

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    This is why I hate taking tests...i always feel like i'm gonna die..
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    1. xJuan

      Me: 13 telling jay the answers knowing that he doesnt hear me😃

    2. g i g u

      2014-15 ish and still going baby

    3. Cloudy pisces Chan

      Bruh 4X4=16 GOSH IT AINT HARD

    4. Digitus Medius

      16:00-16:05 murdoc is that you

    5. Sleepy._.pheebs


    6. Sleepy._.pheebs


    7. ・Daily LuNa・

      "4x4... UhhHH--...EQU-alL-... 20-24- THRITY TWOO- THIRTY TWOOOO!!!--" Yo dude chill- it’s 16-

    8. Rlmcraft


    9. Alexander Dominguez

      18 times 4 is 72 Why did he put 68

    10. Ace

      Last time I check I thought 4*4 was 16 😂😂

    11. Mia Maracle

      Nobody: 5:17 the sound it makes when you die in Pac-Man

    12. _Luminaries_ puppet_

      This feels like 24 minutes of jay going insane

    13. Kiki 4 Unicorn

      That jump scare in the first game sent me flying

    14. midnightsun912

      5:14 I literally jumped and screamed lol

    15. aphrodite

      10:02 u sure about that- 11:42

    16. Ridley Allen

      At the jump scare around 5 mins, I was eating a sandwich and let’s just say that I may have lost some lettuce 😂😂

    17. Just Vibing

      7:44 did... did he not see that???

    18. Lucia Aparicio


    19. Kiyah Parker

      Jay frantically trying to figure out the answer ITS 124 ITS 124 LET ME TYPE IT

    20. Yatouberri

      Lol "18*4=68" Uh oh

    21. Jeongins Oldbraces

      I was in class watching this😭😭😭

    22. Madi K


    23. Natsukø


    24. Blossom Studios

      5:09 BURH I trow my food across the room and yes my FOOD

    25. • Itz Alex •

      Jay: **Counting on his fingers** Me: *I'm not lonely anymore :D*

    26. ella mashaw

      1 like on the video = 1 bandage for Jays toe

    27. Plant

      Frg is more like: every horror games that can be found for free.

    28. May Awabdy

      Me when my dad teaches math and i get a question wrong

    29. Wolfiaa

      "W-wh-wha-what is that" "Wh wha-what was that?" "What was that!?" "WHO IS THAT" "Yo who is that"

    30. Wolfiaa

      90% of the video is: "Yo what was that? "WHO IS THAT??" "WHAT WAS THAT"

      1. Kiyah Parker

        And you can’t see me

    31. Wolfiaa

      "That was a Mondo bulge" *a WHAT?*

    32. Wolfiaa

      5:16 JUMPSCARE

    33. Wolfiaa

      4:46 my grandma walking around at 2 AM

    34. Lins Linz

      Me : Playing a Lie Detector Lie Detector when I lied : 4:24

    35. Yui Tamaki

      Jay : *trying to finish this IQ test* The orange sk : *tries to kill jay* Jay : sike b#!¢h! Few moments Jay: *gets killed*

    36. Meriem Meriem

      5:15 Dude it freaked me out

    37. mango

      0:00 the most dangerous math test in the world

    38. Rayne Justin

      Jay: 6 x 2 is OH MAH GOD 2 seconds later Jay: 6 x 2 is 12

    39. Qrixly

      when the teacher had enough of you

    40. Lillie Brockman

      I count with my fingers, I always felt like it was weird because people look at me. It’s not weird

    41. Angelika Laimes

      I literally flinched so hard and i'm in class

    42. Unknown Snakeu

      Iam also bad at math. I feel you.. I need my fingers to do 16+16 🙃😭😂

    43. Weeb Gang

      18 x 4 = 68 ✅

    44. KeikoLia _Celcia

      Dang, Baldi just got upgraded

    45. Boned 1259

      What your math teacher meant by working under pressure:

    46. Ben Dover

      5:18 jay I have a cold and this jump scare just cleared my sinuses

    47. amber woods

      Dang sick jam

    48. Dizziikitty

      12:52 what the heck are you doing 😭

    49. Joji Santamaria

      Thirty-two 😭

    50. Haleigh Nelson

      im good at math and this video made me scream 😭


      I hope everyone realizes i consider them and all my fellow cubzscouts my friends and family more then my actual family and non-existent friends. Jay honestly entertained me when I wanted to stay in bed all day

    52. NewBie's Toturials

      Comment Number 15 asking that dude to play Five nights at maggie 4

    53. Marc Laurence Llamelo

      Jay:"this cakca keys" im family friendly now Couple of moments Jay:i see you hiding there with your sh*%

    54. Kakashi_ Rules

      Haha jay you trying to solve math problems quickly is me trying to hurry and finish a math test before times runs out, math is too hard. Like I don’t know how people in my class finish in like 15 mins

    55. Nathan Buterbaugh

      Jay says this channel is family friendly him gets chased by monster him swears

    56. Savage Arianna A.

      *me yelling at my phone 32*

    57. Simply_Unicorn

      5:14 my soul jumped out of my body

    58. Caitlin Barnes

      5:11 caught me off guard I screamed so loud

    59. Jenny Duong

      Principle when we dont pass our exam: Teachers when we get a F on a test: Students about to kill the teachers when they dont get reccess

    60. SnøwyAJ Artist

      5:15 I no joke was so into watching I almost dropped my phone when this happend

    61. ·Yeeb·


    62. A Random Person

      Day 1 of commenting EEEAAAAOOO on random videos until someone knows the song

    63. Toxic MATX


    64. 3clipses

      Is anybody wondering why when the mannequin disappears it sounds like he’s having diarrhea? No, just me? 💀

    65. Jxst_Xus

      We count on our fingers because we forget what comes next 😭

    66. froggy mcflurry

      my dude jay lowkey sacrifices his own soul just for us to be entertained

    67. Fahad


      1. Fahad


      2. Fahad


    68. red monster

      Yooo just call the title free random horror games

    69. Kxkichi_ Oma

      Guys we all know 6×2 is Oh my god

    70. Kiara Ramos

      When 18 x 4 =72 lmao i love when jay talks alot when he is scared 😌👁👄👁😂and also i know i just wanted to tell you bro lol

      1. Kiara Ramos

        And remeber your that DUDE

    71. StyleRadiant

      no hate btw but im in 4th grade and I dont need fingers to find out what 4 x 8 is lol

    72. tony tony

      2:31 i love the " oh oh wtf?! "

    73. princess Katie

      Jay is the best also funny 🤣🤣🤣

    74. Der Deutsche Imperialisch

      10:00 *family friendly* 2 minutes later:

    75. Shicu Uno

      "At least im safe inside my mind" --spongbob-- _THAT DUDE!!!_

    76. Opalheart13

      5:14 I got scared but was hard laughing at his face My reaction: 🥺😫🤣🤣🤣

    77. Luke

      5:14 scared me so bad 😭 I jumped

    78. Meow Yoongi

      when I'm trying to solve maths 14:20

    79. Pavibaji

      mans got go anti ass 😭😭✋🏽

    80. athena zhen

      The fact that Jay makes me so happy no matter the occasion is the best

    81. g0mmiw0rm

      jay screaming while doing math is me doing algebra

    82. ZOE KING

      Crazy Oil Bish 🤣

    83. Bahar

      5:55 , the best part of this vid

    84. Bakugo Katsuki

      Not only will free random games not get old.. it’ll just continue to be nostalgic.

    85. Emerson Ridgeley

      I screamed when the manikin came under the table-

    86. ch4rlotte

      i wasn’t even scared at all while watching this. I was to busy laughing at everything Jay said. I swear he makes everything funny even the scariest stuff

    87. ItsGreedy

      Me: answering every IQ problem in less then 4 seconds for Jay 😂😂😂😂

    88. Tristen Connywerdy

      Beat really hits though

    89. Tristen Connywerdy

      He hitten that SpongeBob again. At least I’m safe inside my mind

    90. Nessa

      5:18 got me so scared I threw my phone

    91. Hello Hi


    92. Cookie Crumbles

      At 5:18 was adorable I feel for him but also funny I had my phone in front of my face and threw it at myself .

    93. dreamer


    94. King Lance

      I like how he counted by 4 not 8...

    95. Junkfood Enoshima

      Poopy Mcfarty is sad

    96. 지현

      Me at 3 am hiding in the comment section 😖

    97. Baby Gurl Eats Shiken nuggetz

      Does anyone know where to download Walk (the third random game)?

      1. Junkfood Enoshima


    98. Sharmin Ahmed

      Jay: Oh my god, 6x2 is oh my god Also Jay: Whooaaa, I'm sorry 6 times 2 is 12...

    99. Ashiro Sasaki The Saiyan

      Friday Night Funkin ad with Nostalgia Critic as the evil dad

      1. Junkfood Enoshima


    100. Dark Void

      that train game is a new level of scary. That first game ain't shit. First game is a meme.