She Has The LONGEST NAME In The World & The Roasts Are EPIC (Reacting To "True" Story Animations)

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    Reacting To More Of these true story animations with one of them having to do with one word changing a girl's life forever \u0026 the other is a girl with the longest name in the world and NO ONE can read it! I couldn't stop laughing..i'm still

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    Published on Year ago


    1. Love, Norman

      Just imagine if she was caught for murder and the judge had to say her full name.

    2. •Halo Twizzlerz•

      You want to know the meaning of my name, yeah its feild of hay...

    3. Lizbeth Yuno-Tale

      "so he broke the silence and said.." "Brawler! It's Time!"

    4. Arekushia Bailey

      Random dude: hey girl what’s your name Girl: *Says her whole name* *The ten stupidest people in the world*

    5. Ninjawarrior

      13:59 if jay work at starbucks 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    6. Kayson Brynn

      Think what if her mom was in a comfortable state to say her full name 🤔 but she forgot 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    7. N/a

      Imagine if she bought something like a house and the person she bought it from said they wanted her to put it in her full name🤣.

      1. N/a

        Owner: I would like you to put it in your full name. Her: god dang it😢

    8. Awesome Dude

      “Tell us your name” FBI:haha your personal information go brrrrrr

    9. Layla Jones

      my name means queen of the night or something like that I guess

    10. Scr fox

      Student: Teacher can u Have Hair while it looks like my sting 3 years ago :Teacher ...

    11. dragoonrie

      my name: Samantha it's meaning: white af

    12. Sierra Hardy

      Imagine her writing her name on a job application = HAND CRAMPS FOR DAYS

    13. Jeraldine Hardy

      Her at a new school. Teacher :please say your full name. Her: frick here we go

    14. Daniel Botts

      The word that changed her life, was A phrase that Russia gave to her because she is sleeper agent.

    15. Abby Smith

      I watched this while eating a tub of ice cream, because I WANTED TO OKAY? ICE CREEEAAM.

    16. RocKeT

      Ok first of all, where the heck is the word that changed her life Second, Why the heck did the girl say yes when the "hot-built" guy asked so. Third, if your talking about your life situation, Don't randomly skip to a love story.

    17. Easilyconfused

      Waiter:name please Her:writes name Waiter:what the fu-

    18. Jeff Henery

      Her name is JayFromTheCudsScoutsISTHATDUDE😎

    19. Jeff Henery

      He said Mysh*t😂

    20. cmoneyPlayz

      An anglicized form of the Gaelic name Cuilen, Cailean, modern Irish spelling Coileáin, meaning "whelp, cub". The Old Irish word for "whelp", is cuilén. The Scottish Gaelic name is recorded in the spelling Colin from as early as the 14th century. That's what the name Colin means

    21. Death Wish

      'he was so drunk he was like, oh your names gonna be.. *ahblaghdedeblaghde* .'

    22. Anthony Etre

      What am I looking up real name in the world record book to see what you wear if she's real

    23. Oh Hey

      i dont think jay knows that the girls toliet is way cleaner than the boys

    24. Vanessa Mobel

      teacher:you have an essay. girl: writes full name.teacher: doesn't know how to mark it

    25. John H

      People named John: uhhhhhhhh toilet

    26. andrea nicole penafiel

      What happens if the teacher say her whole entire name in front of class and then many people look at her Girl: *Starts crying*

    27. Sebastian Munoz

      FBI open up BOOM💥💥💥😟

    28. Doyetrini 1

      Biches get stitches

    29. Natalie Ruth

      Imagine the teacher calling up his/her students name for their attendance and then the next one to call was her

    30. Earl BloodHound

      Random guy: what is your name Her: *animaniacs music starts play*

    31. Haris Hasani

      What if she gets an F on an exam for writing 1 letter of her name wrong

    32. insert name here

      the girl said "my name is jsxhbwdcvwdhibcsdckdchsifvhbfuhvboifuvoeijcnwoufhou8fy49g8uh45y9u2hr9u13efn[2ed,=0rifh13eydv24irfyg13eyi38rtyv1bsz91hedcb9ou481wy3fyvcbqwsmRVEH57UJ78OKURYIKP9L[''8O7H5F3EED2 haha lol yup"

    33. past kid Ayano-Aishi


    34. Miym Uzumaki

      19:51 girl i thought u were lost

    35. Mochi

      say my name turn me on -but he can’t say the name😆-

    36. Y/N L/N

      Teacher: “Say your full name and introduce yourself to the class.” Her: “Shit...”


      Imagine u in school and u met a New freind and asking ur name and u tell ur full name

    38. Gacha Bxllaaa

      Dude the first video of my opinion is “Her when she’s popular until a Boyfriend comes and says “HeY lAdIeS”

    39. Nuke Boss

      My name is *eminem starts singing*

    40. ReEAd

      14:00 is the part lol

    41. [ • Chocolate • ]

      15:18 I didn't hear "rose petal" too-

    42. mesuda

      Shitsta got me 😂

    43. Endless Rain

      Is nobody talking about 22:00 that video...

    44. jackplayz24

      He looks like the guy in the sprint commercials

    45. adam morgan

      that story is bullshit

    46. Norman

      Teacher : just fill your daughter full name here :) Mom : *inhales*

    47. Gustaff

      Write an interview consisting of 700 words and remember to put your full name in the layout Cries in : Shapidoo Baka rose petal Simba etc.

    48. VOID

      hisoka is typing...

    49. blah blah

      At the start of her name... Why she sound like moana lol

    50. blah blah


    51. tays6220 tays6220


    52. SimplyxLizard

      Her: Im going to become a teacher one day. Also her: Oh wait.. I have to use my last name for my teacher name... Her teacher name:Uaka huindi hdjsjsnqksnjsnsjsmsnsmhsksjskwmsmwnsjdgejaahsbdjemdjdjeje Imagine her becoming a teacher and a student saying her teacher name here,like this... Student: Miss Uaka Huindi ejsjdjsnsndghsjshdbdhdhbdhehdhhdjjdjd *starts beatboxing*

    53. Emilia Kucharska

      I never saw this guy in years

    54. Lovro Golenko

      I think you should comment less when video is going.

    55. crossbow master69

      14:05 bro

    56. ZombieGod Slayer0

      Goes to Kenya. asked the kids, Kenya pronounce my name

    57. Snivy Games

      11:13 my “friend” Nate said that once. But he was lying

    58. Yukio-Sho

      12:08 Bro whats up with her f elbow

    59. Clara Afton

      Amadi: she was out of breath from running! Me and Jay: she was out of breath from calling your long a$$ name 😒 Also Jay from the Kubz scouts is THAT DUDE

    60. Sans Underfell

      Ik this is late af but I'm named after some jeans

    61. Noah Peterson

      I thought the word was the n word

    62. hayden johnson


    63. li tc

      The girl: SAY MY NaMe Me: I Don’t give a F**K SAYING YOUR NAME AH S***T

    64. 「 Fabi_Fabi 」

      Teacher: "Umm Amadi please give us your full name" Her: cwegfeeyidvewugdgrwidygrcwweygcdretuig rose petal deaxcyjfaedcyjfewdcyjdwcgewcygdcxyefwxyfedyjdx

    65. rainny lawrence

      my name is Rainny and it mens love for ever

    66. James Burnett

      Hi I'm dhgjmghgdgfujdhyhufgfggthjhghfdfgjy

    67. BB - 05SH 870362 Herb Campbell PS

      Imagine her getting a letter💀💀

    68. sxltine

      her name sounds like my sims arguing tho lmao--

    69. Blud Lud

      I know why she didn't read the entire thing, cuz there was Ossas at the end.

    70. Stacy Richards

      Bro like if that was my name i would bla my name out

    71. Neko Malik

      My name is Gaia and it stands for Greek goddess

    72. LUZY

      ashton victim victim victim

    73. akachanplayz 2

      Bish with a longest name tryna summon a demon now

    74. death cod plays

      Imagine having her friend call her by her full name just to play friend:. *DIES*

    75. Someone

      You know damn well her mom knew that she was doing it for the record when she made her daughters name so long

    76. Meliza John

      Her: I have the longest name Light yagami after seeing her name: damn it

    77. Kimberly Perez

      Me: asks for the wifi password girl: says her name

    78. Naonic X

      Dang bro I cant imagine her getting a whopping where her mom uses ever syllable of her name 😰

    79. Random stuff

      Anyone can give their child a long as name

    80. UserLuigi

      11:11 No Jay, thats just you.

    81. Lilly Gahan


    82. Zac Ryan

      Am i the only one that noticed that there is two lion king characters in there

    83. Whitney Reed

      Let me guess the parents were sleeping and they were sleep talking and they accidentally named her that..

    84. °○ SAMMY  ○°

      Bruh why does every story have a love story

    85. Dont bother me

      My name means wisdom or intelligence whotch is true

    86. Paris Grant


    87. 【 BlankGalaxyGamer 】

      anyone else remember that one anime since


      Any FMA fans here? My true name is, Jugemu, jugemu goko uno Surkire Kaijarisuigyono Suigomatsu Unraimatsu Furaimatsu Ku Neru Tokoroni Sumu Toko ro Yabura Koujino Bura Koujo Paipo paipo paipo shuringai, shuringai no guurindai ponpokoni ponpokona chokumei, no chousuke! Well what a coincidence my name is also-

    89. LeSmallMochiAndTheMocha

      The girls name story was fake I googled it and rechecked it 5 times-

    90. Kelly Cane

      be sounding like pico from fnf

    91. Dani may

      M&M trying to rap her name and be like what fu*k is that😂😂oh dybdukvfinftjnxfbjufcbiygbkjddu...

    92. NotTheBrightest PlayzMinecraft

      imagine everyone trying to say her name during her funeral-

    93. Lil Rebbel

      when he said scheißtar i thought he was gonna say shit in german-

    94. konrad the human

      2:36 obesity man

    95. kentlouie cotanas

      At least she is immune to death note lol

    96. Below average bicycle pump

      My name is Jason and it means Jason

    97. Fortnite kid

      Mothers looking fur names to name there kid gos on yt: :D OMG ITS A LIST IF NAMES I CAN NAME MY KID: the kids name Leo: mom I’m a girl mom: yeah but your zodiac sign is a Leo:)

    98. Ellen Joseph

      bi why you need to know my name

    99. Amber Baker

      teacher :ok please put your name on the bored her:aw shit here we go again

    100. Jenny Alayee

      I thought I had a long name😳