The LONGER I Ride In The Elevator With This Cutie, The WEIRDER Her Questions Get.. (Elevator Game)

Kubz Scouts

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    The game description says "You find yourself in an elevator with a cute girl. The elevator goes down, very deep." Maybe going deep isn't as good as it sounds
    The elevator game link:
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    Published on 17 days ago


    1. poki's vids

      Death paradeeeee

    2. Kamren Agee

      so no one is gonna talk about that one piece reference in the beginning with the waiting room guy?

    3. Caitlyn Hannah Obery

      What goes down on 69 Jayyy? 🤔😂

    4. Sup Confusion

      I wanna know what would've happened if he switched places with the white thing

    5. Naruto Uzumaki

      This girl is just Gen-Z lol

    6. iDatchii

      Bro why does it say he's playing yandere simulator. is this a really amazing yandere sim mod 🤔

    7. ÜwÚ Płåÿź

      "Did the rubber boy ever find the single piece?" Weeb mode: ON LUFFYYYYYY AND THE STRAW HATSSSS YESSSSSSSS I MISS THEM

    8. Tyr Savy

      Ik this was hell

    9. HeeMan 72

      2:25 that’s what she said Literally

    10. Broken-/-Anklez

      we not gonna talking about that one piece reference

    11. æ æ

      ah yes, *yandere simulator*

    12. Alex

      I mean, reincarnation as a child ain't too bad. I'd take that. 🤔

    13. Animiko Lofi

      That game was deep whoa

    14. Alexander J

      push the little piece of *AAAAAAAA* into the area.

    15. nxgitos toes

      Fun fact. Nishishi

    16. BigSaggyNutsack

      One peice ref

    17. arzu

      2:02 it doesnt seem like its ending anytime soon bro

    18. Faustist

      Homegirl said; "Pride, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Envy and showed you her Wrath as an insult to injury because no human could truly ever be Virtuous"

    19. xrup 972

      0:14 I never understood what he was saying in this part

    20. koko asf

      I swear if I see one more comment about kokichi

    21. starrlyn reynolds


    22. Louise FP

      Yeah, I’ll probably choose the waiting floor

    23. kaito1AkiyameH


    24. Cheese Burger


    25. bit gabriel 360 brasil

      Im scared

    26. skvlly

      7:28 be careful... us FBI are always listening. And *watching*

    27. Allen Lin


    28. Doubleboxx

      How it started: hi sell your soul to us How it went: PETA PROPAGANDA

    29. Kevin dragon hunter

      Plants kant feel anything they youst grow and die. Whitout a brain you kant feel anything. I dont know how fly traps work but the only guilt you kan have over eating fruits wuld be that you didn't give it to someone else or plant the seeds.

    30. aqua parker

      Dude the tortoise and the hare the hare would win bc if he ain't take the nap he wouldn't lose

    31. Aetheris

      No USfilm, this isn’t yandere simulator

    32. Rainbow Recor

      "When people say the whole body must work together" But Jay has a tongue of it's own

    33. pumpkin lord

      But animals kill each other in more gory ways bot noooo that's fine but when humans kill another Species for food that's "murder" also most animals like dogs can't give Consent they don't have the brain capacity

    34. Ian Jayag

      LES GO, FLOOR -69

    35. Kairo B Live

      what goes down on floor 69?

    36. G0thxcWhør3


    37. TEK ROSE

      Term gawk gawk?

    38. Messyalien 51

      I wouldn't be surprised if she did pull the slot machine out of her ass😂😂

    39. Kim Namtiddies

      No but truly it shows the world can be seen as hell itself its really unfair how things work here

    40. will is not a muffin

      The first floor was about one piece the rubber boy was Luffy who ate a devil fruit that allowed him to have rubber like body needs looking for something called The One Piece

    41. I10v3te4

      I would get on the waiting floor then I would chill with that dude because I have my phone and phone charger

    42. DrPickleJuice

      U guys know the person who made this game is the same person who made Monster girl island

    43. Left Arrow

      7:30 hold up... 69? 😳🤔🤨🧐

    44. ÏTS__ HÂVËÑ

      Jay: **says Kokichi** Me: YAAAAASSSS HECK YEAH MY BOI KOKICHI!! ✨✨✨😍😍❤️💕✨✨

    45. ÏTS__ HÂVËÑ

      "What is this!? Tofu and last night's sh*t in the toilet!?!?" -THAT DUDE

    46. PlatinumRex

      this game was made by peta

    47. floricel_112


    48. floricel_112

      9:15 enslaving animals? Those animals don't have to work, find food, water and can sleep all day and do whatever they want with no repercussions. If anything, I'm the one "slaving" away to provide for them to make sure they're healthy

    49. floricel_112

      8:50 lady, think of it like this: when you presented those dishes to me, those animals had already been killed, cooked and served. Not eating them at that point would have been a waste of them being sacrificed

    50. Earlybird

      The first floor that old man say "did that rubber boy ever find the single piece" that's a reference to "ONE PIECE"

    51. Optimus_Tonic

      Damn, it's a shame that we didn't get to see floor 69

    52. Oop-


    53. kjalkjslkawj djedjlefwj

      i just realised the old man in the waiting room was talking about one piece

    54. Alina Fodorean

      Did you not realize the One Piece reference?

    55. D0zy Dream


    56. Aries Ubus

      You chose to eat the cat why I have a cat but it's okay it's just a video game but still you ate it a cat

    57. Lord Vomapoo Comments


    58. StormiMakesThings

      7:17 how can i be this and the most talkative bastard on earth

    59. osxmu

      12:22 Kokichi became scp

    60. Amelia Rosalina The Hedgehog

      This is actually really cool and awesome

    61. Jae•Hero

      She likes saying deeper and making jay freaky.

    62. P P


    63. luxdyzazti

      Plot twist: she grew up anti vaccinated and still is

    64. Dino64

      i just noticed that she said that she has been here for 80 years

    65. Wassap

      I feel bad for the guy that thinks one piece (aka the best anime of all time) will end

    66. kat blue

      When you realize the floors are based off the 7 deadly sins

    67. Maximiliano Garcia

      Dude... rejecting being paid for being lazy is another level of being lazy

    68. karma- // kuso korin

      He sounds like the in bacteria episode 13 cells at work

    69. Ah Logic

      2:04 we all gonna ignore the one piece reference 💀💀💀

    70. OC

      11:29 thats what she said

    71. Ar bello

      The commentary mwahh *chefs kiss*

    72. Gacha-chan!

      Oh duck you cat hater 😠😠😡😡🤬🤬

    73. Hamon boi

      5:57 I accept the offer

    74. Exapic c

      2:03 "did the rubber boy find the single piece?" I finnaly knew it was "did luffy find the one piece?"

    75. Foxy Pups

      2:01 YOOOOO, that was DEFINITELY a reference to “One Piece” lmao 🤣 he’s asking if Luffy found that last piece yet, (Lol) I like references ^-^

    76. ice popsie

      oh so her name is twitter

    77. Palette Roller

      USfilm description: Is this Yandere Simulator?

    78. James Curtis

      The rubber boy finds the something piece Me a weeb luffy

    79. Ultimate Emo-Mess


    80. Katuski Bakugou

      These seem to maybe be based of the 7 sins (the floors of the elovator) but I'm only a bit into the video so far

      1. Katuski Bakugou

        I was kinda right

    81. With Milk

      2:00 Most people are waiting for Luffy to find the one piece

    82. Annjeanette Moore

      What is on floor 69

    83. Magerice

      Dogs can’t eat apple seeds.

    84. Agent Squirrel06

      Was that a one piece reference?

    85. Miku

      Game: Elevator game USfilm: Oh yes! This is Yandere Simulator!

    86. Rin The Trash Bin

      Literally Kokichi. "LIES LIES LIES" "Nishishishi" Literally homeless Kokichi

    87. Adam Tawil


    88. Big Dongus

      She’s upset because she wanted you to eat her for lunch

    89. Kenneth M. Pitt Jr.

      6:32 NOPE THAT WAS SCARY AS HELL😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

    90. Riaz Rehman

      When he said “did the rubber boy ever get the single piece” he meant the anime one piece lol


      i just realized the "rubber boy" is luffy from one peice

    92. XxIllysaGachaxX

      12:23 *LOVE THIS MAN*

    93. Random Bad animator

      Fun fact the elevator was made by the same guy who made Monster girl island

    94. ∆Leafy∆


    95. Indominusreags

      The longer the icon of sin is on earth, the stronger it will become.

    96. Psyche

      And also one piece reference lol

    97. The book of random gameplay /TBORG

      Jay: Plays elevator Game USfilm:Ah yes another yadere simulator video

    98. InstaFireGaming

      USfilm: This is Yandere Simulator.

    99. Zanthia Avery

      Lady: *tells the tortoise and the hare* Me: I'm a tortoise cause I'm so slow😔 Lady: insult me Me: bish I'm not lazy I'm just slow! Bish