Friday Night Funkin But Ruv Wants All The Smoke With The Nun

Kubz Scouts

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    Friday Night Funkin' mods with the Tricky Duet upside mod the Weeg mod and Ruv vs Nun Sarvente mod with a Savodilla Remix, leave a LIKE for more!
    Tricky Upside mod:
    Weeg mod:
    Sarvente Mod:
    Sarvente mod as Ruv:
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Fires day to play

      Lol “tHe nUn”

    2. SovietBall

      8:10 can't you shut up? I wanna hear the fugin lyrics

    3. Ruvyzvat

      "Mods so good they will make your dad cry" Me:noo dad Also me: wait, that means he will come back.

    4. Twilight


    5. Sakuraさくら

      I feel like when Jay was in high school he was one of those kids who thought he was a master rapper

    6. LaurenIsMeme

      Who DOESNT love the mysterious characters? And also, *it’s still Ruv’s original song, not a new one*

    7. Agent Squirrel06

      You know, never had I known a character with a voice like mine. Then I saw ruv, and I got sad.

    8. Andrew Early

      i'd say in madness just do what tricky does But... *What exactly is he doing...*

    9. Marco's otherhalf

      tell me why the first guy looks like the green ver of Porco's jaw titan

    10. Mr.todoroki

      You already embarrassed me :me: lmao

    11. Edgar Chavez

      The fact that the clown is from madness combat that is why he is tricky

    12. The sir.warden

      0:10 jay was waiting for his visor to reach is eyes (the visor is the headphones if you are unsure)

    13. Vinnu Vivek

      I feel like Ruv is the sans of Friday night funkin

    14. RageBloxx

      i saw super smash bros in second mod

    15. Kaden Hughes

      0:54 when everyone's singing you happy birthday and you don't know what to do with your body

    16. SonicArthur0407

      "SO EVERYBODY GET BUCKLED UP *Headphones fall* *silence* " Top ten moments taken before disaster

    17. J I T T E R S

      11:26 Jay:I’m a god Me:rewinds Me:sees some spamming in there Also me:they got your A$$ on camera this the clearest shit I’ve ever seen,THIS IS 4K,4K!!!! A few discussions later:why would you do that?

    18. Shatterd Code

      Yes ruv is awesome

    19. Dripping Lemon Gang

      9:09 sound like a minigame from.... I don't know

    20. Heidy Voight

      “I gotta see somebody beat this body cam I wanna see toes” Flippy: I gotcha fam but, just finger cam…

    21. Itinga Brown

      Yo! There's a new update the mid fight masses.pls go play it jay if u have time

    22. Polysester Frog

      **jay focusing and sticking his tounge out** My brain that quotes vines at all hours of the day: cOuntry boy I love you 😛

    23. John Animation

      Love kubz say that "you think I'm scared of this" thinking is ain't that hard until he's next with alot of notes "AHHHHHHhhhhh AHHHHHHHhhh"

    24. Hannah Glitcher

      For me reso tricky makes me realy uncomfy-

    25. JK47PLAYZ

      Waaaaait that black thing on ruvs eye is on the wrong eye to prove that I'm right turn the character around and the black thing would be on the right eye it supposed to be on the left so it was put on the wrong eye

    26. UserRxndom

      0:13 *cyberpunk 2077*

    27. GoldnHeart

      Macy sounds like a small car beeping lol

    28. actxve_Natălie ツ

      0:08 *When Jay's headphone are frustrated from him shouting all the time*

    29. Remi Pangan

      A True Fact: Sarvente has no actual hair. If you think it's fake, Please check Sarvente Morphing.

    30. Wackson Jang

      i got a fnf ad on this vid-

    31. BrokeMemerBoi

      8:29 DaBaby???

    32. qew 007

      Download the vs Matt mod and ur gonna lose

    33. Damia Qistina


    34. Ponas Raganosis

      That creepy ass clown has come from madness project nexus he is a maniac

    35. ïňķ

      Haha me listening to the music and vibing at the same time-

    36. _Paghhhy Channel_

      15:48 ITALIAAAA

    37. Angel Perez

      4:32 "Only Psychopaths beats this song" *flippy has left the chat*

    38. dezpairzx


    39. Gacha OrangeXD

      Nun sounds like a harp when she sings but when ruv sings he sounds like... . . . . BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    40. Okay Jolis

      POV: Your name is senpai

    41. idvfan

      just did the tricky duet mod and i completed it, but goddamn it hurts both of my arms :''''''''''''D

    42. Patricia Fulcher

      Dang it just started and it already got fast he's really a fastest demon lol

    43. Keith Preeper

      Jay unlocked his sharingan from naruto

    44. Ratatoing Ratatoullie

      Boyfriend: *speaking beep to avoid conversations* Me at school: beep boop bop

    45. anime weebgirl

      My 10 yr old brother can death the clown

    46. M Mkdk

      7:30 his voice lowkey good

    47. Brooklyn Povey

      0:54 my man's starting throwing gang signs 💀

    48. Sarminaktar Sarmin aktar

      You look at the health bar sarv is very happy

    49. Lanney Sour

      Well if u can’t do that I can’t if I can do it you can to >:)

    50. Shaira Felipe

      is no one going to talk about how cracked jay is at the clown one

    51. Paula Talbot

      Jay's headphones falling was everything.

    52. Visaya Babes

      the headphones were like: nah

    53. starship

      7:30 saw mario up top of stairs

    54. Junia Fair

      14:22 what is that?

    55. Nam Sensei

      Lol, Sarv happy when Ruv has defeat hers

    56. Moldy Zym

      someone beat tricky with 0 misses hand cam

    57. Kjeana Forde

      *✨This clown is disturbing because there’s just something about it that brings back childhood fears. With and without the mask. And then the shaking.✨*

    58. Regina Brown

      you know when boyfriend gets shy he speaks English

    59. Kourtney Lol

      That nun could get it

    60. oh no

      When he missed a bit I felt *it*

    61. Joanne Joanne


    62. Shari Ploof

      When you don't got a dad: 👁️👄👁️

    63. Yuki Maeda

      People:Commenting Me:What doe sblue ball look like on Ru

    64. Revi Lesi

      Bruh moment

    65. Veronica Rodriguez

      If u look in de background on 2nd mod u can see mario

    66. lifeisverylame ihavenolife

      i dont have a dad thanks.

    67. abundleofsins

      Jay is so good at fnf oh my Lord you are THAT DUDE

    68. porg

      boyfriend: *raps casually* every other mod: *raps* tricky: *raps and aggressively points at boyfriend*

    69. Ariana Luvs

      4:37 like only psychopaths beat this 6:30 *literally beats it*

    70. Mićko Velaja

      WHY R YOU SAY F***

    71. That Random Goose

      7:17 I don’t know If any of you played de pride isle sanatorium on roblox but that building legit looks like the one in de pride isle sanatorium.

    72. Kyren C'Hair

      people awakening their 3 tomoe sharingan

      1. Kyren C'Hair

        1. sasuke 2. itachi 3.fugaku .4jay .5sarada

    73. Winter Moon

      Jay: only psychopaths can pass this Me: so this level is easy now? (btw it's a joke)

    74. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa

      Me losing cus is so hard: Those pro players:how is this so easy? Man

    75. Christopher Lopez perez

      Did anyone else see mario in the background when he was battle king the girl

    76. Countryhuman KD

      people gonna be asking for a Ruv only version of Zavodila

    77. Servante-MidfightMasses AndRuv

      ..Ruv is unholy..?

    78. Shadowjesh

      HE PLAYS ON NEW INPUT i don't care tho

    79. Shadowjesh

      Its real guys I was the keyboard

    80. * F A M O U S *

      Jays screams freaking scares me

    81. TheGangster Bros

      0:20 this dude lookin like he wearin' mega braces tho' XD

    82. Iffah Marsya

      I call ruv... *grey russian man*

      1. Ferko Papp


    83. Daniel Vasquez

      444k views nice

    84. NewBie's Toturials

      Comment Number 10 asking that dude to play Five nights at maggie 4

    85. Carolina Marabe

      Today im am won treke and zadey i was hady

    86. Cristeta Mendoza

      Btw upside tricky mod

    87. Cristeta Mendoza

      This mod is upside tricky they just change the color so they will not know that upside tricky

    88. Blessing M

      0:53 Jay be doing hand signs 🤣🤣

    89. ʙᴜɴɴɪᴇ

      "BUTON MASHING TIME B-TCHES" The clown had a spasm

      1. Ferko Papp


    90. Beep Boop

      Tricky on something-

    91. Yoruichi

      Sarv and Ruv are currently the two of my most favorite fnf characters.

    92. Woosa the Pioneer

      13:36 country human vibes

    93. Amitie

      “Ruv is 8’11 with his knees bent” OH GOD

      1. pato !!

        he looking real good tho

      2. Morisuke Yaku[ Short psycho ]

        Jesus Christ

    94. TBBoomer

      Just a reminder the engine struggles with doubles and triples so don't feel bad about missing those

    95. Sanai


    96. Ray-AFG

      That second mod was sounding like some 2pac songs.

    97. -Murderous MAMA-

      Did tall notice bf is behind ruv in the playable run mod lmao 🤣🤣🤣

    98. Skyler Rhae J Perez

      Actully you Look Every focus On The Tricky Mod Totally.. You Sitll look embarrassed When your HeadPhones Fall Off 😂 😂

    99. GoosesandCheese123 Minecraft GOD ツ

      Knock* yes Who is it ooga booga! Ahhhhhh

    100. Kakashi Hatake

      Please someone meme 12:43 haha