My name is Jay and I just want to have fun being dumb

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  1. Rafieable

    15:31 The Roar of Victory is so satisfying to hear Congratz on beating it!

  2. Athena Alexis Cachapero

    I play aMoNg US But theres a new uptade thats Not letting me play :(

  3. Renae

    jay has TASTE

  4. RBXjames

    This is why i like jays vids cuz he always energetic and make some funny jokes and it make me laugh and happy we did more ppl like this :)

  5. Sam Sam Love Marshmallows

    Week curse Jay reaction:(nah screw that) hops in Than other reaction in mind : (wtf)

  6. bunny

    0:52 nobody gon talk about that!!??

  7. Full-Time Animeman

    When we got to the most aggressive part of this song I was screaming JAY JAY JAY JAY JAY JAY JAY.

  8. Isobel Corcoran

    The spider one made me lkke (ง'̀-'́)ง

  9. Saksham Goltekar

    Gf:on the ground Jay:close your legs Me:she look like bf had some fun on her

  10. Xx raider_dc2 xX

    For some reason agoti reminds me of a chill semi human venom that can rap

  11. ꧁《The Hungriest Artist #1049 》 ꧂ Floof

    They cooked that skeleton to the bone am I right? no? k.

  12. Tudor Morariu

    11:52 thats why you shouldn't have high ego

  13. Purple Phoenix

    A rare siting of Focused jay has been encountered, this will be marked on the History as the rarest siting of another version of Jay

  14. gamer sans


  15. My photo say’s mistake

    This is the best mod cuz in the last song he fights you like he is a 2nd player If on HARD mode then Tabi will move the bar like you move the bar from his side to the middle

  16. artistic fox

    Ok is it just me or does the ex look like his crack is a smile

  17. Master Hanzo

    Man throwing it back

  18. Mikyla Hobbs

    My wife: Simping for Lady Dimitrescu Me:Simping for her daughters My boyfriend: This is why you two would die first in a horror game Happy Jay is a simp too😂😂

  19. Venamus San

    just a reminder to like the video

  20. S O U L


  21. Mr.Edgelord

    hey jay you should try the Lila mod which is skids skips? mom skip is the skeleton boi in week 2

  22. Juan Aguirre

    Celebrating twerk

  23. Grim Gino

    You know it's serious when Jay isn't screaming at the top of his lungs 🤣

  24. Kork Seesaw

    ''Hey there boyfriend'' SUS 😳

  25. JxY

    Do agoti mod next jay

  26. iconic Ezra

    That thumbnail tho 😳

  27. Chelsea Ann Santoso

    After all these days whitty trivky ruv and sarv was making us training for this!?

  28. linn Danii

    Damn, that boutty, Lady Demistrecru Impressed

  29. Xx raider_dc2 xX

    This is fire and now i need to figure out which mod is my #1 favorite,tricky or this mod...

  30. Kaitlin Gonzalez

    I'm here as fast click as I saw video. I'm little shocked by gf is speak 😮

  31. kjprogaming

    Jay can you play the agoti mod

  32. Abell Dog

    Still waiting for part two

  33. The ___Deer

    The game just made the screen white saying "this page isn't found" O-O

  34. Abell Dog

    Still waiting for part two of that Lady Dimitrescu ✨ SO JAY IM HOPING THAT THE NEXT VIDEO YOU POST IS THE ONE THAT I TRULLY WAITING FOR

  35. moaidm 2

    0:25 every FNF gamer nightmare

  36. Carcinogenicbyte


  37. super charli

    1:45 undertale vibes

  38. Julio Jacome

    Jay: I don’t know how to miss! Me: You learn and forget very quickly don’t you

  39. `Buhle `

    Jay: "I dont know if im gonna be ready for that but-" Girlfriend:" Hey there boyfriend!" Jay: 😳😳

  40. Brea _Playz

    Jay:I don't know how to miss Me: Boy just you wait you will be in hell....

  41. Awakenboy Puppet

    This guy missed 3000505483939 notes and is still at 3 misses

  42. Mina Ashido

    Gf: ~Hey there boyfriend~ Jay: 😶🖐 hol up u cant do that

  43. ChaLa QuiRab

    This isn't even overcharted. You can hear the voices in different pitches. But this mod is so sick.

  44. Noah Vasquez

    *the most raging mod lol

  45. Dark Brice

    I am sad the he didn't even know he was missing

  46. carlson alemkeng

    if this was a anime and the boyfriend could speak English it would be fire

  47. SongbirdGarden

    The mods cool and all but it has the same format and plot as most of them out there. The songs have the characters slowly get mad until the have an edgy transformation on the last song. Wheres a mod that doesn’t have all that? Where’s a mod that’s just good vibes all around? A mod that doesn’t have any note spamming?

  48. Madison Burton

    Girlfriend: *Starts Talking* Jay: 👁👄👁 Us: 🤯


    wait did the execution already happen?

  50. Darian Hudson

    garcello got that range

  51. Telur 72-1


  52. GachaLonnii

    Jay: Sara's School Life. USfilm: *YANDERE SIMULATOR*

  53. Marie Nkodo

    you kinda thic ngl xD

  54. Wasd

    A local tale me wait she looks different? hmmm

  55. Sophia Degand

    *Celebratory twerking*

  56. Catori Maier

    -me who saw the picture on the video -😰

  57. Steve Munroe

    lol why on his last stage he looks like a ghaster blaster 😂

  58. yohohoco w

    Jay, tabi drains your hp durring his turns like poison that's why it was going you missing the arrows

  59. scorpion

    Bro p l e a s e play the fnf mod vs agoti! Its amazing

  60. gracis and migs

    I feel like tabl has a BAD backstory idk why tho

  61. Tonje L

    But ... resident evil 8? 😭

  62. I_am_a_bum _!

    Ruv + Tricky + Whitty = This guy

  63. elias

    Nobody ; Literally no one; The thumbnail;

  64. paimon is the devil

    I want Jay's ONLYFANS

  65. Random stuff

    Anyone can give their child a long as name

  66. Element Zen

    I love how funny Jay's humor is

  67. Jaswant D Kadu

    That celebratory twerk gon make me act up !

  68. Russel RegindingFlores

    Day 1: play hex mod

  69. My boy Cross

    He Dr sins ur health my god its so hard

  70. JesseOOF

    Genocide kinda sounds like a mixture of madness and ballistic

  71. SushiLover515

    My man got 8 k likes in an hour

  72. 「Ki 気」

    Jay finally posted at the time when he can’t ruin my sleep schedule

  73. Mynameisnotimportant

    bro tabi rlly went full ps4 whitty eyes form

  74. Gibran Vasquez


  75. 時Kage

    Am I the only one who got tricky vibes from tabi

  76. ExtendedCentral

    Wait how is he gonna cook the EX if he’s just a floating skull....?


    Wouldn't be awesome if Jay could play the Hex mod full week and wouldn't it also be awesome if Jay also played the game, Doll Eyes, which was made by this youtube animator *TWISTED-DOCTOR*

  78. Arnetta Reed

    Can we get a gif of the celebratory twerk?! This was one of the best mods so far! The king has conquered genocide!!

  79. Darian Hudson

    "i know the chef at this restaurant" you KNEW the chef, he died in the explosion

  80. AngelBlox

    Kubz : About to voice act Gf : Talks Kubz : The universe is now confused