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    This 3rd class trial in Danganronpa V3 got some real SUSSSSpects...leave a LIKE for more!
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    Published on Month ago


    1. im dude

      kokichi: i killed angie lol

    2. Thùy Dung Nguyễn

      No one: Jay: *kore-kenjo-kiyo 😀*

    3. Lola U


    4. Kokichi Ouma

      idk of this is a spoiler but- SPOILER I respect Jay for skipping the part where kokichi called Miu a c*mdumpster

    5. Shy Marshmallow Squad

      26:09 lmao Jay probably had to cut that out

    6. Tsumugi ʕ͙•̫͑͡•ʔͦʕͮ•̫ͤ͡•ʔ͙

      13:17 Well yes...because she claims that she's plain....Or not...😏

    7. _*that one. .Gam3r*_

      Am I the only one who noticed how similar nagito and kaitos shirt is 😂

    8. nagitoe cumaeda

      20:04 ✨W E E ✨

    9. nagitoe cumaeda

      4:39 Is... Is Tsumugi doing the Tsuyu pose-

    10. TheThievingBluejay

      Miu is wack but I love her 🥺

      1. Shy Marshmallow Squad

        Same 🥺

    11. TheThievingBluejay

      I'm so invested in him doing the Nagito voice lmao

      1. Shy Marshmallow Squad

        Same lmao

      2. Hyunjins_Dinosaur 27

        lowkey same

    12. A Weeb Cat :3

      As soon as I saw the golden leaf katana I immediately got that reference, it hurt when jay didn’t get it. Not to mention the glowing paint…😔

      1. Tanner Ryan

        @Lps Skittles Kitty Cat Golden Coated Katana = 11037 Glowing paint = A certain Nagi wagi and imposter.

      2. Lps Skittles Kitty Cat

        Bestie you gonna need to tell me the reference 😭✋

    13. llall llaall

      jay's korykenshin kiyo voice is so accurate i had to check if the voice actor or jay was talking

    14. 【Little fox】

      Jay:what else happened in the dark Me:time to go question some songs

      1. 【Little fox】

        @Tanner Ryan truly the despair of it all

      2. Tanner Ryan

        @【Little fox】 too bad the local Fire Dep. was on duty.

      3. 【Little fox】

        @Tanner Ryan hmmm but the opportunity to be executed like a queen with all her subjects watching idk if she would pass that up lol

      4. Tanner Ryan

        Celeste would like to object speaking with those song.

    15. foggy-kun

      it's funny how jay doesn't notice when monokuma refers to twogami's death in sdr2

    16. SaLoNi

      51:28 W H A T

    17. SaLoNi

      is it just me but tenko's case kinda reminds me of teruteru and thiccakuya

    18. SaLoNi


    19. SaLoNi

      crying because jay didnt get the reference to the katana from thh

    20. SaLoNi

      jay's confusion during the mass panic debate LMAO

    21. evelynn freerksen

      17:17 jay : "YEAH BUDDY" gloom: "you stole my words"

      1. Hyunjins_Dinosaur 27

        are they still friends????

    22. nagito komaeda

      miu is that one kid who used the wrong solution but still got the right answer edit: jay to apparently

    23. NatalyUser Gamer


    24. Bakugo Wife


    25. Matcha Kouhai

      I love Himiko but know better than to try to cancel someone on the internet because they don't like the same fictional character as me. Grow up folks.

    26. Kyree Jackson

      does jay not realize that the katana is from danganronpa 1?

    27. Iaine Sivela Feona Lanting


    28. toga himiko :D

      everyone:talking about the trial and stuff Me:SEESAW

    29. Justin Ramirez

      18:19 - 18:45 danganronpa trigger happy havoc reference 37:44 - 37:59 danganronpa 2 reference

    30. Uchiha Madara


    31. chicken nugget

      kaito :NOOOOO jay:shut up also jay 2 seconds later:NOOO

    32. Lazyhamster -w-

      Well it was easy because I remembered the caged child senance I think thats how you write it?

    33. Narinari Symora

      I hope jay realizes that if he misses nagito he can just play the game again by himself lol

    34. Sanrio Bitch

      “Danganronpa is for kids” Miu:

      1. Tanner Ryan

        @l3u Laklak Don't forget Teruteru

      2. l3u Laklak

        You forgot Mikan and Danganrompa: DG

    35. Pedro pony

      37:43 so we all just gonna ignore the obvious reference to byakuya

    36. strawberryboymyg

      1:06:43 Imagine if Shuichi went “PAUSE. You’re the one who drew where the salt circle was.🤨🤨”

    37. Leila H


    38. Choco The Undertale fan

      12:06 [SPOILER WARNING] Chapter 5: *We really doing this again?*

    39. Millet Kuzuryu

      I am worried about jay

    40. Just a Simp

      1:50 I cant- BAHHAHAHA

    41. Boss Lady

      SPOILER me realising that the trial could have finished at 32:48: 👁👄👁

      1. Sean

        More like 9:07

    42. XthEsleepY Imp


    43. Rainbow

      Glowing paint under the floorboards... Danganronpa 2 anyone?

    44. musical moon

      play udg jay you'll be happy :)

    45. DIY Sarai

      18:27 For those of you who forgot, when Monokuma said that rings a bell (about the gold leaf on the katana coming off when something touches it), he was talking about Sayaka's case in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. The replica sword that Leon used to break Sayaka's wrist had the same properties as the katana in this case, the gold comes off easily when something touches it. 37:54 Also, the glowing paint Tsumugi mentioned rang a bell because of the glowing paint Teruteru used to kill Byakuya.

    46. O k

      37:55 monokuma probably talking about the first kill in danganronpa 2 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    47. Hiyoko Saionji

      I thought that the culprit went under the room-like the room under the room and used the murder weapon and stabbed tenko like that and thats how the thumb was like that

    48. fish

      31:24 **cough** _teruteru_ **cough**

      1. Tanner Ryan

        Nagi Wagi too. Thiccakuya just got in the way.

    49. ꧁Peko_Pekoyama_The_Fuyuhiko_Simp꧂

      What that camera do at 36:08

    50. Hiyoko Saionji


    51. Mushroom

      tsumugi really put a refrence to sdr2 at 37:45

    52. Joely Thorning

      Ngl I cried at korekiyos execution bc he was one of meh favourites 😩

    53. Sharing Trails


    54. Slytherin_Queen 24

      My personal head canons: 1. The gold leaf katana is the same one as in THH (Yes I know the THH one is a replica but these are just my head canons) 2. Kokichi and Maki went to the same orphanage and knew each other before the game but then Maki was taken to become an assassin and Kokichi stayed and created his organisation

    55. Kyari Katari

      20:00 I can imagine Shuichi trying to concentrate on running over hookers, but hearing a faint voice he doesn't recognize........ It's Nagito. That voice is Nagito.

    56. katslap ケイスラップ

      wait what am i rewatching one what

    57. Jack

      When you accidentally skip the video to the point where they found the culprit. *PaIn*

    58. Mathieu Schiel

      37:45 it's an réf with danganronpa 2 for the first kill

    59. shadowunikat849

      I’m 99.9% she is himiko

      1. Hiyoko Saionji

        The culprit? Well ik all deaths so i wont spoil

    60. s0mething_w1erd

      monokuma: i cant let the comment stand! jay: *p o r q u e* (porque means why in spanish i learned from that kid on tik tok saying "porque best friend porque, why best friend??")

    61. Aaron the mikan Kinne

      37:44 Omg it’s just like in dr2 in the first trail when nagito tried killing byakuya 😃

    62. Monika Mizenkova

      KOKICHI: there, open says me! Jay: ...wise words...from an unwise men Me: JAY- NOOO!!! U DID NOT JUST SAY THAAAAAAAAT!!-- *wheezes so hard i almost choke*

    63. Phương Bạch

      miu: horney jay: disgusting, revolting, unbelievable

    64. Kai

      Jay had to censor Kokichi calling Miu a "Filthy c*m dumpster" and her agreeing. Obviously that would have gotten restricted. But If you haven't seen it...It's funny as hell 🤣🤣🤣

    65. •Peachy Edits•

      *I'm sad jay cutted the part where Kokichi cald Miu a white thing dumster..*

    66. Kayleigh Pistokache

      I loveeeee when kokichi has that evil smile 😍

      1. Yano Izikawa


    67. Blixz

      27:21 S U S R A N G E R S


      Am i the only one who remembered the golden katana from danganronpa 1?

    69. Bella Berry

      SPOILERS for people who haven't finished fully watching/playing V3 i love how Miu is always right when she guesses who the culprit is

    70. Cocat Gaming

      I don’t know what’s going on.

    71. 《《《Confused Bacon Hair》》》

      Remember this: Himiko lifted the iron cage with ease

      1. 《《《Confused Bacon Hair》》》

        @Yano Izikawa Lmao

      2. Yano Izikawa

        It was maaaaaaaaaaagic

    72. Nxqmi

      MAN I WAS REALLY LOOKING FOWARD TO HEARING JAY’S REACTION TO WHEN MIU SAYS “ Trying to make a fool out of me huh?? “ AND WHAT SHE SAYS AFTER “ You going soft on me now?? “ SINCE HE STARTED V3 AND WHEN I HEARD HE LOVED MIU but I think jay didn’t include it so he wouldn’t risk getting demonetized 😔☝️

      1. Mads

        SAME, man screw USfilm and their darn rules 😫

    73. C C

      anyone notice that Jay removed the "Filthy C*m Dumpster" part? Damn... I honestly wanted to see his reaction on that HAHAHAHAHAHA

      1. check please


    74. Unknown cus yez-

      My respect for Jay is getting Higher for liking Kokichi :'D ✨

      1. Yano Izikawa

        Ikr? Same

    75. Unknown cus yez-

      My respect for Jay is getting Higher for liking Kokichi :'D ✨

    76. nut dust sniffer

      jay please

    77. Abby S



      The hype is big I can wait to see how this was pulled off

      1. CRIMSON KID

        Ya really got me there bro

      2. painn

        @Aly yeah i was playing along with the joke

      3. Aly

        @painn they're just joking, dw

      4. painn

        @cat milk lol dude, put a spoiler warning, not everyone knows that

      5. cat milk lol

        well, himiko used her magic powers to open the lock, she killed angie while she was doing the motive thing, then she made it look like it was like the spinning katana thing to confuse everyone, then she cutted the middle room's cross piece and then she killed tenko, she admitted it because she said that her magic power said to just admit it, her execution is one of the most BRUTAL executions

    79. Rugmani Tiffani. T. G

      Jay please upload the next episode fast.I cant wait to see your episodes

    80. Wolfie Heart

      I can wait anymore in the next chapter😭

      1. Mj Mateo Caruana

        -part 2 of chapter 3 trail

    81. Blueberry Miku


    82. Leyah Gayles

      Ohh Yeahh 50k likes ready for the next episode

    83. Lee :/

      i love how jay didn’t say anything about the glowing paint, that was all nagetio


      wait a second, how did the sickle go under the floorboards, when it suppose to on the dog statue? It doesn't make sense pls reply with the answer and theories, it's okay if you don't want to


        @nut dust sniffer thx for the info but that was exposed in the last part of the third trial of the part 2 of the third trial

      2. nut dust sniffer

        the sickle was on top of the iron cage and *someone* hid it with the white sheet

      3. Yano Izikawa

        I could reply but are you sure that you wanna be spoiled?

    85. Shy_Editz

      Can u all be patient pls almost a lot of these comments are begging for a new video just let the man chill and do other things

    86. Ibuki Mioda

      Newww video nowww we reached 50k

    87. Jona M

      Y'all be patient, he will make another video.

      1. Cocat Gaming

        @Lying GREMLIN very true.

      2. Lying GREMLIN

        @Cocat Gaming True,and for any games he plays,it hits different

      3. Cocat Gaming

        @Lying GREMLIN I really miss him playing it. It’s not the same when someone else plays it.

      4. Cocat Gaming

        @Lying GREMLIN that’s really sad. There are a lot of people who want it to continue. He’s missing one of the best cases. The twist in the case he stopped at is really good.

      5. Lying GREMLIN

        @Cocat Gaming I mean if the fanbase isn't liking(for MONTHS),then it makes sense why he would discontinue the series,even though he loved the game...

    88. Dark_zarich

      So did danganronpa fans trying to cancel that dude reached what they were aiming for and the series is canceled or what. Been 5 days bruh

      1. GamerAustin

        @Dark_zarich he said in his recent Vlog he dosent care what they say

      2. Dark_zarich

        @Wulf Stein yeah, let's hope for the best

      3. Wulf Stein

        No, he was in LA for a few days, is doing his diet videos and dieting/working out as well as FnF video went up not long ago. I'm sure he's just been strapped for time, and with all that going on, wouldn't you need rest too?

    89. Gachalxme lol

      You gonna make the next video or what buddy

      1. sellie

        hes in LA dude

      2. Shy_Editz

        Pls be patient and let him do his own thing

      3. Gachalxme lol

        Didn’t even think I was gonna get any replies lol 😙😫😫

      4. Alizea Stearns

        @afia facts lmao

      5. TeamXhussam

        patience man

    90. Aoshi

      52:35 "is there a reason" said maki in a robotic way.

    91. Shanelle Felipe

      Videos that didn't reach the goal of 50k: *Makes the videos* Videos like this with higher than 50k: *doesn't make video*. Me: " What-"

      1. SGMC64

        He was out of town be patient. He's going to upload it after that video i hope

      2. Wulf Stein

        Life comes up, it's not like he has the whole game pre-recorded yanno? He has to make time to sit down and play between his travels, working out and dieting as well as recording and editing it for another video series, and his channel has never revolved around DR games, or any one thing in particular. Anyways, wouldn't you need rest between a lot of productive activity in a day, each day? Let the man rest o-o

    92. I Need Time ALONE

      Can you play Ultra Despair Girls after this??

      1. Penne Noodles

        I personally don't want the second hand embarassment from watching him play. I want him to just watch the nagito scenes from the game if anything.

      2. SGMC64

        I dont think he will play it if you remembered what he said in his first DRV3 video

    93. shuvchi

      Not y’all hating Jay bc he doesn’t like Angie-

      1. Hiyoko Saionji


    94. Sunscraper

      The fact he skipped the kokichi part with the dumpster

      1. Lying GREMLIN

        He kinda looked disgusted/uncomfy after the cut though-

    95. *H*A*P*P* Y*

      We love you Jay keep up the good work!

    96. Adrianne Ross

      great jobs on the likes guys!

    97. Jackie Ronald Wayerston

      *(SPOILER FOR THE **-ENDGAME-** GAME'S END)* Number of likes right now: -V3K Magic- 53K

    98. LilCrybabes

      I’ll switch from dangaropa to SAO y’all are to problematic trying to cancel him for not liking a character that doesn’t even exist

      1. Wulf Stein

        People don't equate any one person, no group speaks for all it's members nor do all the individual members composing a group, speak for it. Generalizing ain't it chief.

      2. Awesome Milkshake

        Every fandom is problematic but the fact that the Danganronpa fandom is triggered for enjoying a death when it's the point that V3 tries to make for fans of the series is hilarious and ridiculous.

    99. Nicole

      Spoilers When Jay posts part 2 of this trial can you guys please chill out about his reaction to ---------- execution???? Like he would only understand their backstory if he did further research about their past. when I watched a play-through of the game the first time I only found out about their backstory from the comments section. If I didn't see the comment I would have no idea about the real reason they behaved the way they did. Why you say? BECAUSE THE EXPLANATION IS NOT FEATURED IN THE STORYLINE. Idk, I'm just anticipating even more unnecessary hate towards him y'all need to chill. seriously. get a job.

      1. Nicole

        @Truth It depends if you've seen V3 before or not. If you remember the content of the execution it should make sense (unless you genuinely don't remember)

      2. Truth

        Confused pls expalin

    100. Ja-taro Arachnid

      W-why is Miu moaning?...and why is my pants lifting a lil?....

      1. Ja-taro Arachnid

        @That 1 Random Kid 2 lost who?? I'm so confuzled

      2. That 1 Random Kid 2

        We lost another one 😔

      3. Ja-taro Arachnid

        @Anna w-what's happening?!?

      4. Anna