No More Hiding From Myself

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    This is for young Jay, let's get it boy
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    Published on Month ago


    1. iBerleezy

      YOU ARE A KING, BRU! I deal with insecurities about so much bro, it means more than you know being able to see a peer in the public eye be vulnerable like this. You are a real one man, its time for me to get back on my gym grind too fr

      1. Gisele BTS

        @Kubz Scouts it’s ok to be insecure I feel you and you make awesome content keep up the great work

      2. Rodent guy

        Yes he is!

      3. GTYoutubin' 2nd

        Yeah xd

      4. Mysteriiius

        i have no idea who you are but i instantly think you're dope because you're a friend of jays.

      5. krvckills

        love y’all😭

    2. Hailey Pahl

      jay, you inspire me. like seriously! i personally deal with insecurities about my weight. but guess what? it's almost been 4 months since i joined a gym. i was 180 pounds when i started (keep in mind i'm a 14 year old girl and i'm 5'2). not sure what i am right now. i'm so proud of myself that i've been in a very long time. i'm so excited to lose weight. i'm already down more than 10 pounds. i'm so ready for this journey with you, and i'm so proud of you for taking a step into a life that you want to live and how you want to be for the rest of your life. keep going bro! you have been one of my favorite youtubers since 2018 and i love you and your channel. keep grinding bro!!

    3. MidNightBlade Ninja

      as a filipino He is just like a therapist: we can relate to anything

    4. sc3ne slut

      this is not even out of pity or a lie i think jay is a good weight hes acc so attractive and has a great personality yrs im a jay simp dont roast me 🙄

    5. Sylvia Huertas

      It’s awesome see someone who knows exactly what I’m going through, even the cultural part, and 2020 making it hard

    6. Ken1ne

      I'm from Philippines

    7. Alisson Liberto

      I’ve had eating disorders since 13, and it took me a lot to get over it and finally accept myself. I’ve always been skinny and I’ve struggled to keep a healthy weight. 7 years later I’ve learned that we all have our bad days. And accepted myself, I’m skinny, my body by itself will never have a nice abs, big thighs or be thic, and I felt bad. I really did, but that’s me, and I Can do better, i Can get to a healthy weight and feel good about myself. We all struggle and hiding isn’t helping. You are a motivation to many of us and I can assure you that you helped more than one in your audience. Because you’ve motivated me to return to my old life style of the exercise and the healthy eating. Lov u Jay from the Kubz scouts.

    8. Blame4k

      Yo you should body anyone who tells you something bad u are a legend but yea just don't mind people dont GO doing some yan-Chan Stuff with a wrench lol

    9. Jasmin Berrera

      Jay: especially when you are new to lifting weights Me remember when I got in trouble when I was 2years old trying lift a big weight and dropped it on my foot 😅

    10. Lilly Pavlicek

      I’ve watched you for like a little over 5 years. I hope you know that that didn’t matter to me. Don’t get me wrong I’m proud and influenced by YOU. But that’s not what I’d seen in you. I saw a funny, favorable, awesome person. Thank you, I’d been very sad and you make me laugh. Thank you so much and keep going!

    11. Dana Correia

      I'm with you :)

    12. Dogmaster bark

      I feel you I am a kid and just keep pushing away the getting healthier I still doing it... But now thanks to you I know the problems of long term bad health so thanks.

    13. Dimi

      Wassup bro great video happy birthday mines the 26th of April I had no idea our bdays were so close. Great story though hope your feeling good bout yourself

    14. Aracelex

      Workin out while watching this

    15. simp

      my goal: looking like one punch man😂! seriously tho you inspire me no cap not trying to mock you either

    16. shu kurenai

      I can relate to you bro :< but if you can be confident I believe I can too, right?

    17. Gacha squid

      this is motivating me im definetly gonna end up rewatching this video a few times for extra motivation but idk what to start with

    18. Inaya Arif

      SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY and its ok to have a little extra weight but never make it dangerously overweight

    19. NotJacob

      Jay we are all here for you no matter what happens no matter what you are going through stay strong!

    20. ran

      jay is my biggest hype man

    21. Bob Honda civic

      I'm for sure joining in. I've struggled with the same problem for the past few years (Currently 260 pounds) and it's really affected my mental health and how I view myself. I'm not comfortable in my own skin and I hate that feeling. I want to have that confidence to take off my shirt at the pool or the beach. You're for real an inspiration jay, lets get on that grind! Edit: I didn't even realize this video was 3 weeks ago. I'm going to make sure to tune in for every vid


      Is it weird that i found out about Jay through Free Random Games 😅

    23. Kiki 4 Unicorn

      Don't worry bro, your not in this by ur self, and when I say this I think that I am speaking for everyone, we love you and we will always support you, you are a KING you are an inspiration to everyone on your platform, when I first saw your channel it changed my life for the better, your videos keep us entertained and sane, WE SUPPORT YOU IN ANYTHING YOU DO AND I KNOW YOU ARE GONNA GET THROUGH THIS, YOU ARE AMAZING Keep up the good work king👍👍👍❤❤

    24. Yani Alvarez

      Get free😎

    25. Stoven2.0

      Well I am cheese

    26. eri

      Jay, I felt it when you talked about neglecting health. Raised to entertain, along with being a people pleaser, I neglected my health in exchange for compliments and seeing my parents smile to the point I had to go to a hospital after I passed out while practicing for our school festival. I had to cancel going in it and I never felt so disappointed that I became depressed for 4 months. It was around February 2020 that I was hit more with depression and my academics weren't as good as before because my mind and body wasn't used to the new learning environment which resulted in more depression and I lost a lot of weight. I went from 116 pounds to 87 pounds in the span of 2 months. I'm slowly getting vetter and coping with the new problems and have been taking care of myself. You were my idol since 2018 and I've been supporting you since then. You give me inspiration to keep moving forward and seeing this video makes me feel like I'm not alone, that it's okay to struggle as long as you don't give up. Thanks Jay!

    27. Karma is husbando

      Oh my gosh. I cried. JAY?!?! WE LOVE YOU SO SO SO SO SOOOOO MUCH!!! You're AMAZING! AMAZING!!!! WE LOVE YOUUUUU!!!

    28. Secret Fame

      You are the man, you are the king, you are the DUDE -gabe

    29. Sergeant Asscheek


    30. Liam Crooker

      its fine jay the are gs not jays

    31. alyssa

      thank you for this video jay, really. i swear i could listen to u talk for hours bro lol such an inspiration! ly

    32. Ace's Cases

      I was watching this... and I walked away for water, but I saw a drawing... I wanted to smile for only a second... but smiled for a minute... because you were talking about confidence and feeling good

    33. AloisTrancy _official


    34. Emma Rose

      I've known you for 6 years and it seems that my theory was true....

    35. Pokemon Herota

      Look I have the same insecurity but just love your self

    36. EpicNoob 2

      We all gained weight but we all have to support each other and get back in shape. Not only for our health but for our loved ones. So I want everyone single one of you to like this comment if you pledge to make an effort to eat healthier foods and try working out with the things you have at home. If you spirled out of control dislike this comment. But don't be ashamed, I know you're a strong person that dosent give up. As they say great things take time. Well what are you waiting for? Get to it! I truly believe in you ;)

    37. Ed Presidente

      You you can do it

    38. Clair Tang

      Who else replayed the clip of jay dumping a basketball for at least 10 times

    39. lol_mike_simper

      I used to only eat veggies

    40. lol_mike_simper

      Yo jay ur weight is fine bro ur perfect how you are 😁

    41. Nagito Komaeda

      In conclusion, Jay being wholesome for 18 minutes 39 seconds

    42. Paul Juanite


    43. ATEE HERr

      thank you for this... ok I'll start tomorrow... meh huff

    44. Sarina R

      You got this :)

    45. endless_comfort

      Y'all I-NO CAP my heart literally felt light through the whole video,this is so amazing, Jay's amazing! I've been watching him eversince 5th grade, I'm now in 9th grade I have lots of insecurities too! Seeing him do this makes me feel confident! HE REALLY IS THAT DUDE😭❤️

    46. Anonymous 309

      It is good that you are trying and did it

    47. Novalee Tanoush

      Jay is Relatable I feel insecure about my wight

    48. phoebe tuinukuafe

      after watching this and your journey I felt inspired and now I’m going to the gym for the first time on wednesday!! thank you jay

    49. Alex Armstrong

      This hit home. I've been dealing with weight and strength for the past 7 years. I was always told that I had an "ideal body" but I always felt weaker and then during Quarantine I started dieting and I was sticking to it, but I wasn't happy. Yeah the number was dropping but I couldn't eat the foods I loved, like pasta (I freaking LOVE pasta). and then I discovered weight lifting and im really excited to try it when gyms in my local area open back up. Never give up!

    50. DREEXXD

      you got this g

    51. M0zart

      I'm so glad Yandere Simulator myths popped up in my recommendations years ago

    52. Mac Man

      Huh? Are you half Filipino dude? You mention eating as a Filipino? 🤔

    53. Matthew studios

      He has a son? OMG IM SO SUPRISED

    54. XxSugar PlumxX

      I can agree with the finishing everything in your plate like my momma in the Philippines will literally whoop my ass if I didn’t finish everything btw hi from the Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    55. Love Beauty

      i love you

    56. Depressed Deme

      dont worry shy is a superpower lol

    57. Pico Luna

      Me who’s trying to lose weight rn:Eyeeee passion

    58. Len Kagamine

      This is such an amazing story and I'm at the point of hating to look in a mirror because I know I'm big 💔 I'm gonna try again, for you Jay

    59. Syd Tobias

      Only gamer i still watch and homeboy still goin hard power to him i wish this man only the best

    60. bee

      jay you don’t understand how inspirational you are we appreciate you so much

    61. Marla Estephania

      Wait omg- you 30? I thought you where like in your 20-25

    62. Emerald Princess

      zaddy jay

    63. M S

      You’re so brave for sharing this. Good luck, we’re rooting for you.

    64. Shawn Solo 316

      This has inspired me too lose my extra weight (I have a lot) and so far I'm off to a good start.

    65. Kyra Makes Art

      *April 1st, 2021* oh... i see

    66. ambee

      yknow, I understand this, a lot. And weight makes me ashamed of who I am still. So, Im a female, 14, at 226lbs. Im a large child to this day, and at times I dont care bc I was never criticized or bullied enough for it. Im a fan of Jay and have been for about a year, and I 100% respect what he stated. I really want to learn more of what hes done to get to where he has been. I really wanna try.

    67. duko uwu


    68. Qintar Ameed

      We love you Jay!! I’m so glad that 10 year old me made that sundered simulator search ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    69. nurin kusaini

      loved the video. keep going Jay

    70. Anaiya Lowers Morgan-Gayle

      You should make story times 😊😊😊👍🏽

    71. Demon Blade


      1. skullastic

        Your mom

      2. •Milly •

        Shut up

    72. Rowaann. X


    73. Alyce Bagnath

      Jay - I have to admit, I havn't watched your videos in the last few months, even in the last several months. Right now, I am dealing with a lot of bad anxiety, I am currently unwell (not covid related) and just losing motivation for a lot in my life. Then I thought of you today, searched your channel and watched this video. And I burst into tears. I have neglected my mental and physical health in the last year and I never want to be in this state of mind again - I want to go back to the light, spiritual, positive, optimistic woman I was, and I have slowly been losing my light. Now you have given me the motivation and the courage to retake charge of my life and to stop being so fearful and negative of everything around me. Thank you for this video, and honestly, I truly look forward to your real life series - I believe it is seriously going to help heal some people, including me

    74. Bxby_tea

      I just wanted to say that ya know I feel ya Ive always kinda been skinny and someone made a comment on my weight and I strated getting real insecure about myself and started restricting food and throwing it up I went from 128 to like 119 in the span of like a week and I never noticed a difference and evrytime I ate I felt guilty but then I went to therapy and I gained confidence but I kinda noticed there was that missing piece if that makes any sense but well I was now and still am insecure about my muscle count so yeah I kinda feel you and im a huge fan of your channel so id rather have you take care ofyourself and feel good than not thats all I wanted to say and your that dude😎

    75. Poco Chan

      I'm from India. My mom says not to waste food too. But the things is, I don't gain weight. However much I eat, I stay skinny. It lead to getting bullied by classmates for 3 years. I was insecure too. And then one Life-Changing day, I came across BTS. After that day, I realized how idiotic my insecurity was lmao. And then I changed a lot and now I'm not insecure anymore. Thanks for reading fully (or even little bit :))

    76. Ezra M

      i’m so excited to see what’s to come. You’ve built motivation for me to start what I should’ve last year. Let’s get it!!!

    77. Walter


    78. Cookie Pup

      Wait my mom said the exact same thing but now all the time she says “DIET you’re always eating 😡” but like is it really my fault👁👄👁

    79. Jennifer Cederholm

      This is the type of motivation I needed to start working out, studying, and working harder. I will do my best to stay on track with you. Idk if you’ll ever see this but you’ve been one of my favorite USfilmrs for years and you truly inspire me. Thank you for being you

    80. Jennifer Cederholm

      Please talk more about your personal life! Hearing other people going through something similar really helps to not feel so alone. I’m trying to learn to be more open as well

    81. Preston Shaw

      do you need a dog? I can bark

    82. Eli Bro

      Still got a little chub on those cheeks tho

    83. illf8td

      i remember i only found this guy by finding a 60 seconds video. im so happy because of that.

    84. Electrolime

      DUDE YOU ARE AN ACTUAL LEGEND. I’ve always been really insecure about that stuff too and you’ve always been my biggest role model so this just made me so happy. I’m prolly gonna take advice from your vlog vids for myself so thank you so much

    85. YearOfTheVirgo Productions

      Jay you are beautiful no matter what anyone say/ you make others smile and laugh. you are loved by a lot of, yea you are one amazing guy and didn't they know " YOU THAT DUDE" stay safe and be the cool guy we all know

    86. JaCee Valentine

      Jay that was so touching im so grateful for u 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    87. vanish _

      dude thank u I just recently started to lose weight a couple weeks ago do u bro, u make me want to grind harder.

    88. Alliah Lester

      You are beautiful Jay. Inside and outside. Take the time to take care of yourself. You're such a dedicated and motivated worker when it comes to this channel, but it's okay to take some of that motivation and strength and put it towards you and your well being. No matter what, we will all be here to cheer you on, with the channel and your fitness journey. You've done this before, you can do it again, and this time, even better. Keep it up Jaayyy. Buckle up. Here we gooooooo!!!💪😜🤣

    89. Evalise

      Your doing amazing and everyone supports you and don’t let the words get you!

    90. Booty Scratcher

      I'm 2 weeks late but I'm going through the same thing 🙏🏼 I started to workout again and I also even started to go to the gym. I honestly felt so BAD but like NOW I feel a bit better and this is my first week 🏃🏽 but JAY I have been watching you since 2015 and watching you grind 🦦 WE got this and obviously this is OUR year

    91. Tragic

      I like how I alr decided yesterday that I’d eat healthy and go to the gym a little bit. So I guEsS I progress with him

    92. 1938948403 0194849589565

      I loved how transparent you were in this video, and even though I'm a teen, I can relate to what you said about your insecurities. Reminds me, I wanna start focusing on my health too! Thanks Jay!!



    94. Ham Man

      Am I the only person who thought he was like 22 not in the 30s

    95. NewBie's Toturials

      Comment Number 13 asking that dude to play Five nights at maggie 4 (Love you Jay)

    96. Hana Murasaki

      It's kind of late but please take me fly with you Jay, I want to feel great and healthy the way I never felt before. So let's goooo!!!

    97. ༺ᏂᎲᎴᏋᎯᏦᎲ ༻

      I love your motivation and strive to be better and feel better. You're always that dude ;)

    98. kim

      you are amazing

    99. Ramzyeet


    100. Melanie Guevara

      The come up